As the numbers of kratom consumers are increasing, so are manufacturers looking forward to producing innovative kratom strains that provide a whole new experience to kratom enthusiasts.  If you are one of those fanatic kratom users who like to experiment with trying new strains and explore the hidden health-boosting benefits of kratom, then you are at the right spot!

Do you want to try a wholesome kratom strain, all loaded with precious alkaloids?

Green Elephant kratom is one of the popular yet rarest kratom strains if we dig deeper into the kratom market. In this article, from its place of origin to easy storage hacks, you will get your hands on the complete Green Elephant kratom review.

I am ready, are you?
So let’s get straight into all the essential details!

What is Green Elephant kratom?

A remarkably incredible kratom strain is here to make your day. The Green Elephant kratom may sound different to you, is there something really unbelievably amazing about it? Guess what? Particularly everything about this rarest Mitragyna Speciosa strain is unique and matchless.

Origin of Green Elephant Kratom: The Green Elephant kratom is only found in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, where expert farmers carry out the sowing and harvesting procedures. These farmers are legit pros when it comes to handling kratom plants because they have spent their whole life cultivating and harvesting kratom.

Why do we call this strain “Green Elephant”?

Do you know Elephant kratom is not named after its area of origin like other kratom strains? The “Green” in Green Elephant describes the dark green veins in that rush throughout the leaf structure, and “Elephant” is used to describe the structure of the Elephant leaves. These leaves are pretty massive as compared to the leaf sizes of traditional kratom strains like Maeng Da, Borneo, and Bali. Just like the ears of an elephant, these leaves are loose and droopy and contain a concentrated amount of essential kratom alkaloids.

How Green Elephant kratom is harvested?

Farmers carry out the harvesting procedures when they observe prominent green veins inside each Green Elephant kratom leaf. Each leaf is carefully hand-picked, ensuring that only fresh, juiciest, and healthy leaves are chosen. All the leaves that have bruises, blemishes, or fading color are discarded so that consumers get their hand at the finest and all-organic Elephant Kratom. All the collected leaves are then washed using filtered water and later sun-dried for a limited time. These Green Elephant kratom leaves are later used to produce powder, extract, tinctures, and capsules.

The Taste, Potency, and Rarity of Green Elephant Kratom

The only less-thrilling feature of Green Elephant kratom is its taste, which is unexpectedly at the bitter end. Many users get adjusted to it while others have to use it in different recipes to mask it. Kratom tea is one of the most cherished methods of consumption and is ideal for masking the bitter taste with lemon and honey (once you have strained the brewed kratom tea).

When it comes to the potency of Green Elephant kratom, it beats most of the famous kratom strains, even Maeng Da kratom. The larger leaves contain almost 82% of Mitragynine considering the whole alkaloid makeup. Mitragynine, being a highly stimulating alkaloid, makes this strain stand out in the crowd of other energizing and motivating kratom strains.

Since the Green Elephant kratom cannot be found outside the borders of Sumatra island, hence, this strain is extremely rare and precious. All the reputable kratom vendors source Green Elephant kratom directly from Sumatra island.

Green Elephant Kratom powder, capsules, and extracts

The Green Elephant kratom is made into various products like powder, capsules, and extracts to cater to the needs of different kratom lovers. Here are the key pros and cons of each product.

  1. Green Elephant Kratom Powder

The freshly dried leaves go under an extensive grinding procedure using 100-micron grinders to make their powder form. The powder is totally free from any sort of contaminants, and granules. It is entirely even in texture and portrays super soft consistency. Its bitter taste is the only downside.

The same Green Elephant kratom powder is pre-measured and encapsulated in capsules. Capsules are available in both gelatin and veggie covering. The ones with veggie covering are a little bit on the expensive side.

Generally, if we compare the prices of Green Elephant kratom capsules with powder, you will find capsules costly, but don’t forget, you won’t have to feel the bitterness with capsules and also the measuring of dose and ingestion becomes easy.

Extracts are more costly as compared to capsules, and there is a valid reason behind it. Green Elephant kratom extracts are made using volumes of kratom powder that is concentrated down to produce an extremely stronger and powerful powdered version. Even a dose of 0.5 grams will initiate more visible and enduring results.

5 Tips and Tricks for not developing tolerance against Green Elephant Kratom

Many folks have developed tolerance against the Green Elephant kratom. The common reasons include using higher dosages more frequently. That does not make Green Elephant kratom a bad choice, even if you use higher doses of coffee thrice daily, you will get dependent within a week. So what can we do to keep the tolerance at bay?

  1. Do not take higher doses of Green Elephant kratom – more than 5g is not wise.
  2. Keep rotating the Green Elephant kratom with other similarly potent green verities like Green Horn, Green Maeng Da, and Green trainwreck.
  3. Always take tolerance breaks.
  4. You can use magnesium to potentiate a lesser dosage of kratom.
  5. Track your Green Elephant kratom consumption for staying on track and keeping the tolerance down.

Final Thoughts

This Kratom Strain falls under the crown of the mightiest kratom strains. From its rich alkaloid profile to ever-lasting effects, this strain has made its way to the top-rated kratom strains. Make sure you store your Green Elephant kratom in an air-tight kratom, away from sunlight and humidity to keep it fresh and potent for months. Lastly, always consult your health care provider before introducing kratom to your health regime.

Let us know how your experience with Green Elephant kratom was!

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