Canopy Botanicals Kratom is a family-owned business slowly becoming the top dealer in Premium Kratom, soaps, and spices to its customers. If you have been exploring the market for a reliable source to purchase the most delicate health and wellness products, you have come to the right place.

Apprehensions swirl around in the mind when we consider purchasing from online vendors. Do you feel reluctant to do so? Let your doubts leave you and reconsider your decision when you read this vendor review.

What is Canopy Botanicals Kratom?

This is a Wilmington-based company that has been selling organic products for quite a while now and has succeeded in attracting many customers. They have particularly attracted people because of their meager prices for a usually expensive product.

Many fear that they may have done so by compromising their products’ quality and purity. Fear not! Canopy Botanicals Kratom is known for its customer-oriented mindset and has received only positive reviews from all who have visited the website and made purchases from the company. 

You will be hooked once you discover the excellent quality for the seemingly meager price.

Is this company lab-tested or approved?

Despite the success, Canopy Botanicals Kratom has no mention of any lab tests or approvals they may have gotten from registered health care companies. Their products are claimed to be completely pure and organic, but some potential customers are kept at bay due to the rather conspicuous absence of any evidence regarding lab tests.

Although the product response has been very positive, and there have been no complaints regarding any item’s potency, authenticity, or quality, the company should still provide some information. This information is essential so that customers better understand the quality assurance and are not kept away due to the lack of test reports.

What are the company’s best products?

Canopy Botanicals Kratom is famous for dealing in a wide range of products, including Kratom and not Kratom products such as seasoning, hand-made soaps, spices, and flowers. You can get a general idea from the following list:

1) Kratom Powder

Canopy Botanicals Kratom offers some of the rarest Mitragyna Speciosa strains in their pure powder form. Unfortunately, the company does not provide Kratom capsules, tinctures, gummies, or leaves.

They are known for their Maeng Da Kratom, Bali, and Malay variants in Kratom. They offer various variants of red, green, white, and yellow strains. With great variety, you also find top-notch quality at this company and can use their products without hesitation.

Their best-known Mitragyna Speciosa strains include the Green Maeng Da, Green Bali, Red Bali, Gold Bali, Green Kalimantan, and the rare white Kratom powders.

2) Soaps

The company also sells organic soaps made from the finest ingredients. Soaps and essential oils like Honey almonds, eucalyptus spearmint, and lavender are particularly famous for their soothing and relaxing qualities. These products are all-natural to prevent skin breakage, allergic reactions, or irritations.

3) Teas

At Canopy Botanicals Kratom, you can let your tea fetish run free. They provide ground, pure, and highly coveted tea powders like English, chai, Ambrosia, Peach Passion, Earl Gray, Oolong, and Damiana leaf tea. With intoxicating aromas and the best taste, this brand outdoes all the competition again.

4) Seasoning and spices

Want to take your culinary expertise to the next level? Say no more! At Canopy Botanicals Kratom, you can also find the finest condiments and spices like Pink Himalayan sea salt, cayenne powder, pure turmeric powder, etc.

They also have a collection of customized apparel that can be freely bought depending on your likes.

Are Canopy Botanicals Kratom products expensive?

The company website provides a range of different quantities which you can purchase for variable prices. The 25 gram Kratom pack is for $3.80, 125-gram serving is for $15.0, 250-gram pack is for $25.0, while the most giant pack is the 1-kilogram pack for $79.0

The organic soaps are all for a very reasonable price of $4.0. The two best-sellers, Autumn Sun and Peppermint and Tea-tree, are $4.50.

The teas offered by Canopy Botanicals Kratom are all for $5.0. At the same time, the spices have variable prices, with turmeric powder being the least expensive at $2.25 to cayenne powder being the most costly at $6.0. 

Can you get any discounts or coupon codes?

The company is an excellent option for customers who are on a budget. At Canopy Botanicals Kratom, quality meets economy. The products are very cheap compared to other online kratom vendors, with some Kratom strains being as cheap as $3.80. 

The problem lies with customers having bulk orders. Well, the brand has got you covered. They offer a 4-way split offer in which you can buy any 4 250 gram packs of tea powder of your choice and get a free discount code upon checking out. Incredible, right? You can even re-use the coupon if you decide to get another 4-way split package!  

Do Canopy Botanicals Kratom make any false medical claims?

The company enjoys an excellent reputation because of the safety and authenticity it guarantees with concrete evidence to support the claim. It has made no false medical claims, which attracts so many customers. Not only this but, CB has always kept the health and wellness of its customers as the priority and makes all of its products in line with FDA regulations.

What are the shipment and delivery options for Canopy Botanicals Kratom?

This company ensures efficient delivery and quick shipment – offers a Priority Mail through USPS or a First-class Mail (charges different amounts per shipment type). 

On orders greater than 1.5 lbs, a flat rate is charged to cover box and protection costs for fragile items. The flat rate ranges from $7 to $13 \ but isn’t fixed. What’s great is that all orders placed before 2 pm are mostly shipped the same day! If your order is delayed, take it easy. It will reach you in 2 to 3 days maximum. The company has also recently started a new shipment option via Fed-Ex called the Fed-Ex 2-day Pak.

It would be worthwhile for customers to know that the Fed-Ex Pak does not always ship products in two days as the title claims.

How do I reach out to Canopy Botanicals Kratom?

You can always copy the email address available on the company website. The officials regularly respond to all emails and eagerly assist. The company can also be contacted via call. Are you feeling old school? You can also mail them using the Post-office box information on their website.

Customers views about Canopy Botanicals Kratom

It has been confirmed that this brand is the number one choice for people. The company is now primarily preferred because of its authenticity and low prices. Customers have also said that the customer service is excellent and quick to answer calls, emails, and texts.

Most customers are delighted with the high-quality Kratom at such low rates and have claimed that ‘You can always rely on Canopy Botanicals Kratom.’

Final thoughts

It is a known struggle for customers to find authentic vendors online, and most have to rely on gas stores instead. But, rejoice! Canopy Botanicals Kratom brings you the utmost assurance that it comes with original products following guidelines provided by the FDA. Check out their online store and buy Kratom now.


What is CB’s return policy?

Canopy Botanicals Kratom is as understanding as it gets. Any damaged, unsealed, or expired product will be replaced entirely, and you can even get a refund if you are dissatisfied with the order. However, used products will not be returned. 

Does the company deliver all over the world?

No, they don’t. The company ship to all states in the US except Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

What kind of payment method can I use to order?

Canopy Botanicals Kratom accepts payment in Crypto-currency, ZellePay, e-checks, and Purchase orders. Credit cards are not accepted due to specific legal issues. 

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