7 ohm is an online Premium Kratom vendor established in 2016. The company headquarters is in Seattle, Washington, and supplies highly purified and organic Kratom powder. This company was created to eliminate all the fake tree leaves powder products in circulation and introduce its prime blends to the people. Using Nano-filtering and gamma-ray exposure, 7ohm makes its competitors’ milling practices look crude and primitive.

The brand uses the latest scanning, batching and, blending tactics to ensure that you have no qualms about using any of its products. It seems that customers are now flocking to this very establishment. But can 7 ohms take over the Mitragyna Speciosa market? Read on this review for more details. 

How Does This Company Produce Its Famous Kratom?

This company prides itself on the quality of its products. Importing pure Kratom from the fertile plains of Indonesia, 7 Ohm has now started growing its tree too. They do this by replicating the rough conditions of the Kratom breeding rounds in synthetic farms.

The leaves thus produced then undergo an advanced form of genetic manipulation. This is done to enhance their alkaloid content and improve their positive aspects. All the all-natural herbs created by this company hail from proprietary blends that have been formulated after years of research.

The various powders are combined to produce 7 Ohm’s signature ‘blends.’ These blends have a unique alkaloid profile and increased potency. The powders are packaged in eco-friendly materials and delivered to your doorstep in pristine condition.

Quality Control Measures

The items are thoroughly examined and subjected to many inspections to verify that they are pure. All employees, coworkers, and producers involved in the agricultural and industrial processes also have to pass evaluations by the brand.

Moreover, the head management also monitors the farming or growing process and ensures that the products reach their destinations on time. This safety measure means you do not have to worry about microbes and heavy metals contamination.

Does 7 Ohm Make Any Medical Claims, And Is It Approved?

The company has done great things to ensure that the Kratom it produces is top-quality. This claim is supported by the fact that 7 Ohm is close to registering as a certified Kratom vendor by the American Kratom Association. 

They are in line for being approved as a company that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

7 Ohm makes no medical claims on its website. They do claim that their products are thoroughly lab-tested and Nano-filtered. 

What Are The Company’s Best-Selling Products?

7 Ohm is known for its matchless Kratom powder. It deals in various veins of pure tea powder and customized blends.


This vein offers many Kratom powders selection, like Pontianak, Hulu Kapuas, Sumatra, Malaysia, and the High-Mitragyne variant Ketepang.


 The red Kratom is a specialty of this company. It is prepared by drying leaves under the sun and packaging them to prevent microbial growth. This vein is modified to increase the levels of an alkaloid (called 7 Ohm) in the powder – provides Kratom powders like Ketepang High-Mitragyne, Kapuas, Malaysia, Pontianak, and Sumatra.


This is the rarest Kratom strain. At 7 Ohm, it is prepared by a special combination of the Red and Green Kratom veins and the plant stem and roots. This strain is then powdered and sold. The variants of the White vein are Kapuas, Malaysia, Pontianak, Sumatra, and the High-Mitragyne Ketepang powders.


The yellow vein is not the company’s best-known variant. It is formulated by a blend of the Red, Green, and White strains. 7Ohm only offers one type of Yellow Kratom powder; the Sumatra variant.


This is a special blend that many companies do not offer. Specially designed by 7Ohm, this new blend has been a massive hit and is in high demand. The proportions of powders used to create this blend are kept secret and guarded by the company itself! 

This vein offers the Sumatra, and the brand new Hulu Kapuas, introduced in 2021.

*Each vein further offers the Maeng Da, Bali, Philip, Horn, and Vietnam strain.

Are 7 Ohm’s Products Expensive?

The company only deals in 3 sizes: the 25-gram sample pack, the 100-gram, and the 200-gram size. The packs are for $10, $20, and $40, respectively.

Despite the pure quality and expensive manufacturing practices, customers have been delighted by how affordable 7 Ohm Kratom is! 

Do They Have A Refund Policy?

People are always more inclined to buy a product when they know that there’s no harm or potential loss of money in trying. Since 7 Ohm claims to have high-quality Mitragyna Speciosa, they back it up with lenient refund policies. So if you received one of their products and aren’t entirely happy with it, you may send it back. All you have to do is state why you wish to return the herb. Afterward, the brand may give you a refund or replacement, according to your preference. 

*Keep in mind that you will have to cover the delivery fees of sending back the product to the company.  

How Do You Reach Out To 7 Ohm?

You can easily access the email address of this company and reach out to them. They also have a mailing address for those who would like to be old-school. Likewise, they also offer you numbers that can be used to text or call the company. 

Social Media Presence – 7 Ohm has its blog on Facebook and can also be contacted via Yelp and Messenger.

Incentives Available For Your Purchases

The company is an excellent option for customers who are on a budget. Even without discounts, most customers can easily afford the products. You can always get more value for money by sharing 7 Ohm through social media, Facebook, Messenger, or Pinterest. You can reap special rewards this way. 

Payment Policy 

Since the Kratom market is a dodgy business overall, many banks prefer to keep their distance. As a result, it isn’t uncommon to see that there aren’t any online payment methods. This company doesn’t provide you with options to pay via credit/debit cards. So if you relied on electronic cheques and whatnot in the past, there are no more convenient purchases. 

Customers Views about 7 Ohm

It is becoming widely accepted that 7 Ohm is one of the best Kratom vendors today. The customers are delighted with the company’s hygiene and quality maintained. Not only this, but the affordable rates are another appealing quality that has brought in many potential buyers.



Final thoughts

7 Ohm is headed on an excellent course for success. The company is implementing certain practices which have made it a fan favorite. However, they need to collaborate with proper payment methods to ensure that they can meet the ever-increasing demand for Kratom.


Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

At 7 Ohm, your satisfaction is the top priority. If you are dissatisfied with your product or it got damaged upon arrival, you get a refund or return option. Like this, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for and get your money paid back.

What is 7 Ohm?

7 Ohm is an alkaloid found in Kratom leaves responsible for giving the herb its specific properties. This is also the company’s enhanced compound to produce their exclusive blends. The company also gets its name from this alkaloid.

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