When you are done trying the online shops for kratom, here’s a new one to check out! Kratom Exchange is famous as the home of kratom strains. It offers a wide range of kratom powder for beginners and regular users to benefit from its natural energy boost.

Kratom Exchange started as a user’s quest to find potent, quality Mitragyna products. Still, it resulted in a brand that provided kratom enthusiasts with quality Mitragyna strains, and now it has become a famous brand among users.

Although Kratom Exchange has been active for years, finding online reviews about this brand is hard, but that is due to search engine technicalities. However, we tried out various products from the shop, and our experience is bound to help potential users and kratom enthusiasts everywhere!

The products on the shelf

The online shop offers more than twenty unique kratom strains to suit discriminating choices of buyers all over the country. The arrangement of these strains is easy as the categories display vein colors, and selecting the right one takes less time! The strains include Maeng Da, Kali, Bali Elephant, Bentuangie, and various other strains that suit a broad customer base.

Due to the unmatched quality, consumers will feel captivated as they try the various strains and become regular visitors.

Price and offers

The prices at Kratom Exchange are more or less the same as other vendors, but the edge is the quantity and the efficacy of each gram that makes the products last longer as you require a smaller amount to suffice daily needs!

At Kratom Exchange, you can buy up to one-kilogram packs with a minimum package volume of 28grams. The prices of all the strains range between $9.99 and $149.99, depending on quantity and strain selection.

The discount deals and offers are frequent at the website for Kratom Exchange, and you can benefit from price cuts on one-kilogram packs every season. Often, the one-kilogram packs are reduced to $100, which means that this big bag of pure Mitragyna becomes less expensive than 500grams of the same strain from any other vendor!

Free samples are an excellent offer as many consumers are unsure about what they need and wish to try out several kratom strains before settling for one. You can get 10grams of three kratom strains in a sample pack, and we call this convenience at another level!

Coupon codes

Kratom Exchange is good with discounts, free samples, but another plus point is the coupon codes that give customers a chance to get price cuts. The promotional codes and freebies work well as people who want to buy but hesitate to spend will come rushing to enjoy the full results of Mitragyna powders.

Moreover, if you buy three packs of the same size, the fourth one is free! This offer is a sweet addition to the fair prices at Kratom Exchange. Kratom Exchange surprised us with an additional 15% to 20% discount on repeat orders when we thought this was all!

Shipping and customer service

Kratom Exchange offers free shipping if your order is more than $75. This free shipping is efficient, and even for orders smaller than $75, the charge is minimal while customers receive their orders within three working days.

The shipping discounts are available at check out, and customers can also opt for express shipping by paying a little extra for the priority service.

Customer service at Kratom Exchange matches the efficiency and quality of the products. You can reach out to the shop to ask about the various items on display. If you have any general queries about kratom, the website provides information and assistance to help you decide the best kratom strain.

There is a form on the website that you can fill out or email the website. The hotline will connect you to a customers representative for all kinds of queries and questions.

Customer reviews on Kratom Exchange

The regular customers of Kratom Exchange always take a step to share their views regarding the products and services from this online shop. Many customers have become regular due to the whipping discounts while the quality of the products is best.

Some customers review the products they tried and share their experience with other users to make the right choice. Kratom Exchange has a broad customer base, and most of the reviews are more than satisfactory.

What we liked about the brand

When we tried the various products from Kratom Exchange, we found the exquisite quality and customer service to be the top features. However, what I liked the most was that they have not limited their product range to the usual strains but offer a little more. Kratom Exchange has a unique variation by the name of Batak.

This is a blend of kratom strains to give you an unforgettable experience. Another blend is Nirvana, which has red and white strains to help users feel relaxed and free from worries! These exclusive blends have great results, and many regular customers rave about these products as they benefit from them daily!


Kratom Exchange is an excellent choice for people who want to buy the best quality without paying extra money. The online shop offers more than twenty strains and provides discounts, samples, and promo codes to enjoy the effects of Mitragyna without burdening your budget.

Another unique feature of the shop is the exclusive blends Batak and Nirvana, which have a remarkable impact on users. You can buy quality kratom and receive the package within three days, which makes the online shop an excellent choice for all!

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