Natural Kratom Powders from Kratom Eye has served the United States. Since 2013, we have grown Kratom Plants, Blue Lotus, and Kratom Alternatives. We make every effort to provide the highest-quality goods and services, which has earned us the reputation of being a connoisseur-grade kratom shop among many clients. 

Plain Leaf Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) from Southeast Asia, either wild-harvested or grown in plantations, is available from us. There will be no extracts or adulterants!

Quality, purity, and excellence as determined by laboratory testing. We value quality above quantity, and although we may not be the cheapest, we are also not the most costly since quality costs more to manufacture in purity and perfection than low-cost production.

Purity Control:

To ensure clean/pure aromatics and botanicals, our goods and sources are subjected to laboratory testing for Biological contamination and Heavy Metals before distribution. We only work with labs situated in the United States and are certified by the ANAB and ISO-17025.

Aside from that, we put all of our kratoms through an extensive filtering process that includes sifting and other methods before making them available for sale. In addition, all imports are sterilized by exposing them to ultraviolet radiation for a limited period to maintain the integrity and purity of the items. 

Fraud Deterrence:

For the safety of our customers (as well as our own), we thoroughly evaluate all orders for fraudulent activity before processing them. The many levels of vetting (defined by the unique factors of each purchase) include investigation of the billing and delivery addresses, phone number lookups, IP address correlations, and blocklist inspections, among other things.

All of our products are either unique House Blends or strains based on Vein Color and Origin, or they are a combination of both. Our House Blends are meticulously prepared to provide the highest-quality end-product possible. We take great pleasure in our selection of kratom strains and blends.

Make Your Blend

Another point of interest is that we provide our clients with the ability to design their combinations.


Payments made using an eCheck for the first time exceed $65: First-time payments made using checks (on orders totalling more than $65 – subtotal) may be subject to a clearing and deposit period. During this time, the money is processed and credited to our account. 


We provide our clients with USPS Priority Flat-Rate Shipping or USPS Express delivery options. Delivery time is generally between 1 and 4 days from the date of purchase (excluding holidays and weekends), depending on the option you pick and your distance from South Florida (see below for more information).

Do not mistake USPS Express with ‘one day or ‘next day shipping, which are services provided by private firms rather than the United States Postal Service. On Monday through Friday, we make every effort to ship all orders made by 12:30 pm EST on the same day they are ordered (exceptions include three-day weekends, promotional discount periods, etc.). 

Saturday deliveries are no longer available. Orders above $49 (excluding live plants and cuttings) qualify for FREE SHIPPING. Delays in shipping: We are not liable for any shipment mistakes caused by the United States Postal Service. Priority and Express Shipping are not eligible for refunds if packages are delivered late due to USPS mistakes. We will, of course, replace any things that the post office has lost if they have not arrived within one week of the scheduled delivery date. 

Kratom Eye will not ship an order if the customer’s given mailing address is erroneous or undeliverable by USPS. The customer must respond to, resubmit, and confirm the proper delivery address before Kratom Eye ships the genuine item (to avoid the package shipping to the wrong address).

Order Tracking Is Available

Completed Order emails (issued when processing is complete) include order tracking information; please keep an eye out for that communication. Remember that USPS tracking might take between 12 and 24 hours to update with accurate tracking or progress information. In addition, tracking numbers for individual orders are accessible in your My Account tab for each unique order. To get the relevant tracking number for that item, please log in to your account and view the order in question. 

For tracking emails from the United States Postal Service, please check your Spam/Junk-mail folders for any pertinent emails sent by the USPS. You recommend adding our relevant email addresses to your “contacts” or “favourites” list to guarantee that they reach your inbox. This step may be required by specific email applications (notably GMAIL) to get the best results. The refund policy, as well as the return and exchange policies, are all included.

Refund Policy And Procedures For Kratom Powder:

We provide a complete refund or exchange on our kratom powders; please see the following for further information:

The following is the return address: (Please do not put the word “Kratom” on the mailing label.)

Customers who want to get a refund or exchange for live kratom plants must contact us to evaluate their request within 24 hours of receiving the live kratom plants. At that stage, the client must provide multiple photographs indicating any problems with the facility (s). Customers can contact us through email ( if they have any queries or issues regarding the facility.

