Green Vietnam Kratom is a major and one of the most famous strains of Ketum. As the name implies, it is green in color and is grown in Vietnam. 

This all-natural herb contains unique alkaloid characteristics and properties and is quite a popular strain amongst tree leaves lovers. 

What Is Green Vietnam Kratom?

Green Vietnam Kratom is a natural supplement and a highly effective herbal compound. Owing to its unique character, it grows the best only in certain areas. The best place for its growth is where the chances of heavy rainfall are most. Hence, favorable climatic conditions help it to grow and retain its unique characteristics.  

As mentioned earlier, this strain of Mitragyna Speciosa cannot be grown everywhere. Even though its name specifies its Vietnam origin, one can’t say that it’s grown everywhere in the country. Instead, there are only a few specific areas in the country where it is produced and developed. 

Regions that are highly fertile and contain the required minerals offer a favorable growing opportunity to Green Vietnam Kratom. Areas adjoining rivers are considered to be the most fertile ones available for cultivation. Hence, most of the farmers choose this place to grow the green Ketum.

Even though it is considered a relatively newly introduced strain of Mitragyna Speciosa whose benefits have just been discovered, it is not the case! The older civilizations of Thailand and Malaysia had used it extensively owing to their sedating properties. This proves the characteristics offered by the alkaloids of Green Vietnam Kratom have been known for centuries, and it’s only now that this herb has regained popularity yet again. 

Undoubtedly, this strain has reached the market in the West now and has been getting favorable reactions from Kratom lovers.  

What Makes Green Vietnam Kratom So Special? 

Ketum comes with numerous strands, but this particular one is especially famous amongst consumers. The reasons behind this specialty are numerous, which make it a unique product to consume. These include 

  1. The climate in which it is grown is different from where other strains get their optimal growth. Most of the strains of tree leaves are grown in hot, humid, and arid conditions; this one gains its growth when the atmosphere is highly fertile. The climate and weather need to have moisture for the green Kratom to grow to the maximum, which affects the characteristics of the natural supplement and offers it its unique qualities. 
  2. The composition of Alkaloids in the Green Vietnam Kratom is also one factor that sets it apart from others. As seedlings, these plants are grown in a nurturing environment that gives them the uniqueness of their character.  
  3. Though this Kratom strain is not unique, it is still challenging to find it due to its limited cultivation area. As this Green Kratom grows best only in a restricted area of high fertility, it is sent all across the World from there. This enhances the demand for the product while the supply remains limited. Hence, one can say that it is one of the most sought-after strains and has to be supplied from a limited space to the whole World. 

Alkaloids of the Green Vietnam Kratom

What affects the working of the Ketum and eventually its popularity is the accumulation of various components in it. These components in unique in every strain of Kratom and ensure a difference in result from each. Hence, when the consumers consume different kinds of tea leaf powder, they can distinguish them solely because of their results.  

The components that affect the working of the Ketum are known as Alkaloids. Two major alkaloids offer primary benefits to consumers. They ensure the action performed by Ketum, once consumed, is highly effective for the consumer. This particular strain comes with a high concentration of alkaloids.  

Several alkaloids combine to make the final composition of Green Vietnam Kratom. Though there is a unique and appropriate balance of all these alkaloids, they are present in high concentrations. This high concentration is what makes this Kratom quite famous amongst the consumers and unique in its results. 

Rich in minerals, the effectiveness of the Green Ketum from Vietnam is relatively high. The minerals make the alkaloids work to the best of their capacity. 

The Dosage Of Green Vietnam Kratom

The dosage of Green Vietnam Kratom is not fixed. You can increase or decrease it just according to your preferences. The best way to go about it is to start with the minimum possible dosage, i.e., 1 to 2 grams. Once you take it, you need to concentrate on its activity within your body. Slowly, you can enhance the dosage to the point where your body can easily adjust with it.  

Forms In Which Green Vietnam Kratom Can Be Taken 

 Green Vietnam Kratom is available in two primary forms, including the powder and the capsules. 


The powder form of Green Vietnam Kratom is not a highly consumed product as it has quite a rich taste and concentration and is not mixed with anything. Instead, it is in the purest of its form. The powder form is crushed and powdered Kratom leaves. This gives it the intense flavor that it has. Not many people can bear the taste and hence avoid using this strain in powder form. 


The capsule form of Green Vietnam Kratom is quite in demand in the market the whole year round! It is easy to consume and doesn’t cause any digestive issues. Alongside this, to enhance the pleasure, you can consume it with any natural juice. 

Substitutes of Green Vietnam Kratom

Finding the Green Vietnam Kratom is not easy. There are times when you won’t be able to get it from any of your vendors. Because it is highly intricate regarding the kind of land on which it can be grown, its supply is mostly lesser than the demand. Hence, you may need to look for other strains of Kratom, which may be a bit similar to this one. 

A strain of Ketum that offers somewhat similar results to the Green Vietnam Ketum is the Green Malay. Though it’s impossible to relate two strains of Kratom exactly as every strain is different from the other, there are some similarities between them. If you are not able to find one, you can substitute it with the other.  

The Green Malay strain also comes with mildness in its action, just like the way it is with the Green Vietnam Kratom.  

Top Suppliers to Purchase Green Vietnam Kratom From

Final Thoughts

Grown in the areas prone to heavy rainfall, Green Vietnam Ketum is a widely used strain worldwide, and forms of consumption are numerous.  


Is Green Vietnam Kratom readily available? 

This all-natural herb is one of the most used ones globally, and hence, its supply gets lower than its demand. This is why it is not readily available. But, if you have a trustable vendor with long-lasting relations, you can get its supply quite quickly.

Can I grow green Vietnam Kratom? 

No, it’s not possible to grow your own Green Vietnam Kratom because it is grown in highly fertile lands, where the rainfall ratio is relatively high. This strain is produced in a limited land area rich in minerals and has a hefty rainfall around the year. 

Is it different from others? 

Yes, the composition of Green Vietnam Kratom is quite different from others. It has a high concentration of alkaloids, but they are pretty balanced, which helps this strain show the best possible results when consumed by the users.  

What dosage of Green Vietnam Kratom should I take?

You should initiate with the smallest possible dose if you are starting to take Green Vietnam Ketum. This will help you understand how your body reacts to it. If everything is fine, you can continue increasing the dose bit by bit until your body can tolerate it well! 

Is it possible to substitute green Vietnam Kratom? 

It’s not possible to find the exact chemical properties within two strains of Kratom. However, if you can’t find Green Vietnam Kratom anywhere, you can get your hands on Green Malay. It showcases somewhat similar results, and it’s mild in its effects. 

Which is the right form of Green Vietnam Kratom? 

You can consume the Green Vietnam Kratom in powder form or capsules. However, the latter is easy to gulp down with a glass of water. If you have it in powder, there are chances that you may not be able to manage its strong taste, or your stomach won’t take it too well. 

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