People want to try new brands and explore their products just in the hope to find the suitable one. This makes them go through a lot, including the wastage of time, money and sometimes health. We all know that the pandemic from which the world is going through has affected mankind in a very negative way. Stress levels have increased comparatively.

From the past few years attention towards the Kratom products and extracts has increased; as this particular herb helps you to control stress and has many other advantages as well.

Here we are to discuss one of the brands which sells Kratom products. We call this brand Amazing Botanicals. We will discuss all the authentic facts and figures about Amazing Botanicals which will surely help you to make a decision whether to buy its products or not.

Overview Of Amazing Botanicals

In the year 2014, the brand Amazing Botanicals was established by Tank Richardson and till date running successfully. They sell a wide variety of Kratom products in the form of capsules and powder as well. The brand has been working for the past eight years in the best interest of its customers. They haven’t left any stone unturned in an effort to provide the best quality products possible.

There is another interesting fact about Amazing Botanicals that it started as a small business but now has grown into a large scale business. Don’t you think there must be a reason behind their success? That they provide the supreme quality of the products. We will try to address all those aspects which made Amazing Botanicals amazingly popular in such a short time.

Product Range For Amazing Botanicals

Before buying anything this is your right to know what kind of products Amazing Botanicals sells. To your greater surprise, it has a wide range of Kratom products and here are the names of some of these:

Prices At Amazing Botanicals

This is an impressive fact about Amazing Botanicals that it has a very easy to understand pricing system. It doesn’t matter which of the Kratom products you are buying, all products hold the same premium quality. We are listing the prices of these products so you will have an idea of how much it costs you if you are making a decision to buy any of the products from Amazing Botanicals;

PowderIt starts at $8.99 for 30g and will costs you $129.99 for 1 kilo (1000g)
CapsulesStarts from $10.99 for 30 count pouch and for a pouch of 300 count they charge you about $64.99
ExtractsStarts from $4.99 and goes up to $99.95  
Other itemsRange of these items is between $6.99 to $99.99

If you do not need the doses frequently you can go for capsules as they are smaller in size and cheaper in prize as well.

Available Payment and Return Options

It has been seen that payment methods are one of the most important concerns of the customer and to highlight the payment and return policies of Amazing Botanicals we are here. Brand allows many ways of payment for its customers which include the following;

As you see it has many options for payment for its customers but it is very strange that they do not offer the option of paying cash on delivery.

Now let’s talk about the return policy of the brand. Amazing Botanicals is pretty much confident about its product quality. So, it offers its customers this option to return the product within thirty days and guarantees to return the money back. They are doing their best to satisfy their customers. They also exchange the product if you will get the damaged one.

Discounts, Coupons and Offers

It can be observed that Amazing Botanicals is quite loyal to its customers, which is why it has succeeded this much in a very short span of time. You might be wondering that if the brand is so conscious about its customers then how is this possible that they don’t provide any discounts to customers.

Here is some information about the discounts and coupon codes. Anyone can get 10% off on his next purchase if he signs up for the vendor newsletter. Furthermore, shipping would be free if you purchase the products for above $90. There isn’t any information available about the coupon codes but maybe they have some for their customers.

Social Media Presence For Amazing Botanicals

In this age of the internet, people find it easy to have access to the vendor through the internet. Consequently, it has become the priority of vendors to be active on social media as it will give them the advantage to be fully recognized.

Let’s talk about Amazing Botanicals whether it is that much active on social media or not. Amazing Botanicals has its accounts on all the big platforms of social media such as Instagram, Facebook and some others but it is not that much active. It has thousands of followers on its social media platforms but it does not make any announcements and advertisements on the platform which is indicating that their social media platform is not holding up to the par.   

Bottom Line

From the above facts and figures we hope that it has become easier for you to decide whether you should go for the brand Amazing Botanicals or not. It can be observed that they are providing the supreme quality of products which is the most important thing to take into account while purchasing any product.

Price range is also pretty pocket friendly. Payment methods are also convenient. The brand is not so active on social media which is not a good aspect about it. Anyway, by doing a proper analysis of your own particular needs, you can decide well.

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