Looking for the right kratom vendor can be an intimidating and challenging process, especially while every vendor claims they have the best kratom available online!

How can a beginner learn to trust a brand and then stick to it for their Mitragyna supply? This point is where we step in with a new shop and an in-depth review so you can select the online shop that suits you the most.

Kratom Infusion operates in Louisiana and delivers all over the country. This shop was set up with the mission to provide the highest quality of kratom for serious kratom users who seek health and a better daily routine.

Kratom Infusion focuses on raw materials and emphasizes its supply from authentic, ethical farmers in Southeast Asia. Since 2001, the shop has ensured that they sell premium quality kratom to customers from organic, natural, and clean farms where kratom grows under optimal conditions.

The range and sample packs

Before we discuss the products, we have to pay attention to the slogan at the top of the shop page, which says, ‘buy rare and quality kratom.’ This statement sounds quite a bit as you scroll down to look for the products.

You can find exotic strains not found elsewhere, such as Sunda kratom, Cambodian kratom, Thai Maeng Da, Vietnam kratom, and that’s not all! The more popular strains are also on the shelf for those who like to go for their regular Mitragyna feed without any distractions.

However, if you get attracted to exotic names, there is the option of buying sample packs that can help you decide if you are ready to switch strains.

I liked the Bulk Kratom Sample Pack the most as it was an open invitation to try out eight types of the herb and decide your pick for the next order! If you are an adventurous kratom user like me, there is a chance you will order the Bulk Sample Pack every time!

This selection might help you with tolerance enhancements too. Anyway, back to the products; there is ample variety for beginners and old-timers as Kratom Infusion provides excellent quality to infuse this herbal product in your life!

Prices and payment methods

Discussing prices is crucial for reviews, but, understandably, their prices match most shops. However, these competitive prices only mean that the online shops have a check and regulate their prices so that customers can benefit from the goodness of the botanicals at a reasonable rate.

Kratom Infusion has reasonable prices between $8.99 and $150 for various pack sizes from 28grams to one kilogram.

The payment methods at this vendor are also convenient as you can use any bank card. However, Bitcoin and e-checks are not allowed. This feature may not suit the millenials who have already adapted to the cryptocurrency.

However, if you are an old-century lad like me, you will not be bothered at all! We didn’t have any difficulty placing the order as our bank card worked in minutes, and we received the notification that the order was on its way.

Coupon codes and discounts

Kratom Infusion offers discounts, and over the year, you can enjoy numerous price cuts and coupon codes. There is no fixed time or season for these discounts, so you will have to check the website regularly. If you are looking for some affordable deals, Kratom Infusion is a sure visit now and then!

Shopping experience and shipping

We all look for an online vendor that provides excellent service and maintains a good website. Many customers can change their choice of website if it is not a user-friendly layout. Kratom Infusion only attracts new customers with the easy website layout and payment methods. Moreover, the shop dispatches all orders the same day, and you can receive them within three business days.

The customer service from Kratom Infusion is excellent as many users have shared their experiences on social media. We learn from these reviews that the shop immediately replaces damaged items, reimburses kratom returns, and offers an exchange of kratom packages in case customers are not satisfied.

Our own experience with the customer service was minimal as there was no problem with the package we received! The Bulk Sample was an excellent choice, and the box came within two days. However, if you have any issues with the delivery of kratom products, Kratom Infusion will be there to help you!

Laboratory testing and packaging complete the look!

The first test of any online vendor is the quality of kratom, which is incomplete without laboratory tests. A third-party laboratory test reveals the purity of raw materials and is an excellent way to determine the efficacy and freshness of the alkaloids.

The GMP-compliant packaging of Kratom Infusion products ensures that you will receive fresh and effective kratom products every time. The vacuum-sealed bags and the opaque cover make the package attractive while keeping the contents fresh till the end.

FAQs about the products and the shop

• Is kratom legal in Louisiana?

The answer is yes! Kratom is legal in Louisiana, and the shop delivers to all the other states where it is 100% legal and allowed for use or possession.

• Is Kratom Infusion safe for use?

All kratom products are safe for use if they are laboratory tested, free from contaminants, and appropriately packaged. Kratom Infusion is a quality kratom seller that practices excellent consumerism and provides safe and potent products.

• What makes Kratom Infusion a good choice?

Users from all over the United States have hundreds of options for online vendors for kratom. We liked Kratom Infusion as the product, and the customer service was more than satisfactory. The product range and the competitive prices also seem attractive, especially when you consider the quality and results of all the kratom products.


Kratom Infusion may sound like a tea rich in alkaloids, but it has been an online vendor delivering quality and excellence since 2001. You can select exquisite products from a wide range and enjoy refreshing results as this shop offers extraordinary experiences in every way.

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