Kratom is one of the famous herbs out there and from the past few years, it has become a solution for many of the problems including stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain and many other issues. There are many vendors who claim to offer the best quality Kratom.

However, it is hard to make a choice between so many vendors that which one is the best. Atlas Kratom is one of these vendors and sells a variety of the Kratom compounds and extracts.

Anyway, to make your decision making process easy, we are here to present to you some unbiased information about Atlas Kratom. So without any further ado, let’s start an honest review with all the authentic information.

About Atlas Kratom

A Missouri based brand which provides the Kratom products shop to shop on a daily basis is known by the name Atlas Kratom. Apart from selling products on stores Atlas Kratom has it’s online selling services which provide people an easy platform to buy the Kratom products from the same brand. Figures also indicate that the brand has zero Google rating which seems fishy.

Website of Atlas Kratom is quite attractive and modern which is undoubtedly a positive point to be noticed. Brand has a variety of products which we will discuss ahead with all the other information about the brand.

Information About The Product Line

It holds a vast array of strains but Red and White Kratom is the speciality of this brand and it always keeps these two in the stock. Alongside Kratom, it also offers CBD. There are many other products which the brand has to offer you and these are as follows:

Pricing Of Atlas Kratom

It is very strange that the brand does not have the product prices listed on their website which makes it almost impossible to know how much each product costs. But don’t worry! We have gathered some information about the prices and hope that it will give you an idea of how much you need to save up to shop through this particular brand.

Atlas Kratom costs $15 for an ounce of a Kratom; which is near to the double of the price that other brands offer. There is an interesting point that the brand offers you bulk packages.

Available Coupon codes, Discount Codes and Offers

Facts says that Atlas Kratom is not so good at giving discounts but they do offer sales on an occasional basis like Christmas sales, New Year sales and even on Black Friday. Here is a surprise for you Atlas has a coupon code! Yes!  There is a coupon code “Jesus loves Me!” And you will get $10 off a $20 bag of Kratom. Apart from the occasional sales and this one coupon code the brand does not offer any other discounts to its customers which seems quite unfair.

Refund Policy Offered By Atlas Kratom

Through research on the website of Atlas Kratom we haven’t found any information about the refund policies that they offer. Atlas Kratom sells most of its products in person and so, there doesn’t seem to be a strong need for a refund policy. It is safe for us to assume that they do not return open products since it would become difficult for them to sell those again. They may give you a refund if you receive a sub-par batch.

Shipping By Atlas Kratom

It is sad news for those who were hoping that there would be a good shipping policy for the brand. With disappointment we are informing you that the brand does not have an e-commerce operational activity so it doesn’t have a shipping policy.

About Customer Service

Atlas Kratom has passionate employees who are giving their best to provide the customers with the best yet comfortable experience ever. The brand’s website has many testimonials which give the same sentiments that they really own their customers and are trying their best to provide supreme quality of products as well as customer service.

They provide you a special shopping appointment in which you can get all your concerns cleared about the product which you want to buy. Amazing, no?

About Atlas Kratom’s Website

As far as design is concerned the brand’s website is quite simple that we would expect from a small local venture to have. The website lacks the aspects that one should be looking for and is not that much appealing. This indicates that they are not into selling the products online but are selling them at stores.

Another disappointing fact is that the brand does not have an online catalog for its goods and products. They only provide you with a link ‘Get a Quote’ and this seems very disappointing for those who are looking for an online purchase.

About Lab Testing

 As we have already discussed, the website does not have information about many important aspects and one of these is whether they perform any lab tests for their products or not. Lab testing is necessary to make sure that the product is free from impurities. Lack of laboratory tests does not bode well for the brand.

Final Thoughts

This fact makes Atlas Kratom a unique vendor that it provides its products in person to their customers. But this uniqueness has also become a drawback for the brand because this is the age of internet and everybody wants to do stuff online especially shopping.

As we have already discussed, Atlas Kratom does not have a proper online service and does not even have a confined website for their customers to check about the products and their prices. However, we hope that these services might be offered in future to the customers. Other than that, they have genuinely satisfactory customer service.

We hope that from this review you have got the idea about the vendor and now you can easily make a choice about whether to buy goods from them or not.

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