Following receipt in good condition, we will not replace, refund, or exchange plant cuttings that have failed to root or have wilted (killed) within 24 hours of being placed in the customer’s care after being received in good condition. To prevent such eventualities, the consumer is obliged to adhere to the instructions that have been communicated to them and included with their purchase.

The following policies apply to non-kratom powder products: We will issue a refund or exchange for any non-kratom powder products (except live plants, which will be covered in more detail in the Live Plants refund policy section below), provided that the product is returned in its original packaging, intact and unopened. It must fulfil specific requirements to be approved as a refundable item. We are unable to replace or refund any packages that have been opened. 

Plants That Are Alive

With a few exceptions, live plants are generally transported between Monday and Wednesday (excluding weekends). Please allow two to three weeks for potted plants and cuttings to be delivered to you. Cuttings that the customer does not adequately plant are not’s responsibility. The firm is also not responsible for rooted plants that die within 24 hours of being in the customer’s care after being sent to them. 

Changes To Orders And Cancellations, As Well As Other Items…

To ensure that order changes and cancellations are taken into consideration, customers must send their informative emails no later than 10 am EST (on the day of processing – during regular business days/hours) on the day of processing, which would be before our cutoff time for same-day shipping (which is 12:30 pm ET).

Please consult a reliable time zone converter if you do not live in the Eastern Standard Time (EST). It is possible that adjustments or cancellations sent after 10 am EST will not be feasible due to our “up to 24 hour” response time. 

Concerning eCheck orders, we will reimburse the charge after the funds have been wholly deposited into our bank account (which might take 5 – 7 business days) unless otherwise specified. The refund will be mailed to you at the address you supplied for invoicing in the form of a check under our legal business name/name, entity’s name (which can take an additional five or so days to arrive). 

Terms And Conditions And Privacy Information

Kratom is not authorized for human ingestion by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Customers must be at least 18 years old to place an order, and by recognizing these conditions during the checkout process, they confirm that they satisfy this age restriction.

We do not give any instructions on using our products, including answers to medical or healthcare advice concerns. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact a healthcare expert or specialist. Client service will be terminated if the customer does not comply with these requirements. The buyer also undertakes to indemnify and keep the seller blameless from any claims, liabilities, or causes of legal action resulting from the transaction. Thank you so much for your cooperation. 

We may decline service to you for a variety of reasons (or suspected fraud), abusive/threatening language and attitudes, non-compliance with our policies or governmental compliance, or any other reason that might cause the customer to lose trust in us and cause us to feel bad about ourselves.

We do not offer any information on how the service is used. You indicate that you have read and agree to all of our rules and conditions by ordering with us. The buyer also undertakes to indemnify and keep the seller blameless from any liabilities or causes of legal action resulting from the transaction.


I’d want to stop getting catalogues, coupons, and other material from the Paper Store. What should I do?

Send an email to if you no longer want to receive mail from The Paper Store. For us to properly handle your request, please give the following information:

As your request is processed, you may continue to receive mailings from The Paper Store for up to seven business days. Please be aware of this.

Is it possible to accelerate my delivery?

When you check out, you may choose from the following delivery options. Second Day and Next Day orders will be dispatched the next business day unless otherwise specified. Monday through Friday, barring holidays, are considered business days. 

Please note that our shipment timeframes have been pushed back due to the new upgrades to the Coronavirus. Delivery time is 7-10 business days through UPS Ground.

Paper Shop store location accepts returns for items purchased via their website.

Explain The Refunds Policy of Kratom Eye?

Returning to a local The Paper Store location is the fastest method to get a refund or credit for your purchase. To guarantee a successful refund, please adhere to the guidelines listed below. Please contact Customer Service at (844) 480-7100 or by email if you have any questions.

Return Policy During the Season of Giving

January 15, 2022, is the final day to file a holiday tax return*.

After the holidays, most holiday decor items are not eligible for a return, save for Christmas. If they are in new condition, items purchased for Christmas may be returned until January 15, 2022. The deadline for exchanging or returning Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments is December 24.

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