So you have recently heard about the goodies – kratom extracts, and now you are wondering what sets them apart from other kratom products. Moreover, can you make kratom extract at home? Right here in this piece, you will get to understand kratom extract, what are different types of kratom extracts, an easy homemade recipe, and some hardcore tips. Are you ready to explore the exotic kratom variety – KRATOM EXTRACTS?
Let’s dive in folks!

What Is Kratom Extract?

Imagine a more concentrated version of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine alkaloids of kratom, that’s exactly what kratom extract is. A huge amount of kratom powder is boiled and reduced to a thick paste rich with alkaloids and extremely potent. The paste is dried and ground with fast-acting grinders to make a kratom powdered extract. Do you get the idea? That’s how kratom enthusiasts enjoy more pronounced, ever-lasting effects with a lesser dose in the form of kratom extract.

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What Is The Difference Between Kratom Extract And Kratom Powder?

Kratom powder is made with dried crushed kratom leaves. The leaves are ground to form a kratom powder. On the other hand, kratom extract is concentrated kratom powder made with thick, highly concentrated kratom paste.
Many folks wonder why Kratom powder is less expensive as compared to kratom extracts. The answer is simple. Kratom extracts take more manpower, time, and energy in the manufacturing process, whereas kratom powders are easy to make even at home. For this reason, extracts are more expensive.

Get To Know Kratom Extract Types – Powder, Resin, And Tincture Extract

Kratom Extracts are further available in three categories – Powders, Resins, and Tinctures. From manufacturing procedures to physical appearance and potency, they portray different properties.

Kratom Powder Extracts

Kratom powder extracts are often found in the form of soft-textured kratom powder with a nostril-hitting fragrance. They have a more concentrated and rich amount of precious kratom alkaloids.

Kratom Resin Extracts

Kratom resin extracts are thick and sticky kratom paste. The color is darkish bottle-green with hints of black. Resins are the best pick-me-ups for those who want a stronger kratom punch.

Kratom Tincture Extracts

Kratom tincture Extracts are liquid kratom shots packed in tincture bottles. The alkaloids are extracted using a diluted base, mostly alcohol. They are easy to use, and a more convenient way to consume kratom oil dosage.

An Easy Recipe To Make Kratom Extract At Home

We all know kratom extracts are a bit expensive to other kratom products, and that’s the foremost reason why people want to DIY kratom extract at home. If you are one of them, you are sure-shot going to enjoy the step-by-step recipe to make kratom extract at home.

Alcohol and water are exclusively used to make kratom extracts. But, there comes an issue with using water as a solvent, it does not dissolve Mitragynine, the most important alkaloid of kratom. For this reason, our best bet would be to use lemon juice or vinegar, as Mitragynine is soluble in both of them. With the cherry at the top, they tend to preserve the key alkaloids for more time.

Let’s head over to the recipe, folks!

1) What Ingredients You Would Need To Make Kratom Extracts At Home?

Make sure before you kick-start making kratom extract at home, you have all the ingredients available. Here’s the list of ingredients:

1) 100 grams Powdered kratom (choose your favorite strain)
2) 3 liters of clean water
3) 1-2 fresh lime or lemon
4) Cheesecloth
5) Vinegar (5% acid content is compulsory)
6) Two pans of medium size and spacious base
7) An ovenproof dish (wider base is preferred)
8) Parchment paper for moisture absorption
9) A dish (Freezer proof)

Important Note

Do you know the essential alkaloids of kratom cannot resist a temperature of more than 105-degree Celcius? Yes, that’s true! Hence, be vigilant while dealing with the temperature and let it not exceed 100-degree Celcius.

2) Prepare Concentrated Kratom Solution

Take 100grams of your favorite kratom powder and cover it with water. You have to add water accordingly, make sure the water dissolves the entire powder, and portrays a thick kratom mixture. After mixing it for a while, add the juice of half lime or lemon. Mix it again. Then add vinegar (a few drops), mix again, and leave it at room temperature for the whole night.

