Kratom OG is an online kratom seller that has been in business for about eight years and has established itself as a household brand in the kratom retail sector. In particular, they are well-known for numerous exclusive mixes that ketum fans would be unable to obtain anywhere else. 

This, along with high-quality products and a large selection of Korth strains, has helped Kratom OG establish a reputable brand name in the industry.

However, when researching this study, we discovered that consumers are worried about two distinct issues.

 For starters, they haven’t gone into enough detail about their quality control procedures. To improve customer happiness, they could have provided additional information regarding the quality control systems they have in place to ensure that their ketum products are of the highest possible quality.

We’ve been procuring this specific strain of kratom for more than 15 years, and it continues to be one of our most popular items. It is one of seven individual trees that make up this species, and it is by far the most well-known of them all. 

Korth trees and related variants contain many alkaloids, much as coffee contains alkaloid caffeine. Korth associated trees and varieties are also used to make the cure.

Second, their website is more or less like a live catalogue at the best of times. The company requires clients to contact them by email to make a purchase, after which they are routed to an online payment site. 

If you are ready to accept this minor inconvenience, Kratom OG is a dependable company that constantly delivers high-quality products at a reasonable price.

What Is The Financial Implication For Me?

You can almost always rely on the fact that when a firm reaches superstar status, its expenses virtually always contribute to the achievement. Additionally, the same is true with Kratom OG. Due to the vendor’s position as one of the most affordable sources of bulk kratom, you will never have to pay more money than you would otherwise. 

Your expenditure may turn out to be far lower than what you had predicted. Their 100g packets are priced at an industry-low $18, which is competitive. It costs $35 to buy a quarter kilo or 250 grams of the product, $52 to buy 500 grams, and $89 to buy a kilogram. 

To get numerous strains while still taking advantage of the reduced bulk costs, you may divide their 500g boxes into two themes or their kilogram packs into four without the prices rising much.

Product Line And Pricing Guide For Kratom OG

Gold and yellow vein ketum powders are available from Kratom OG in addition to the company’s entire array of green, red, and white kratom powders. 

The Kratom OG Best Strain for 2021 is still up in the air, but we’ve been enjoying its Stem & Vein, which has a fuller body and a more diversified alkaloid to flavonoid ratio than the other strains.

Chocolate, Elite Elephant, Bali Gold, Crushed Aceh Korth, and Gold Magic are some golds available, while Green Aceh, Green Asia, Green JongKong, and Green Aceh Ketapang are some of the greens available from the company.

The following strains are also available: Maeng Da Ultra, OG Green Maeng Da, OG Red Thai MD, OG White MD, Pink Elephant, Pink Sandai (Pink Sandai), Premium Gold MD (Premium Red Nano), Premium Red Maeng Da (Premium White Nano), Premium White Maeng Da (Premium White Maeng Da), Red Asia (Premium Red Elephant), Red Indo (Red Paragon), Supergreen (Supergreen Nano), White Aceh (White Elephant).

In addition to these, here are some of our other recent favourites: We don’t generally purchase premium-grade ketum since “premium-grade” is only a marketing word. Still, in the case of Kratom OG Kalbar Premium, we were pleasantly surprised by the results. Beautiful and unexpected, this rich green vein powder has a broad spectrum scent that the whole family can enjoy.

It is the most incredible red vein ketum powder in the bunch, a pleasant mid-day brew named after a renowned tourist spot in Bangkok. Red Paragon is one of the best red vein kratom powders available. 

This robust variety of jasmine provides a long-lasting aroma with lingering overtones of matcha tea and moss. 

White Pinchuk is the richest white vein found in Kratom OG, and it is a potpourri-like delicacy sourced from a plantation in the West Java Province of Indonesia. There are faint hints of jasmine, elderberry, and orange coconut in this very fragrant fragrance.

In the beginning, prices are as low as $18 for one hundred grams, which is relatively inexpensive given that most merchants charge between $10 and $15 for twenty-eight grams. Another option is to purchase two hundred fifty grams of Korth for $35, five hundred grams for $52, or a kilogram for $89.00.

The latter offers one of the lowest costs per kilogram of marijuana in the whole business. Many of the most excellent ketum dealers on the internet charge a minimum of $120 for one thousand grams of Korth and much more. Several well-known brands price far more than this.

A split kilo from Mitragaia may cost upwards of $120, while a single kilo from Happy Hippo Herbals can cost almost $300. 

The cost per thousand kilos is $89, which equals less than nine cents per gram of gold. This is in contrast to the prices paid by the indigenous of Southeast Asia, which are much higher. You may make your payment with a credit card, a debit card, or a gift card.

Returns & Shipping Information

You have the option of selecting your carrier and shipment speed. Alternatively, you may speak directly with the provider about your alternatives, which should include UPS and USPS.

Unfortunately, Kratom OG seems unable to accept returns and does not appear to have a refund policy posted on its website. Most likely, only unopened items returned immediately at the customer’s expense will be eligible for a refund.

Coupon Code For Kratom OG

Because they already sell their items at such cheap costs, they aren’t the kind of firm that would benefit from coupons. Furthermore, the business does not allow you to place an order straight from their website, which means you’ll have to send them an email before you can get your invoice and order total, which will take longer.

There is no method to enter a coupon code into the system. Furthermore, it is unclear if they provide free delivery for specific purchases based on their website. On the plus side, they offer their fair share of seasonal deals and discounts, which may help you save a few extra bucks on your purchase.

Consumer Reputation For Kratom OG.

There’s a lot to like about Kratom OG, and the kratom industry isn’t shy about letting people know about it. Because Kratom OG sells high-quality products at reasonable costs, the company’s reputation is pristine, to say it mildly. 

Their goods have grown so popular that it takes them several days to process, package, and send out orders due to the high volume of orders they receive.

Customer Service For Kratom OG

Because their purchase procedure necessitates sending an email to a specific email address, you can trust Kratom OG to give excellent customer service. Additionally, when it comes to inquiries and concerns, they are pretty helpful, providing their customers and prospects with relevant information that they can utilize to make an educated decision.

Of course, the one drawback is that, although they strive to be as prompt as possible, Kratom OG receives hundreds of orders each week, and it may take them a few days to respond to your inquiry.

The Final Decision On Kratom OG

Never before has a ketum brand lived up to its name quite like Kratom OG. The brand’s extensive Korth range, competitive pricing, and friendly customer service representatives enable them to meet and exceed the expectations of every consumer. 

For those seeking their next favourite ketum strain, Kratom OG may offer what they’re looking for to match their tastes and requirements.


What Is The Underlying Cause Of The Absence Of Instructions In The Product Packaging?

We offer our items without providing instructions on using them or specifying their intended usage. Our clients must do their research and decide about utilizing ketum. We offer no recommendations on the product’s usage, and the client assumes all risks associated with handling the goods.

Are their Goods Subjected To Laboratory Testing?

The presence of microbes (Salmonella, E. coli, mould), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury), and alkaloids (mitragynine, 7-hydroxy mitragynine) are all tested for. Each batch of tests is associated with a unique lot number printed on each bag.

What Should I Do If My Package Either Misplaced, Stolen, Or Damaged?

If your shipment was damaged during transportation, please let us know to resolve the situation as soon as possible. If you have a missing parcel, don’t hesitate to contact USPS first to receive an update on its whereabouts, and then contact us.

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