Best Buy Botanicals entered the kratom market in 2015, and since then, we have to admit that the scenery has changed! We thought it was time to try out the various products from this vendor to share our experience with you to try out quality products.

About the shop

The online shop is the result of the quest for quality Kratom, and that is why the owners aim to deliver the best quality of fresh, potent, and pure Kratom. As you read along, you will understand that it is not sales that this vendor wants, but it is kratom use without any fear of unsafe and subpar products!

The product line

The name Best Buy Botanicals probably came from the way this vendor offers products to customers! You can buy 100grams of any Kratom strain, but if you want to try more, there are splits! You can choose any two, three, four, or five kratom variations and order them in a smaller amount to make up 100, 250, 500, or 1000 grams of potent and quality Mitragyna!

The strains available at Best Buy Botanicals are Bali, Maeng Da, Borneo, Malay, Ketapang, Sumatra, Indo and Thai. The vast range is sourced from farmers in Southeast Asia, and the efficacy of all these variations is checked many times.

Best Buy Botanicals ensures that all Kratom types are described on the website to know what they are buying and how a particular kratom variation can help them with the challenges they face!

The quality of products

Best Buy Botanicals ensures the best quality products as all the raw materials are from Southeast Asia. The raw material for all kratom products is dried, or crushed Kratom leaves. Expert farmers pick the best leaves from mature kratom trees and dried by following the meticulous processes that ensure the efficacy of alkaloids.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing units process these leaves into powder, tinctures, pills, and capsules that are sent for laboratory tests to confirm that the final product is clean, safe, and effective. The packaging of these products is vacuum-sealed to keep the Kratom fresh, free from contaminants, and effective till the end.

Prices at Best Buy Botanicals

Well, we may have been wrong when we said that the shop’s name was because of the products they had! The prices at this online shop are more than reasonable as you can get 100 grams of pure Kratom for $15 only.

As you choose a larger quantity, the price rises nominally, and you can buy one kilogram of fresh Mitragyna at $77 only. People who want to buy the two or four-kilogram packs will find the prices even better as a large bag of four kilos costs $238, which is the average price for only half this volume at other online shops!

Some customers might think that if the price is too low, there is something wrong with the quality, but that is not true. Best Buy Botanicals online kratom shop wishes customers to try Kratom and switch to natural ways of energizing and stimulating their bodies and minds.

Discounts and Promo codes

Best Buy Botanicals does not offer any discounts or promo codes, and it is fair because the prices are already relatively low. Customers and users who share their reviews on social media do not complain about discounts as they are satisfied with what they pay for the products.

A look at the shop’s services: payment methods, shipping, and more!

Apart from the products and the variety of strains, it is essential to look at the shop’s services to know how the shopping experience will be for you. Best Buy Botanicals online shop is no less than any other shop as it offers timely shipping and has excellent customer service for all users from different parts of the country!

When you order from Best Buy, you can pay online through various methods, including Mesh. As soon as the payment is received, the shop ships out the package and reaches you within three working days.

As soon as the package leaves the shop, you receive a notification so that you can track your package. And here is the best part: Shipping is free! You can enjoy the fresh, potent, and impactful products at a low price and get them to your doorstep for free.

Best Buy Botanicals offers a special present for you if it is your birthday month. Of course, the rest of the year, you pay the same price for Kratom, but if it is your birthday month, you get a gift of 100grams of any kratom strain for free!

The customer service from Best Buy Botanicals is excellent as you can reach the shop on the telephone or through email, and they will always reply.

One thing is clear that if you need to call the shop or do not want to pay extra shipping charges, Best Buy Botanicals is the right place! The consumerism and services are some of the best!

What we liked from Best Buy Botanicals

Kratom online shop reviews can be monotonous as you keep hearing that they are the best and there is nobody like them! Well, not this review! We loved the products from Best Buy Botanicals as they were fresh, aromatic, and gave an energy rush as quality Kratom always does.

However, the reason we liked this shop was its service and eagerness to please customers. If you call customer service, they are helpful and keep answering all kinds of strains and shipping.

You can enjoy the kratom experience because the shop cares and helps you find the best Mitragyna strain for you! Another feature that we liked was the low price without hidden motives or benefits. The products are impactful, and the cost adds to the stimulation you get from your Kratom feed!

Last thoughts

Best Buy Botanicals is an excellent online shop for those who want fresh, impactful Kratom but cannot pay huge bills! You will like the services and quality of the goods, which makes Best Buy Botanicals an excellent choice for all!

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