Herbal Salvation Kratom is an online business selling some fine tree leaves products. Because this company has been in the industry for over ten years, this may be old news to those taking kratom for a long time. The products produced at this brand are effective due to the high alkaloids strains that get used.

As Mitragyna grows in popularity, the enthusiasts are looking for merchants that offer Premium Kratom made from fresh leaves at cheap costs. Along with superb customer service and other perks, it seems like your search is over because the Herbal Salvation Kratom vendor got your back. Continue reading this article to get to know this brand more!

Who Is Herbal Salvation Kratom?

Herbal Salvation Kratom, formerly known as Viable Solution, is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based firm that sells healthy and natural kratom products.

Herbal Salvation Kratom’s owner first got introduced to Mitragyna Spesicio in 2010 and instantly was a fan. After that, they decided to open their own business to sell this tree leaf powder. They officially started their physical business in 2012, making them the maturest company in the industry. Slowly and steadily, in 2016, they were finally an internet-based vendor too.

As the brand name implies, “Herbal” and “Salvation Kratom.” denote that the products supplied are natural and safe, protecting clients from adverse side effects.

Surviving for so long in such a competing market singlehandedly makes them the most trusted merchant out there. This vendor states on their website that “quality, trust, and transparency are our top goals.” The following phrase has resulted in a cult of loyal clients. Not only does Herbal Salvation Kratom sell to the customers, but their product gets so talked about that they sell their products to smoke shops and bars.

This Lousiana-based firm will deliver a varied choice of high-quality items that are worth every penny you spend, making your experience twice as enjoyable!

Is Their Website Simple To Navigate?

When you land on this brand’s webpage, you will be surprised by how quirky and joyful it is. It is designed in a way making it easy to place orders. A sluggish website is a turnoff for many shoppers, but not Herbal Salvation Kratoms because it quickly loads the following step.

What Products Does Herbal Salvation Kratom Offer?

Have a taste of the stuff they have to put forward, then compare to the competitor stuff; the answer to picking the prime brand will stand afore. Unique herbal products can get obtained from here that might be hard to buy from fellow competitors.

There are two types of products offered- Kratom Products and Hemp Products. The strain items include Powder and Capsules. There are too many products to buy in one go, so bet yourself coming back to this brand to fill your cart with more products.

The Miragyna powder items are available in bulk and standard sizing ranging; from 250 grams to 10kg, while the latter have different ranges.

Bulk Products

The products under this group are Bulk Green Malay, Indo Bali, Maeng da kratom, Red Thai, and Vietnam Gold.

Aside from mass buying, loose herbal is available in 2 way split of grams and kgs following a four-way division weighing in kilogram.

Normal Packages

Green Malay Powder, Indo Bali leaf crushes powder, Maeng da powder blend, Red Thai, Vietnam Gold Kratom Powder plus Nodzilla Gold Reserve, Green Malay, and Maeng da powders are the various loads prepared sold in different grams.


These capsules get created with leaves that are high in potent and alkaloids. Just like every other product, tablets are too pure pieces.

These pills get sold by adding the same color strain powder products, ensuring the herbal is beneficial in a well-grounded way. The price of these jars depends on the size.

Nodzilla Products

In this kratom product category, there are about nine Nodzilla powder products and four capsules of bottles, along with a 15ml Kratom Tincture. About four thousand deliveries get sold in a month, making this the most popular brand in the world.

Sample Packs

What is more satisfying than a Kratom vendor selling a sample pack?

Purchase a 500-gram bundle of five distinct strains from Herbal Salvation Kratom: Maeng da, Vietnam Gold, Indo Bali, Green Malay, and Red Thai to get your sample pack. However, this blinding offer is only for a limited time!

Hemp Products

Herbal Salvation Kratom not only aims to supply high-quality herbal goods, but this brand also provides various outputs that are difficult to get from other vendors. Herbal Salvation Kratom does not only aim to offer premium quality herbal products, but this brand renders some inputs hard to find at any other vendors.

These unique products come under the Hemp Products section. Herbal flowers grow on the company owner’s Hemp farm located in Oregon. The harvesting method gets done thoroughly and meticulously, putting forth a high oil absorption plant only.

