Authentic Kratom was established in the state of California in 2013. The warehouse and the corporate offices are situated in the San Fernando Valley. Even though they provide the location of their offices, this company makes it plain that they are an online-only kratom dealer.

On the other hand, their website exudes a sense of trust and dependability. They point out that they have received over 4,000 reviews, which demonstrates that they have established a solid reputation over their time in the company. There is a corporate blog that has been updated regularly during the year 2020. This demonstrates that this company is concerned with educating the ketum community. In addition, it shows that they are performing well enough to afford to maintain a marketing staff.

The store is well-organized, and the site, as a whole, provides a relatively seamless user experience. – This company’s website is more professional-looking than the websites of other kratom dealers. There is no information about where they get their products, which is disappointing. 

Since it was originally allowed in the United States, the usage of Kratom has been a source of heated debate. Active users are a valuable source of information for all of us and should be encouraged. The quest for legitimate Kratom, on the other hand, continues to be a time-consuming and challenging struggle for many prospective consumers.

Because there is so little information and study available on Kratom, many prospective users believe it is dangerous.

Since introducing this botanical product onto the market, the scepticism and anxiety surrounding its use have expanded across the United States due to this lack of understanding.

There are various questions that individuals are interested in using but are still apprehensive about asking.

Authentic Kratom is a botanical product that has been imported from its original area and distributed to customers in the most sanitary and secure manner possible, without the use of fillers or contamination.

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and other adjacent islands provide the kratom leaves used in this product.

The chemical makeup and alkaloid content of the plants from these regions are optimal, and they have a favourable effect on our bodies.

The authentic Kratom comes from the Asian area. However, some providers may cultivate it in their facilities as well.

Ketum grows best in that region’s humid and hot temperature, favouring the plant’s growth. Korth trees cultivated in natural forests contain simple botanical ingredients, which is why they are so popular!

How Do Authentic Kratom Products Exhibit Their Originality?

Producing various items needs a great deal of attention to detail and technical competence. When people eat these products, they notice a distinct improvement.

Everything from the cultivation of the leaves to the drying and grinding process demands meticulous care.

Suppliers or manufacturers that guarantee authentic Kratom must adhere to strict quality control procedures to supply high-quality items.

Lab testing is another component of authentic kratom manufacture since these tests evaluate the safety and suitability of each product for human use. All reputable online sellers always make their test results available for all their items, allowing customers to place orders confidently.

So here’s a rundown of all the characteristics that distinguish authentic Kratom:

When purchasing any korth product, you must ensure that all of these criteria are present. In this way, the authenticity of items containing the botanical component will be guaranteed.

How To Determine Authentic Kratom?

As a tropical plant that thrives in wet and temperate climates, Kratom’s smell is earthy, evoking the forest’s depths where it flourishes. Authentic Kratom may be distinguished by its appearance, thick powder, and scent. The wet, fine powder Korth is available in a variety of colours of green, depending on the colour of the veins and the location in which it is harvested.

Red Bali Korth is a dark green leaf with a reddish tint, and it has a deep, earthy, and wet fragrance that is reminiscent of ginseng.

When you open a bag of SNB Red Bali ketum powder, the scent and texture of the powder are good indicators that you have purchased a high-quality botanical supplement.

Similarly, Green Maeng Da kratom powder has a lighter green hue and the same thick scent as Red Maeng Da kratom powder, which gives you a good impression of the product’s quality and freshness.

Fillers are included in some substandard Korth powders and may diminish minor texture while making the powder seem gritty and dry. The perfume of such supplements is likewise mild and not as thick as the aroma of a high-grade kratom product of comparable quality.

The Cost Of A Special Authentic Kratom

When deciding the pricing of different ketum goods, several aspects must be considered. People might get used to purchase the same things year after year without anticipating any changes.

This shift in customer behaviour necessitates the development of novel methods to supply Kratom, but in various formats to differentiate the experience.

The following are the variables that influence the value of your kratom supplements:

Packaging Should Be Improved.

Generally speaking, if a firm produces vacuum-packed bags and bottles, it indicates that the products contained therein are functional and fresh. Additionally, ketum extracts and tinctures must be packaged in containers with a locking top to prevent leaks.

The bag should be sufficient to ensure that the contents stay free of heat and moisture. The capsule bottles are often made of plastic. However, they must adhere to the FDA’s packaging guidelines.

Vendors That Are Giving Out Free Samples

This variable has two levels of significance. Because of this, the price of kratom goods for vendors that provide free samples rises, and it also causes other sellers to boost their prices to entice customers to purchase more expensive and purportedly authentic kratom products.

When Free Samples Are Delivered, It Is Assumed That The Number Of Customers Will Grow.

This marketing tactic contributes to raising the bar for kratom sales. If a merchant is offering authentic Kratom, there is a reasonable probability that they will give out free samples so that people may check it out before purchasing a considerable quantity for their Mitragyna Speciosa requirements.

Testing In The Lab And Quality Control

Every batch of authentic kratom products is tested for Salmonella, E. coli, yeast/mould, and heavy metals before being released into the market. Even though we acquire our leaves powder from high-altitude and cutting-edge facilities in Southeast Asia, we conduct independent laboratory examinations on every batch from Sora Labs.

We exclusively utilize freshly picked, juicy leaves that have been carefully harvested to provide the best quality of Kratom, which is suitable for tea lovers.

