There are many Kratom enthusiasts out there that prefer to buy botanical products from local stores. However, this may not always be possible. It is because many high-profile stores refuse to stock up on such supplements.

As a result, many users are puzzled because Kratom is still widely available at many other local stores. But why is that? Fortunately, we are here to put an end to this confusion. Let’s take a closer look at why you can’t purchase Kratom from Walgreens.

Why can you not buy Kratom at Walgreens?

Illustrious stores like Walgreens operate throughout all the states in the US. If such places did sell Kratom, it would be effortless for people to get their hands on them. But unfortunately, you can’t buy Kratom from Walgreens because it does not have any approval from the federal authorities.

This issue may leave a lot of you disappointed, but it is a sad reality. Unlike Kratom, many supplements are available at these stores as they do not have any issues with legality. So why is there a ban on Kratom, and simultaneously it is also available in some places? The following are one of the many reasons why you do not have access to Kratom from Walgreens

FDA disapproval for Kratom at Walgreens

Even though it does not have nationwide restrictions, Kratom certainly has no support from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Since it lacks approval, you won’t find any products of Kratom in Walgreens’ stores. It is because they refuse to sell any product that comes with a questionable reputation. 

For many years, the FDA made advances to place bans on Kratom supplements. It even went as far as trying to put it under the category of controlled substances. However, it failed to do so, even after multiple attempts. Many pro-Kratom authorities (like the American Kratom Association) constantly have discussions with the FDA.

But even after this, there is still no conclusive decision on this botanical’s legality. It is majorly because of how popular the supplement is in the market.

The FDA was unsuccessful only because the Kratom-loving people fought back the potential bans. Additionally, the DEA also made such a failed attempt in 2016, which didn’t decrease the herb’s popularity. But regardless of all of this, it doesn’t change the fact that you will not find Kratom at Walgreens

If it’s any consolation, you can still find the botanical at many other local stores throughout the nation. 

No support from credit card companies 

Nowadays, almost everyone prefers to make payments with credit/debit cards instead of cash. But what many of you do not realize is that most credit card companies reject the purchases of Kratom products. Since the herb has a very controversial background, these US banks want nothing to do with it.

If there are bans on Kratom in certain areas and an individual still made the purchase, the credit card company would automatically become liable. Therefore, if you purchased Kratom from Walgreens with a credit card, the bank would reject it. Due to this, the store would have to pay the consequences and deal with the losses. For avoiding such scenarios, Walgreens doesn’t approve of the selling of Kratom in the first place. 

Kratom’s negative media image

Many pharmaceutical bodies and federal authorities took the time and resources to ensure Kratom has a tainted name. The FDA went as far as linking certain death cases due to this supplement’s usage. This allegation alone was enough to ruin Kratom’s respectable image.

Not only that, but many people don’t look at the facts before believing such news. According to the case reports, all of these Kratom-associated deaths also involved other substances in the victim’s body. As a result, it is fair to assume that the damage was not the actual fault of Kratom. Even though the accusations were false, the constant links with these cases took away many people’s confidence in the botanical. And just like that, many high-profile stores also stopped its sale. It’s because they did not want to have their name thrown in the mix and risk their reputation as well. Since they prefer to keep their distance from the supplement, you probably won’t ever see Kratom at Walgreens.  

No Kratom at Walgreens? No problem!

Even though you can’t purchase Kratom from Walgreens outlets, that doesn’t mean it isn’t available anywhere else either. Here are some of the places where you may get your hands on the supplement. 

Smoke shops

One of the most convenient ways for supplement users to acquire Kratom is through nearby smoke shops. However, keep in mind that these businesses are not professional Kratom sellers. Consequently, the offered variety will be restricted. Some smoke shops sell top-quality Kratom, while others sell poor-quality products.

The only way to ensure that the supplements sold in smoke shops are of decent quality is to purchase them personally.

Local bars

Many pubs in well-known cities and clubs have recently begun providing Kratom-infused cocktails to their visitors instead of solely alcoholic drinks. Every bar’s Kratom drinks differ in quality, so you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Designated Kratom stores

Many vendors have begun to specialize in selling Kratom and CBD. These are excellent places to purchase your Kratom because they offer so many different strains. However, most of these shops are challenging to find, and they typically don’t have exotic Kratom strains which you may find online. 

Online stores

As far as online Kratom products are concerned, there might not be a better option. However, it depends if you can wait some time for your supplements to get to you. But other than that, you may even find a greater variety than the available Kratom in Walgreens

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get your Kratom from Walgreens. As discussed earlier, the authorities are against this supplement, which doesn’t leave a choice for many local businesses. But luckily, there are many stores other than Walgreens that do sell high-quality Kratom products.  

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