About twelve flowers can get found on this vendor’s website. For example, Blue Genuis Hemp flower, ACDC Hemp flower, Lifter Hemp flower, and the list goes on. All these flowers have different CBD range that can get found on their website. Visit their website to order these herbs as soon as they become available – these blossoms are frequently out of stock, owing to their popularity.

What Are The Best Sellers?

All of the items that Salvation Kratom has to offer are excellent in their style. However, there is a subset of products that are more popular among the general population than others. The 500-gram sample pack, Nodzilla Kratom Tincture, and Maeng da Capsule Blend can steal the show. All of these strains have their advantages; taking them will make you feel ecstatic and tension-free.

How Much Will These Cost?

Salvation Kratom’s not a costly brand. Despite being in this market, they should have raised their prices, but their only greed is to offer the best quality tree leave herbal products. Parallel to the nature of the items marketed, the prices stamped are pretty cheap for everyone to enjoy.

The two-way split in grams and kgs plus four-way will cost $70 and $100, respectively.

The bulk products weigh a range of 250g to 10 kg, with a price range from $45.00 to $595.00.

The standard sizing for the powder comes in different sizes and so can get found at various rates. For instance, the Indo Bali scales 60g and 100g cover the price of; $18 and $25. At the same time, Maeng da measures 30, 60, and 100grams; $12, $18, and $25 for each. Other products size and prices can get found on their page.

Is This Brand Legit?

Yes, Herbal Salvation Kratom is stern about quality control. As pronounced on the webpage of this dependable vendor, their stocks, before being executed into sections of multiple products, go through a strict inspection to meet the GMP given purity, potency, and quality level. If a product contains any metals or fungus, they do not get exposed to the market.

Another reason why it is safe to buy botanicals from this seller, they got approved by the American Kratom Association. This approval clearly shows all the stuff auctioned here is pure, raw, and legit to consume. Besides, if they were a fraud, running a business for a very long time and having a huge fan base would never be possible.

What Are the Available Payment Options?

According to their website, the payment gets accepted through Elevated INTL and SPG. Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Cash on delivery, and Discover are other choices for those who prefer this choice. Additional payment way Cryptocurrency is not accessible.

Shipping Policy

Shipping delivery on time is the goal that these folks have tended to achieve on every count. The customers choose the shipping methods indicating how this brand always keep their customer first. All orders costing $75 or more are free from any delivery fee.

If you place an order before 2:30 pm on weekdays, expect your parcel to be on your doorstep the same day. However, orders booked on Friday after the given time will get shipped on Monday since they are closed on the weekends.

Return/ Exchange/Refund Policy

Not everyone can get used to the taste of kratom, or sometimes the parcel you receive arrives in a damaged condition. When such a case happens, sending or exchanging sounds the best option. However, this statement doesn’t apply to Herbal Salvation Kratom.

Yet, there is a 30-day return policy for only those destroyed and unopened packages; there is no exchange-for-another-product option. Contact them for any defective piece on their email; once the packet is received, all the money paid will get refunded.

Are There Any Discounts Or Offers?

If you go on their website at this moment, there is a sale going on. Use code hs10 during your checkout to have fun with the 10% off on products.

That’s not all; there are five fun ways mentioned on their page to get discounts or free products. If you stumble across someone imitating Herbal Salvation Kratom, give them the URL to their website and get showered with a $25 coupon code.

Ways To Contact

Logging into their website, the option for “contact us” will be right on top. When clicking it, two options to reach out to them will appear a contact service number plus a template where you add your name, email address, and the question you would like to ask.

What Are The Customers Saying?

Customers’ lips are only full of lovely comments due to the outstanding assortment, high quality, and low prices. People on Reddit and other websites frequently praise this seller.

Final Words

Herbal Salvation Kratom has been in business for many years, which has given them the skills and experience needed to provide high-quality kratom. If you’ve been using this herb for a while or are interested in giving it a go for the first time, try Herbal Salvation Kratom.

Don’t let the low prices on the products put you on edge. Once you let it kick in you, would want to pay more. Go ahead to their website and give yourself a treat for this vendor’s natural products!


You have to be 18 years old or above to place your order.

Yes, they do take orders worldwide. However, due to the all-natural botanical being illegal in various states, nations, and towns in the United States, they do not distribute.

Is this vendor on social media?

Herbal Salvation Kratom can get found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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