Amidst all the reviews of online shops in the United States, here is one that catches attention only from its location! Green Harmony Kratom operates from Kalimantan in Indonesia and sources the freshest ketum products right from the heart of the forests, where the trees grow tall and rich in alkaloids.

Green Harmony Kratom began spreading the stimulating and energizing impact of Mitragyna in 2015. This shop is one of the most trusted vendors due to its timely shipping all over the United States, straight from the Mitragyna capital. Kratom grows in Southeast Asia only, and while all manufacturers promise quality and freshness, it makes sense that a manufacturer close to the forests will have the best options.

What makes Green Harmony Kratom reliable?

In the United States, all consumer goods manufacturers have to follow processing steps effectively. The GMP standards are high, and there are regulatory bodies like the FDA to keep a check.

The FDA does not approve kratom consumption, but the American Kratom Association checks all vendors and ensures that the quality of products is delivered. For a vendor working in a country thousands of miles away, some consumers might worry about the process or the product is potent due to the packaging.

You do not need to worry as the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Industry has approved the products from Green Harmony Kratom. Moreover, the vendor keeps in mind the American standards and delivers premium quality products to thousands of users in the country.

The products available at Green Harmony

This vendor’s wide range of products includes the regular strains that you get from any local vendor in the United States. Moreover, the exotic and lesser-found kratom variations are available at reasonable prices. The popular products from this shop include:

• Gold Bali Kratom,

• Maeng Da Kratom,

• Elephant kratom,

• Hulu Kapuas Kratom,

• Yellow Sumatra Kratom, and numerous strains that can be found at all online shops.

The best feature of this shop is that it does not charge extra for the strains that other vendors sell for a higher price due to their exotic names or effects.

The particular strains and blends like Brown Harmony and Super Red Gold are a bonus for users who seek higher energy levels without consuming a hefty dose.

Apart from the variety and blends, the quantity and packet sizes of the Mitragyna products are also different from other shops. You can find kilo packs, along with more oversized bags of two, three, five, ten, and hundred kilograms!

We consider Green Harmony Kratom a reasonable option because the heavy shipping does not come from Indonesia! The warehouses for this brand are in the United States, and when you order any Mitragyna product, it comes from the warehouse near you.

But wait, if you thought that this online shop sells large quantities, you are wrong! Sample packs offering four different types of ketum products are also available so beginners can choose the most suitable variation. Moreover, regular users will also like the sample packs as they offer variety and a different effect every time you consume korth in your favorite way!

Price range

Indonesian brand, manufacturing kratom products in the land of Mitragyna and then shipping it to you from their warehouses near you offers the most sensational prices too! You will be surprised to know that a kilo-bag of kratom costs around $20, which is not only phenomenal but a record breaker and can shake the ketum market! The bargain is too good to be accurate, and when we tried the split pack, it was a dollar less in price! Green Harmony kratom offers the minimum costs, and that’s a significant advantage for all Mitragyna enthusiasts.

Coupon codes and discounts

We know that most users wouldn’t be asking, but Green Harmony offers deals and discounts! You can visit the Promo page and find the latest promotional deals and discounts over particular ketum variations. As a welcome, new customers get a 10% discount on all the products! The shopping experience keeps getting better and better!

Customer reviews and services

Green Harmony Kratom does not offer exchanges and returns, which might cause a problem for some users. However, the shop says that if your package is lost or reaches the wrong address, they will send you new products. However, if you use the kratom and wish to return or exchange the kratom variation for another one, the shop will not entertain such requests.

Customer service from Green Harmony Kratom is excellent. Customers can reach out to the shop any time and any day of the week. The representatives can answer your queries on call, or you can email the shop for any concerns. If you happen to be in Indonesia, you can visit the shop if you need! The active services make it easier for users to find out more about the correct strain, and then you do not need to return or exchange the item!

What we liked about the products and the service

Our team ordered the Split Pack with Yellow Sumatra Kratom, Green Maeng Da Kratom, Gold Bali Kratom, and Elephant Kratom variations. Each ketum strain was refreshing and added a little extra to the experience as the aroma and taste were more substantial and better! The bitterness of all the variations was less, and we concluded that it was because of the fresh korth leaves.

The packaging of all the bags was vacuum-sealed and had small tabs at the side to fold and seal the bag again after use. We recommend all kratom users to try the exquisite products at the best rate possible!


Green Harmony Kratom is an Indonesian manufacturer that uses potent, fresh leaves from the forests nearby and processes excellent quality products. The products reach users in the United States from the warehouses in the country.

The price, shipping, customer service and all aspects of the shopping experience are fantastic! Customers do not have to pay exorbitant shipping for their orders as they are locally shipped and reach you within three business days!

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