Kratom Crazy is based in North America and is its number one supplier for tea powders in bulk and Kratom capsules. It gets its supplies directly from parts of Indonesia or directly from USA wholesale distributors.

Product Range 

The company offers all types of Mitragyna Speciosa strains, Red, White, and Green. They also provide themes that are less commonly found. The following is the list of products they have to offer:


Kratom Crazy is a great place to buy good-quality all-natural herbs at low prices. They sell a hundred grams of powder for $19.99, but if you top it off to one kilogram, it will cost you $89.99, making it a discount of over fifty percent! You can also purchase in bulk. 

Five kilograms cost $424.99, accounting for a saving of 57 %. Kratom capsules cost $99.99 for 250g and $217.99 for 1kg Kratom capsule packs.

Lab Testing 

The brand sends three samples per batch of its products to be lab-tested for Kratom-specific alkaloids, mitragynine, hydroxyl mitragynine, microbial toxins, and heavy metals. They test their products on their alkaloid compositions and categorize and sell them on that basis too. We must admit, the brand is very well aware of what their products contain.

User-Friendly Website

Kratom Crazy has a spectacular layout for its website. It is easy to navigate through and user-friendly. Unlike other Mitragyna Speciosa vendors’ websites, the menu is not hidden and is easily accessible to customers. The website offers information about themselves, contact information, and information about strains, capsules, etc.

They also have a section where they have answered excellent FAQs about themselves. A significant part of the website is the detailed information on each product. Each product has detailed descriptions regarding where the particular strain was grown, its alkaloid content, ingredients, powder and capsule forms, popularity, and cost. 

Customer Service

The management team at Kratom Crazy tries their best to ensure their products are of the highest quality. To maintain the consistency of their products and improve their quality, they carefully monitor customer feedback and are fully updated with their comments. 

You need to fill out a form available on their website to contact them. It will generate a ticket on their end, and the team will get back to you within two to four hours via email. It is better to contact them via form rather than Facebook because the ticket-generated option is preferable. 


Kratom Crazy ships its orders the same day they were placed on. However, sometimes the order misses the shipping cut-off for the day and is shipped on the next business day. They send the entire week round, except for Sundays and national holidays. 

Sometimes, you might face issues as the order may not become processed but be on hold even after twenty-four hours. The reason for this could be that the manually operated sales fraud checking team, which reviews transactions every twelve hours before shipping, checked your order and found some issues with it and held it back.

Your order could be flagged or held back because you owe the company some money. Hence, if your order is on hold even after twenty-four hours, contact customer support so they might tell you what issue arose with your order. 

Does Kratom Crazy offer a refund?

Yes! If the product is returned within thirty days, opened or unopened, you can get a one hundred percent return without any questions. You need to fill out the contact form available on their site, and provide them with your name and order number and ask them to get the product returned.

The customer service representative will then review the order and give a return tag so that you may return the item to the post office. Once the product is received, the support team will issue the refund by reversing the credit card charge or sending a check, depending on whatever checkout method was used.

Is Kratom Crazy shutting down?

The surprising thing about the company is that you will find it the same as before if you access their website. The products are available along with their descriptions, the FAQs are still there, and you can add products to your cart. But, a red label on top says, “Kratom Crazy is Ceasing Operations Effective Immediately.”

What went wrong?

It is not easy for a Mitragyna Speciosa business to find reliable payment processing methods. These independent payment processing companies may shut down or stop working with Kratom companies, sometimes even withholding their funds. Also, banks consider this industry to be an industry with a high risk involved and don’t issue accounts. Even though Kratom itself is legal, it is prohibited from Visa and MasterCard.

This discourages most banks from working with Kratom vendors, even though the herb is legal. When Kratom Crazy lost its payment processors, they came up with another method to carry out transactions instead of finding a way to carry them out legally.

They applied for a regular payment processing account using a fake website selling goods that were not as unsafe as Kratom. The bank approved the account due to the lack of risk associated with these other legal goods. Then Kratom Crazy processed their transactions on their website. They probably used software to keep out of the bank’s automation detection. 

What was the aftermath?

The consequences of this illegal method were also crazy. The FDA found out the truth, and Joshua Fulton, who owned Kratom Crazy, Coastline Kratom, and Best Kratom, had to face a severe loss. All three companies were shut down, and the government seized their funds, which accumulated to 5.8 million dollars. 

What else?

However, this is not the only reason the company was forced to shut down. Joshua Fulton also owned many other businesses apart from the Mitragyna Speciosa ones. These included. Proven Peptides, Absorb Health, Sarmsx, and Peak Nootropics. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits unregulated supplement vendors from making health claims regarding their goods.

To prevent litigation, herbal supplement sellers must be highly cautious about the language they employ. Kratom Crazy itself did not make any health claims. Still, Joshua Fulton had issues with his other websites, where he made the grave mistake of making drug claims and promising health advantages from using unregulated supplements.

He claimed that his pills would aid in muscle strengthening, unease reduction, and ache relief. He also claimed that his accessories were “not for human consumption,” even though most people bought them, and he was well aware of that. SARMs, synthetic compounds that copy the action of testosterone and steroids, were also among the goods he peddled. The FDA bans these since they increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. And despite this warning, Fulton promoted SARMs for muscle growth. 

What do people have to say about this matter?

The issue regarding Kratom Crazy is being cited as somewhat controversial. It seems as if the company’s shutting down was just an excuse to lessen down tree leaves powder consumption. 

Kratom is legalized everywhere except for in a few states and countries. Yet, the FDA has been targeting Kratom Crazy and not legalizing its products. Banks and payment processing companies do not trust them enough, forcing them to opt for fraudulent means. It seems like Kratom Crazy has been victimized. However, it is also true that the brand owner Joshua Fulton played the game unsafe by advertising and promoting his products illegally.

Final Thoughts 

Despite being proficient at what it does, Kratom Crazy has faced a lot. Their operations have closed, and we can only speculate what will happen to them next. Would you consider them your next premium Kratom vendor if they bounce back from their crisis? 


Some issues occur during payment. Also, they do not accept cryptocurrency. 

None of the products at this brand are FDA approved. The FDA has strictly warned against the consumption of their products. Even further, Kratom Crazy has openly stated this fact on their website and explained that this is why they do not provide any instructions or directions of use on the packaging of their products. 

A few qualities that make this company better than others are that you can buy Kratom in bulk, while some vendors don’t sell in bulk. Further, their website is easily accessible. Even all-natural herbal products are not hidden and can easily be searched up. 

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