Florida is a state in the U.S. It is famous all over the world for its beaches and adventure parks like Disney world. Since it is such a huge tourist attraction, every person has this question: Is Kratom in Florida Legal?

Kratom is a blissful plant that grows in the hot and humid regions of Southeast Asia. The 2 alkaloids present in the plant’s leaves, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, are said to produce the herb’s main therapeutic effects.

Kratom has gained popularity in the Western world over the last decade. And this is why it is being spread like wildfire all over the U.S as well.

As the plant is not grown primarily in the U.S, there have been a lot of controversies regarding its distribution and usage. Along with the therapeutic effects, side effects of the herb are also being reported.

This is why the legal status of the plant remains unpredictable. As far as Kratom in Florida is concerned, it is legal all over the state but except for Sarasota county.

This article will further elaborate on the legal status of the herb in Florida.

Banning of the Herb in Sarasota County

Kratom was banned in Sarasota County in the year 2014. An ordinance bill was passed, which clearly stated that the possession, sales, and usage of the drug are banned here.

Having any ties to the drug is a serious felony there. If you are caught with just possessing the herb’s products, you can be jailed for about a month or will have to pay a fine of $500.

Unpredictable Nature of Kratom in Florida

As stated above, the herb has a lot of controversies attached to it. This is why there have been attempts in the past to ban the herb altogether.

A lot of bills and proposals were introduced in the court, but each of them died in the committee. For instance, in 2017, a bill was introduced in the senate assembly, but it was vague and had no evidence to support it. Hence, it was neither acceptable nor worthy.

Another attempt was in the year 2019. It had the same intentions and was proposed in Saint Johns County. But due to lack of support, this bill died in the committee too

Do the Popularity and Availability of the Herb go Hand-in-hand?

Ketum is quite famous among the Floridians. But the sale of Kratom in Florida is not that common. There are 2 reasons behind this:

There are local options available all over the state. But they are not such common findings as they are in any other city.

Research on Kratom in Florida

2 grants were recently awarded to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy regarding the search of the herb.  They were granted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to further carry out the plant study.

Following are the topics of the study:

The studies will also find answers regarding the following question: Why are the same adverse effects of the drug not seen in Eastern people when they use it traditionally?

The only way to reverse laws against the herb is to research it. These studies will help understand why there is more harm caused by the plant in the Western world in comparison to Southeast Asia.

Local Stores for Kratom in Florida

Local stores come in handy and are quite convenient to buy your stock. But disadvantages are buying them locally. These include:

Most local vendors do business just for the sake of money. That is why they buy random products without knowing about the items in detail.

Nevertheless, if you are finding a local head shop or smoke shop near you, here are a few options that have a pretty good rating among the locals:

Local shops in Miami:

Local shops in Orlando:

Local shops in Tampa:

Online Vendors: The Savior of Kratom in Florida

It is a struggle to buy anything good and affordable online. The same struggle comes with Kratom. But luckily, the organization known as American Kratom Association (AKA) has made this process easier.

The AKA has an approved vendors’ list on its website. These vendors follow the guidelines set forth by the organization. Thus, you will only find quality products on their sites.

You can buy your Kratom in Florida online and get it delivered to your home address, as long as it is not Sarasota County.

We have gathered a few online vendors for you that sell premium quality strains of the herb.

SA Kratom

Kratom Basket

Oasis Kratom

Golden Monk

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