Product Line-Up

Compared to most ketum dealers, Authentic Kratom offers a relatively comprehensive product line. In terms of classification, it may be divided into two categories. Customers may browse for strains and vein colours separately. They make a big deal about having more than 40 options accessible. They provide both powdered Korth and crushed leaf kratom.

Listed below are some of the strains and kinds that they now offer in crushed leaf form:

Red strains include Maeng Da and Bali.

• Green strains include Bali and Maeng Da.

White strains include Maeng Da and Bali.

• There are no yellow strains.

The following are the strains that are now available in powder form:

Thai, Borneo, Sumatra and Bali are among the red strains available. • White strains include Maeng Da and Bentuangie, as well as Kalimantan, Riau, Premium Horn, and Kalimantan.

• Green strains: Thai, Thai Maeng Da, Premium Riau, Borneo, Premium Bali, Hulu Kapuas, Premium Malay, Horn, Premium Riau, Borneo, Premium Bali, Hulu Kapuas, Premium Malay, Horn

Various white strains are available, including Elephant from Vietnam, Aceh from Bali, Thai from Kali Maeng Da, Maeng Da from Maeng Da from Sulawesi, and Horn from Borneo and Sumatra.

• Yellow strains: Vietnam, Borneo, Maeng Da, and other places


Authentic Kratom is available in one-ounce, five-ounce, and ten-ounce quantities. These prices are relatively reasonable compared to those offered by many other kratom dealers. Most merchants with a reliable supply chain can sell Ketum by kilogramme. This shows that either this organization does not have the storage capacity to handle higher quantities, or they do not have a supplier that can provide them with a good enough bulk offer to justify their existence.

Every strain of Kratom has a varied pricing range, depending on the strain. The lowest theme has a starting price of $8.39 and goes up to $83.99 for the most expensive. The most costly strain has a starting price of $13.99 and may reach $139.93. The fees charged by this firm are absurdly excessive. It takes just 280 grammes to make a pound of coffee, yet the cheapest 10 oz bag costs $83.99. Comparatively, all of our kilos, which is a little less than four times the quantity, sell for $79 each.

There is no circumstance in which Korth should be priced at that level. This brand may employ another Korth provider as their white-label wholesale supplier in the future. Either that or they charge exorbitant fees to take advantage of newcomers.

Customer Service And The Opinions Of Users

On its website, Authentic Kratom has received over 4000 positive ratings. They have received a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from their customers. Many testimonials mention high-quality items, quick shipment, and excellent customer service.

While this is a positive indicator, it should be noted that on-site evaluations are the most easily manipulated and should thus be used with caution. They have received a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on Facebook, based on 25 customer reviews. This firm is also hardly mentioned on Reddit, which is highly unusual considering that they have over 4000 customer evaluations on their website. A vibrant ketum community can be found on Reddit, and the top dealers get a great deal of attention.

Kratom Coupon Codes That Are Genuine

Third-party discount sites do not seem to have a current promo code for Authentic Kratom available at writing. However, it appears that they had previously offered a 30 per cent discount voucher. This firm is likewise running a significant deal on all of its strains. However, the prices they are offering are the same as the prices listed in the pricing section.

Policy On Refunds

Within 15 days of purchase, Authentic Kratom will refund your money if the product is returned in its original condition and packaging.


Authentic Kratom is available for shipment across the globe. They mail their packages via the United States Postal Service. Clients who reside in states and foreign locations may only be made purchases where Ketum is legal for recreational use.

For orders inside the United States, they provide priority mail express, priority mail, and first-class mail. The shortest is 1-2 days in terms of timeliness, and the longest is 3-5 days. All purchases are sent free of charge through first-class mail. Priority postage is included in the price of any purchases totalling more than $40. Priority mail fast international, priority mail transnational, and first-class international are available overseas delivery choices. The quickest period is 6-10 days, and the slowest is 7-30 days, with the fastest being 6-10 days.


Authentic Kratom seems to be a brand that lacks a dependable supply source. Their prices are astronomically exorbitant, and the most incredible quantity you can purchase is just 280 grammes each transaction. That is less than a quarter of a kilogramme in weight.

On the other hand, this firm seems to be committed to lab-testing its goods, a bonus. They are also pending participants in the AKA’s GMP standards programme, which is currently being developed.

What Is The Reason For My Order Being Placed On HOLD?

The most typical cause for this is a credit card denied. Ensure that the credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code (3 digit code on the back of your card, four digits for American Express on the front) are all right before submitting your purchase. And, perhaps most significantly, your billing address must be the same as the billing address connected with the credit card.

Why Is My Order Now In The “PENDING STATUS” Status?   

Answer: If your order status is Pending, it implies that we have not yet charged your credit card. Following the placement of the order, you will often notice the quality “Pending.” Your order status will be “Pending” until the following day if it is received after 1:00 p.m. PST, which is our cut-off hour. Keep in mind that we are located on the West Coast. Therefore your purchase will be handled every day between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Is It Possible To Make A Payment Using A Credit Card?

Answer: We take all major credit cards as payment, including American Express and Discover.

Why Has My Credit Card Been Declined?

Answer: Please double-check that your billing address, including zip code, cardholder name, card expiry date, and the CVV Number (3-digit code on the back of your card) are all the same as they appear on the card before proceeding.

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