There are so many kratom vendors in the United States that it has become crucial to find out about each of them before ordering. Kratom One is a relatively new vendor, and while people are interested in this online shop, they also need more information! We will take you through the online vendor website to see if it is time for you to pick this shop!

About the vendor

Kratom One did not reveal its origin or the year they introduced products in the market. However, since a new website design came into play, we know that Kratom One has headquarters in Santa Barbara, California.

The vendor takes pride in its free-from-fillers products and offers a great punch of energy. The earliest posts on Twitter imply that they have been in business since 2012. Years of service are always a great sign, but there is more to know!

Moreover, the parent company of Kratom One is from Europe, as the Terms and Services section shows that all kinds of issues will be dealt with according to EU laws.

Kratom One website

Kratom One has a simple website with good-quality pictures of all the products. The simple selection and ‘add to cart’ features make it easy for people who are not tech-savvy! Overall, the shopping convenience and display seem attractive and inviting.

The lack of upfront transparency from the vendor may put off many of you. For example, there are no laboratory test results on the website, and one may begin to wonder what it means! 

The product line

Although the variety is limited, Kratom One has some unique strains, with only six on display. For users who like the products, these six products will be more than enough too! The products are;

• Tri-Force kratom,

• Super Green Malaysian,

• Maeng Da,

• White Fire kratom,

• Red Horn,

• Bali.

The marketing buzz around the vendor is that it sells the freshest strains, but we cannot believe it as there are no transparent manufacturing processes to prove it! All the products are hot sellers as the website gets raving reviews from regular customers.

Refund policy

If you check the Terms and Services on the website, there is some information on incomplete orders and reimbursement policy regarding canceled orders! Kratom One seems to follow all ethical steps to ensure that their customers feel secure when they order. You can reverse the payments and cancel the orders if you think they do not want to proceed with the transaction.

Restrictions and obligations 

The website states that kratom is not for human consumption and that customers cannot sell it to others. This information implies that the vendor does not take responsibility for the products for use by customers! The buyer can use this herbal substance for research, but then, why are there such attractive product names such as Tri Force and White Fire?

Moreover, there are reviews of people who used kratom products and felt invigorated! Many online shops claim that they are not responsible and that the products are not for humans to avoid any blame for unwanted side effects as all kratom strains’ results vary with individuals.


Kratom One strains are reasonably priced, and the various sizes of kratom packs make a choice easier! You can pick a small pack if you want to keep a check on your spending. However, the volume range is from 100grams to two kilograms while the prices range from $26 to $460. Since a small quantity of kratom can work effectively, a bag of kratom One goes a long way, making the product reasonable for you!

Shipping Service

Kratom One takes pride in choosing the best shipping service! You can receive your order within two to three business days through USPS. This vendor claims to have the fastest shipping among kratom vendors in the United States.

Customer Reviews

While some new kratom users and Kratom One visitors might find incomplete information about the shop, we can deduce a lot from customer reviews.

When you are looking for a product and online shopping experience, these user reviews are beneficial. All users at Kratom One are fond of the product line and enjoy buying the strains that offer excellent results. Moreover, the fast shipping and straightforward refund policy make this brand a good choice for many!


Kratom One is a reliable vendor and offers six effective strains for Mitragyna users all over the United States and EU. However, this vendor does not deliver to states that have strict laws regarding kratom use. The company is based in California but also has its roots in Europe. You can order from the shop easily as the website is simple, and the order will reach you in a short period! Kratom One is worth a try for sure!

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