3) Freezing The Concentrated Kratom Solution

The very next day, you have to freeze the concentrated kratom solution. First of all, grab a freezer-proof dish, and shift the entire solution into it. Now put it in the freezer until it turns rock-solid.

4) Boiling The Frozen Kratom Solution

Now take a pan with a wider base, and shift the frozen kratom solution carefully. Take one liter of boiled water (less than 100-degree Celcius temperature), and shift it over the kratom solution. Afterward, take half lime or lemon, take out its juice and add it into the pan. The mixture is ready to simmer for 1-2 hours. When you notice that quarter amount has been evaporated, turn off the flame.

5) Cooling, Straining And Boiling Again The Concentrated Kratom Solution

Strain the mixture and let it cool for a while. Don’t waste the kratom you get over the strainer, we have to use it again. Put everything you get on the strainer while straining into another pan (Pan B), add 1 liter of water, half lime, or lemon juice, and leave it for simmering for the next 1 hour. Don’t forget to add a few drops of vinegar in Pan B.

Side by side put Pan A again over the stove. Add a few drops of vinegar, and simmer it again for an hour. Now you have two pans undergoing simmering. The one with plain kratom water, and the other one with wet kratom paste and water. When you notice half of the mixture is left in both pans, switch off the flame.

6) Straining And Simmering The Solution For The Last Time, Promise!

By this time, you may get tired of simmering again and again. But hey, the final product is worth all your efforts, so keep the motivation coming. Now you have to strain the solution of both pans, shift it into one pan, and let it simmer again. Switch off the flame when you get a thick resin-like kratom paste.

7) Drying The Kratom Resin Extract

It’s time to grab your oven-proof dish and shift the entire thick mixture into it. Make sure your dish is wide, broad, and can cover 2-3cm deep mixture. The wider dish will help with successful evaporation as you would have more surface area.

Now set your oven temperature at 70-100- degrees Celcius, and switch on the fan mode. For the best results, you can partially open the oven door for successful evaporation.

When you notice that the resin is completely free from water particles, turn off the oven. Take out a tray and cover it with parchment paper. Shift the entire mixture over parchment paper to get rid of any excess water

8) Grinding The Concentrated Kratom Extract

Here comes the second last step! Put the entire mixture into a grinder and grind it for a few seconds. You will notice the texture is super soft and free from any sort of granules. Here’s your kratom extract, all-ready!

9) How To Store Kratom Extract At Home?

Do you want to enjoy the potency and freshness of your kratom extract until the last dose? Here are some storing techniques to keep the freshness intact:

● Shift kratom extract in an air-tight container.
● Make sure your storage area is dark and free from sunlight.
● There should be no moisture in the storage area.
● Always cover tightly with the lid after every use.

10) Essential Factors To Consider Before Buying And Using Kratom Extracts

Here’s a list of ten essential factors that you must know before buying and using kratom extracts. make sure you do not miss any point!

1) Educate yourself about the concentration of kratom extracts

2) Measure your kratom extract dose carefully and do not take higher dosages of kratom extracts

3) Buy high-quality kratom extracts no matter if they cost you more, but do not go for low-quality and cheaper products.

4) Must go through user reviews regarding the vendor. They must depict that the vendor is reputable and trustworthy among kratom enthusiasts.

5) You must know what strain would suit you. Go through user reviews to know whether you should go for white vein kratom, red vein kratom, or green vein kratom.

6) For the best results, it is recommended to take the kratom extract directly in your mouth. Do not forget to follow the storage instructions as they are critical for the potency and freshness of the kratom extract

7) For accurate dosage, must keep your measuring tools clean and dry.

8) Make sure your vendor sources kratom directly from South East Asia, the motherland of kratom.

9) Only buy lab-test kratom extract which is free from any kind of additives, flavonoids, mercury, E.coli, and pesticides.

10) Lastly, ensure that your vendor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you purchase with confidence!

Enjoy your homemade kratom extract and let us know how your experience turned out!

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