Imagine you are on the island of Hawaii, with the beautiful Pacific ocean all around you. Now add the magical touch of Kratom to it! Sipping in a hot cup of Mitragyna Speciosa tea. Or perhaps consuming the capsule or powder with a hot cup of black coffee. Who wouldn’t want this?

This can be a reality for you if you live on the magical island of Hawaii. Because guess what? Consuming Kratom in Hawaii is completely legal!

If by any chance you live in a city where the herb is banned, plan a vacation to this perfect island destination. You will not regret a single thing about this trip, especially if you are a Ketum enthusiast.

This article will further elaborate on how the island is blessed with the presence of this plant and what work is being done to keep the legality of the herb safe on the island.

Current Status of Kratom in Hawaii

To all those who live on the island, you are free to buy, sell, and even consume Mitragyna Speciosa’s products. There are no restrictions on the usage of Kratom in Hawaii right now.

The reason behind this unpredictability is the pending legislation on the herb. All the enthusiasts know how controversial the plant is. Though there are many drugs out there that have a greater risk of abuse, the opposing parties still make Kratom their target.

Bills Regarding the Regulation of the Herb

Back in the year 2018, there were law officials who wanted to find a set of rules and regulations regarding Kratom in Hawaii.

This led them to bill S.B.2826. The Department of Transportation (DoT) in Hawaii supported this bill, showing concern for highway safety.

This included Kratom in the additional list of substances that have a chance of impairing the consumer’s driving ability. All of this led to bill S.B. 641 in 2019. This bill was also supported by the DoT. Along with the police department of Hawaii, the DoT supported this bill just for the sake of public safety.

The Pending Legislation

Every enthusiast of Kratom in Hawaii is concerned about the position of the herb on the island. This is mainly because of the pending legislation regarding the alkaloids of Mitragyna Speciosa’s leaves.

The people who want to ban Kratom’s usage in Hawaii state that it is harmful or “detrimental.” The pending legislation wants to get the 2 alkaloids, named mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, listed as Schedule V drugs.

Schedule V drugs are those which have a lower potential for abuse than Schedule IV drugs—people with intentions of banning the herb-sponsored bill S.B.3064.

This bill had the direct intention of banning the usage of the herb by classifying it as a Schedule V drug. This bill stated that alkaloids are capable of being hallucinogens.

Role of AKA in Regulating Kratom in Hawaii

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is like an angel for all the people that use Kratom religiously. Whether there is an issue with Kratom usage in Hawaii or Chicago, this organization has proved to be the best to change the laws against Kratom.

Its major concern is overturning laws or pending legislation against the herb mainly. It has set out guidelines and the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA).

The KCPA’S sole purpose is to regulate the usage of the herb and save it from getting banned.

Good Manufacturing Practices

The Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP program was introduced by the AKA. This program was necessary and had high importance. It has helped in overturning laws against Kratom in Hawaii.

Since the AKA works tirelessly to regulate the usage of the herb, it had to introduce a program that ensures the quality control of the contents as well.

The GMP helps in the following ways:

Local v/s Online Shops for Buying the Products

Local Market

Since the island has no direct connection to the neighboring states, the shipment of products has to be done through special means. This means that the local markets are a better option when it comes to buying products of Kratom in Hawaii.

Local vendors get their stock in bulk from water or air transportation. This saves you the hustle of ordering a single package online and pay extra bucks on the shipment. Local vendors purchase the items and sell them in local shops, vape shops, smoke shops, or specialty shops.

A lot of stores are available in Hawaii and the capital of Honolulu. Following is a compilation of the best shops you will find in the state and its capital.

Local shops in Hawaii:

Local shops in the state’s capital Honolulu:

Online Sites

When it comes to Hawaii, online sites are not as feasible and budget-friendly for people as anywhere else. The main reason is the lack of normal means of transportation; on wheels.

Due to this reason, the shipment has to happen through a special means and that increases the shipment fees and the delivery time. This extensive route of transportation accounts for the delays in the delivery of the parcels.

Nevertheless, if you still can not trust the quality of the products bought from a local vendor, you can always get them shipped to your location. Your parcel will face no barriers, as long as it is being shipped to an address where the herb is legal.

Here are a few online store options for you that abide by the guidelines of the GMP, which is regulated by the AKA.

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