Herbs, being the economical and comparatively safe treatments have gained a lot of popularity. Even today, when there are plenty of allopathic treatments, there are people who try to first opt for the natural treatments.

Herbs serve for culinary, medicinal and recreational purposes but Kratom has been a choice of many to combat health complications.

Economics says that when the demand for anything increases the supply has to be increased; The same rule applies for Kratom products. Many vendors evolved with a wide variety of Kratom based products and Garuda Kratom is one of them.

However, as you can’t risk your health, there are enough questions you want to get the answers for. But wait! Don’t worry! We can get you covered by serving you with the unbiased information about Garuda Kratom. So, stick with us!

About Garuda Kratom

Hudson Valley Botanicals Ltd established Garuda Kratom. This is a US based company which sells high end herbs and was established in 2017 by Scott U. The name Garuda is inspired by the Hinduism mythical bird name.

It is a company with a good reputation and has earned this reputation in a very short time span. It offers many Kratom based products including strains and powders. We will discuss all the aspects about Garuda Kratom in further paragraphs.

What Range of Products Do They Offer?

While considering a vendor, a customer first urges to know about the product range and variety which that vendor is offering. As a customer you must be curious about what Garuda Kratom has got to sell you.

We are making it easy and helping you to save you time by presenting to you a proper research about the product range that the brand is offering.

We are listing most of the products that the brand is offering to its customers. It seems like the brand has a lot to offer to its customers. Here are some products that you can get from the shelves of Garuda Kratom:

Some About Quality

While talking about a vendor how can we forget to talk about the quality of products it offers. Our research has revealed that this vendor has an excellent quality of products. Most of the buyers are genuinely impressed by the quality the brand has to offer.

 We all know that the higher the quality, the higher the effectiveness. It is very impressive that Garuda Kratom performs lab tests and then sells them to their customers. Consequently, safety does not seem to be an issue with this rand.

How Much It Costs?

As a customer it must be your concern what price list this particular brand has to offer you with. So, let’s jump straight to the prices. A 28 grams pouch which it offers costs about $6.50 or to a maximum price of $10. Their premium grade Kratom powder costs $8.50 per ounce plus. Here are some other options regarding prices:

250 grams for$36
Half kilo (500 grams) for$60
You can buy bulk Kratom$83 per kilo
They sell four-way kilo for$86

All these prices are quite reasonable and affordable for the quality that they offer.

Do They Have Any Coupon Codes Available?

As we already mentioned above, Hudson Valley Botanicals established Garuda Kratom, so, they have a coupon code ‘Hudson Valley Botanicals’. Usually, by using the promo codes, you can get up to $12 or maybe more at checkout.

Customer Services

Garuda Kratom is known for its exceptional customer service. We all know that as a customer we want all the attention and want our supplier to satisfy all our concerns related to the product.

This brand is pretty much smart in this area and satisfies customers’ concerns as soon as possible via emails, phone calls or sending messages. This vendor especially has a proper team who manages customer queries and concerns.

From our research we have also discovered that the team who is dealing with the customers is very friendly and helpful. In our opinion,this feature of this vendor is quite impressive.

Packing and Shipping

Wherever the brand sells, it ensures that even the packing is up to the mark. The material which they use for packing is highly resistant to tear.

Now let’s talk about the shipping services of the vendor. Well, this vendor ships its products all over the United States and it uses the United States Postal Service for the shipping purpose.

The products which are ordered automatically receive Priority Flat Rate shipping. The customer who orders more than one kilo can get Priority Express for $50 or less.

Payment Options

It prioritizes the privacy of its customers by not leaking out any personal information you share when making the payments. It has payment options ranging from Zelle, Visa Card, USPS Code and Mastercard. However, it does not accept payments through Bitcoins.


From all the facts and figures that we have gathered, it can be seen that Garuda Kratom has all the good features which a vendor should have. With Garuda Kratom , even variety is not an issue as it carries a diverse range, making it easy for almost everyone to get something.

If we talk about quality, the vendor is one of those who have lab tested products which is definitely a plus point. It has quite a smooth shipping process and packaging is also great to preserve the freshness.

When we compare the prices of Garuda Kratom with other Kratom selling companies, this one turns out to be economical. Also, cherry on the top is the great and supreme quality customer services offered by the vendor.

We tried to cover all the facts, figures and aspects related to the vendor and we hope that you will find this article helpful! 

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