Reddit is the hub of news and the latest developments in all areas of life. Real people discuss their concerns or ask others about the latest developments, and therefore, the answers can hold valuable information about any topic you have in mind! People discuss kratom on Reddit and from dosage, different strain types, to vendors-you will find everything!

The best kratom vendors is a popular search and Reddit is a trusted social platform to get real information, without paid content or fake reviews!

In 2021, there is a new rule that does not allow the discussion of the best vendors for kratom, but the past information can come in handy. However, we gathered information from various discussions to find out the best vendors for this botanical substance. The following list is for your convenience to reach out to the vendors that users approve and like.

Factors To Determine The Best kratom Vendors On Reddit

Apart from the feedback that people share about various online shops and vendors, we have considered other factors that determine whether a kratom vendor is good for you or not.

a) Price

We considered the price ranges at each website to see which one is most economical for most of you. Since kratom is not regulated by the FDA, vendors can put any price on the price tag! However, the best vendors have competitive prices and they often match each other. This standardized pricing is due to the regulation of the American Kratom Association, which works as a regulatory body and approves quality vendors to sell kratom products.

b) Variety of Strains

There are numerous kratom strains available and each of them provides a different experience! Users often look for a shop that has a wide range so that they can choose from the best. However, some online vendors have very few products to offer. You would like a shop that has various forms of kratom, in a wide variety of strains.

c) Laboratory Testing

Some vendors do not offer safe and fresh products. The verified sellers will always provide laboratory test results so that users can consume the Mitragyna products, knowing that they are safe for consumption.

d) Customer Service

Another valid feature that sets apart your kratom experience is to know that the online shop will be there to answer any of your questions and make you comfortable in case any query comes to mind.

The Best Kratom Vendors according to Reddit

Here is a list of the three best vendors that people nominated, supported, and discussed as the best option for online kratom shopping.

1) Golden Monk

Another favorite vendor of the Reddit community is Golden Monk. Users rave about the variety of strains at a great price along with the excellent customer service that allows many to clear ambiguities if any. Authentic Kratom operates from Las Vegas, Nevada but spreads its shipping facilities all over the United States.

The wide array of products include powders, capsules, tinctures, and concentrates that can satiate customers with various preferences. The customer support and discounts make Golden Monk a loved vendor among all kratom users. The no-lies refund and guarantee of customer satisfaction make this vendor a favorite.

The strains available at Golden Monk include Maeng Da, Thai, Indo, Borneo, Malay, and a wide range of blends and tinctures that enhance the kratom experience for customers. Golden Monk is a verified and trustworthy vendor so customers become regulars and the increasing kratom community remembers to share reviews for new users to feel secure while selecting this online shop.

2) Kratom Basket

Another top vendor on Reddit is Kratom Basket, with its vast kratom products on display on a comfortable and easy-to-use website. This online shop offers excellent customer support and provides a 24-hour helpline for all customers. The laboratory-tested products are GMP compliant and remain fresh till the last dosage. Kratom Basket’s quality and potency of products are evident in the money-back guarantee that allows customers to return their purchase within a month of sale. This facility only shows that the vendor is confident in the products they offer!

You can buy kratom capsules and powder from Kratom Basket with ease and receive the order within a short period as the shipping service matches the excellent quality of all the items on display. On Reddit, users share their positive experiences that are reassuring that if you order from Kratom Basket, you will receive the best quality of kratom.

3) SA Kratom

Another top favorite among Reddit community members is SA Kratom. What makes SA Kratom a top seller is the competitive price range and excellent customer service. Apart from this, the online shop is simple to use and once your order is on the way, you can track it to ensure speedy delivery. SA Kratom offers numerous strains in capsule and powder. Kratom users love the experience as the products are always fresh and laboratory-tested to ensure safety.

SA Kratom is a new name in the kratom market, but the huge customer base shows its standard of quality. You can check out the website and choose the kratom products you would like to use as thousands of Reddit visitors say that it is the best choice for beginners and regular Mitragyna users.


Reddit is a community of people who give their opinion and share their experiences on a social platform so that people can benefit from them. The best kratom vendors may be hard to find as many of them indulge in fake reviews and paid content. However, people of Reddit can give their honest feedback so that you choose the kratom vendors that are loved by their customers. We have listed three of the best kratom vendors on Reddit so that you can get a step closer to an exciting experience.

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