The BKB Herbal kratom online shop has many loyal customers, and over the years, they have proved that their services and products aim to promote wellbeing only! The company is set up by people who wish to share their stimulating kratom experience with as many users as possible! Let’s dig deeper to see what makes BKB Herbal unique and why people are going crazy over it!

The Florida-based company maintains an online store to provide quality Kratom products all over America. They are aware of all the cities and counties where this substance is prohibited only adds to their responsible nature and will to serve. You can find CBD and other natural substances on their shelves apart from Korth products.

The BKB range

The online vendor has a wide variety of red, green, and white kratom strains, and all of them are aromatic and fresh. As soon as you open the bag, the whiff of green, forest-grown Kratom proves the freshness of the kratom powder. The commo kratom varieties include Maeng Da, Indo, and Thai variations in all vein colors.

We liked BKB Herbals’ range of exotic strains, including Green Tawa Indo and Super Green Horn. Another variety that is popular among customers is Red Indo Santai which is relaxing yet invigorates the senses. White vein variants such as Tidak Takut are not unique but a reason for visiting customers who get hooked on forever!

The Tidak Takut is pleasant-tasting and aromatic, with a calming effect that can last longer than most Kratom types. The name of this kratom type means No Fear, which sums up much of the experience! As you consume Tidak, you will feel calmness take over you, preparing you for more energy and fresh feeling after some time.

This exhilarating yet peaceful feeling is a new experience for most Kratom enthusiasts. This exotic strain will make you gain confidence and become more sociable as it will refresh your body while your energy levels will be high.

The Green Crisp is another popular product, and it mildly energizes users with a subtle increase in energy and positivity. The taste and aroma of Crisp are unique, and many users have become Crisp users due to the aromatic and stimulating experience.

If you are not sure about choosing Tidak Takut or the Crisp, you can opt for The Split, which allows customers to buy two strains weighing 250grams each. The 500gram bag of single strain type can be limiting for new customers, and BKB Herbals knows that!

Price, free samples, and coupon codes

The price of all the Mitragyna strains available at BKB Herbals is more than reasonable. All the exotic and regular kratom variants are available at a reduced price, and you still get free samples and discounts!

The 500grams of Mitragyna from BKB is $45, and the kilogram bag goes for $80. Isn’t this a treat!

We have to add that BKB Herbals shut down for some time due to low inventory. After replenishments from Southeast Asia, the shop is back on track, and since then, no discounts have been offered. You can keep checking the store for seasonal offers and price cuts, and you might get lucky!

The prices at BKB Herbals are reasonable enough to make any visitor convert to regular customers, and a random discount or free sample is a bonus!

Customer service

The customer service for BKB is extraordinary as it was able to retain customers when the shop was closed! Many customers would call and ask all kinds of questions, but the BKB services patiently kept all their buyers informed and anxious for the new stock to arrive! We know this because we were in line too!

In case of any query regarding shipping, or any kratom strain available at the shop, the friendly staff answers all questions promptly and welcomes customers to ask whatever they want. The telephone line and the online form are the best ways to reach BKB Herbals, and you will not have to wait for hours.

Returns and exchanges

You may not want to hear this, but the return and exchange policy by BKB is strict. You cannot expect the shop to return or exchange all the packages unless there was a genuine reason like loss of the box or damaged goods upon arrival. If you ordered a particular product, BKB expects you to use it, and they are confident that you will love it! Speaks a lot about the quality of the shop’s products.


BKB Herbals ships out orders every day and delivers them to you within two to three days, no matter where you are located. If you live in a city or state where Mitragyna use is prohibited, don’t count on the shop to send you an illegal package! The packaging is discrete and safe so that the order remains safe from damage.

Our unboxing experience

When we received the rugged package for the Split Pack of Crisp and Tidak Takut, we were impressed with the vacuum-sealed packaging. The bag came with a clip to keep the bag sealed after opening it. Moreover, the laboratory-tested products were fresh, and the aroma was enough to confirm it.

The fresh, deep forest scent was mesmerizing. The kratom products from BKB Herbals are made from fresh Kratom leaves from Southeast Asia. Every plant is safe from fertilizers and chemicals, which adds to the efficacy of Mitragyna. The whole experience from ordering online, payment, and receiving the package was pleasant and straightforward.


BKB Herbals has a special place among online shops for Kratom in the United States. If you are looking for some exciting new strains and an easy shopping experience, this shop is for you! The product range is fantastic, and the price is too reasonable to be true! You will love the economical Kratom products with an extra boost of energy and the aroma that you will love!

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