It is an undeniable fact that whenever we are confronted with a choice between a new brand and an old brand, we choose the latter. It is probably because the brands that are working since years usually have more reviews available and also, they have improved themselves with time by receiving the feedback from clients.

Fortunately, Captain Kratom LA, commonly known as Captain Kratom is one of such brands but does that guarantee it to be a trustable company? Not necessarily.

Well, to conclude something, you need to research but don’t worry! We have done that part and now we are stating below what we found during the process. So, let’s begin!

Background Of Captain Kratom LA

There is an interesting story behind this brand. The owner went to Thailand and there he got to know about Kratom. Not to forget that Kratom is a herb that offers therapeutic benefits.

After acknowledging the importance of this herb, he decided to introduce it to Los Angeles. Named Captain Kratom LA, it was established in 2006. So, it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the first Kratom brands for the United States.

Product Range Of Captain Kratom LA

Well, this company does not have a really vast range of products but still, a good amount is available. The range includes capsules, powders, Kratom + CBD and bundles. Furthermore, it offers fibe strains and even these are not designated by veins.

Although it has a separate category of both powders and capsules yet there comes a bit of confusion especially when you are surfing through the powder page and then capsules arrive and one bag in the photos says that its a powder, although it is a capsule.

That might be because of a printing issue or to serve search engine optimization purposes. Secondly, they don’t have red, green and white varieties and also, the Maeng Da strain is labelled as gold which creates confusion for the customer about what exactly he/she is about to buy.

Thirdly, many buyers recognize the strains through their colours but the packaging of the strains misses the label for the colour each strain is of. Last but not the least, it also sells a really unique product called CBD-Enhanced Kratom.

Pricing Of Captain Kratom LA

Inevitably, they offer discounts but just as their regular prices, the discounted items are also a bit costly. On the flip side, different vendors offer it at different prices. Let us present to you a table to make their prices easy for you to remember;

Kratom Powders

Product NameFull PricingSale Pricing
Thai$16.99 to $52.99$11.99 to $47.99
Bali$16.99 to $52.99$11.99 to $47.99
Maeng Da$19.99 to $55.99$15.99 to $51.99
Vietnam$24.99 to $60.99$19.99 to $55.99
Powder Bundle$79.99 to $189.99 $49.99 to $159.99

Kratom Capsules;

Capsule NameFull PricingSale Pricing
Capsule Bundle$94.99 to $209.99$59.99 to $174.99
Vietnam$29.99 to $64.99$24.99 to $59.99
Maeng Da$24.99 to $60.99$19.99 to $55.99
Bali$19.99 to $55.99$15.99 to $51.99
Thai$19.99 to $55.99$15.99 to $51.99
Kratom CBD$34.99 to $86.99$28.00 to $80.00

Product Delivery Of Captain Kratom LA

Honestly, their shipping policy is somehow confusing because on one hand, it says in its homepage banner that it ships all orders for free and on the other hand, it says on its shipping page that $3.99 is the flat fee for domestic shipping. Anyway, even this is not a bad deal!

Reviews About Captain Kratom LA

Many people, including Youtubers, have reviewed this brand. The reviews are overall good, be it on Youtube or Reddit. However, there are barely any reviews about them on sites like Google and Yelp. This makes it strange. Keeping in view the majority of views, they are positive and adore the brand overall.

Discounts and Coupon Codes Of Captain Kratom LA

They used to have coupons in the past ranging from 10 to 25 percent off. Since February, 2020, they don’t seem to have any active coupons. However, now they frequently have their in-sales going on if you purchase through their website. Also, they offer coupons if you subscribe to their email list.

Customer Service For Captain Kratom LA

What impresses people more about this company is their refund policy. As long as you return an item in its original form within 30 days of purchase, they offer a full refund. However, like the majority of other businesses, their main priority is for you to exchange the product rather than asking directly for the return and refund.

This proves how cooperative their staff is. On the flip side, you can easily connect with the team through different methods, including their Instagram account, number and also email. Voila! Now you know some authentic facts about Captain Kratom LA.

Carrying more than 15 years of experience, they have some worth mentioning characteristics like their flat shipping rate and also the money back guarantee.

Furthermore, it should also be considered that It is not yet accredited by the American Kratom Association which also ensures that each batch that the company produces is passed through an independent laboratory that is verified. This test helps prevent the presence of harmful substances in the batch.

Its prices also seem to be high. Overall, it does not seem to be a bad choice. Still, it is understandable that you will have your fears so, it will be a great idea to shop less quantity in the start.

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