White Vietnam Kratom : The Next Wonder Herb?

White Vietnam Kratom

The White Vietnam Kratom is the rarest and most potent of all the Kratom strains. Due to its low supply and miraculous effects, this strain is in very high demand. But why is the White Vietnam Kratom so famous these days? Without any further delays, let’s examine this wonder-herb in complete depth. What is the […]

Yellow Thai Kratom ; A Relatively Newer Strain Of Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom hails from Thailand and has yellow veins in the leaves of the teas on which it is grown. After the farmers harvest the Mitragyna Speciosa plants, they either dry them soon or ferment them. The later procedure leads to the formation of the Yellow Thai Kratom. The stimulating alkaloid of Mitragynine gives […]

White Sumatra Kratom : Better than the Rest?

White Sumatra Kratom

White Sumatra Kratom is considerably one of the most effective white vein strains out there in the market. And not just that, but it is also increasing in popularity because of its favorable benefits. But what is it that makes this variant stand out from the competition? Without any further ado, let’s take a closer […]

Red Vietnam Kratom – A Comprehensive Guide

Red Vietnam Kratom

Red Vietnam Kratom is perhaps the most used Mitragyna Speciosa because it is very potent and highly effective. Like other strains of Kratom, farmers extensively grow and export red vein Kratom in Southeast Asia. The plant can grow anywhere, but it thrives exceptionally in the suitable climate of Vietnam, Bali, and Borneo. Farmers harvest this […]

Is Yellow Sumatra Kratom a Powerful Botanical?

Yellow Sumatra

Yellow Sumatra Kratom might sound strange to tree leaves lovers; the reason behind this is that it is a unique type of kratom strain. This Speciosa, on the other hand, is starting to become fans’ favorite due to its striking effects. Most people are aware of the other strains’ color as those are the ones mostly sold. […]

Green Vietnam Kratom; The Most Balanced Strain of Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom is a major and one of the most famous strains of Ketum. As the name implies, it is green in color and is grown in Vietnam.  This all-natural herb contains unique alkaloid characteristics and properties and is quite a popular strain amongst tree leaves lovers.  What Is Green Vietnam Kratom? Green Vietnam […]

Yellow Borneo Kratom-A natural and balanced strain

Yellow Borneo Kratom

Yellow Borneo Kratom is one of the more balanced and also a mellow strain among all the others. It is a product that you can buy in the form of pills as well as powder. It is also known as “Gold or premium,” depending on the intensity of the golden hue. Golden is just being called […]

Does Green Thai Kratom Live Up to the Hype?

Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai Kratom is undoubtedly one of the most famous amidst the Green Strains. Not only is it popular among Mitragyna enthusiasts, but it also is the first choice for people buying these strains for the first time. Apart from being thriving in the market for various effects, the cost for purchase is pretty affordable. […]

A Close Insight to the Fame of Indonesian Green Sumatra Kratom

Green Sumatra Kratom

Green Sumatra Kratom is one of the most widely used and hailed strains of Kratom, also known as Mitgragyna Speciosa. This second name is a little unusual but is commonly used in the world of science. The green strain is of great importance for the science enthusiast, as it is filled with extraordinary benefits that […]

A Comprehensive Guide on White Thai Kratom

White Thai Kratom

A white Thai kratom is an immature form that has distinct white-veined leaves. Hence, it is also called white vein Thai. Reddit users’ reviews claim that their mental alertness increases and, they feel sharper after taking white kratom. Its effect is light and stimulating and, the person does not experience any crash in energy, unlike […]