Whether you are a beginner who has just started using kratom or a fanatic kratom user, I am sure you have been asked by your fellows “Is it safe to use kratom”. Such questions beat the buzzer for a while, and you wonder you have to be updated about kratom’s safety.

Folks, we all know that moderation is an essential tool to be at the safer end from side effects and adverse effects. Just like taking too much coffee will cause dependence, similarly too much kratom can also cause tolerance. But, you do not want to miss reaping its million-dollar health benefits, right? How about getting into the details of the safe use of kratom and answer the question “Is it safe to use kratom” in more detail?
So let’s get straight into it folks!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a Southeast Asian botanical, a true gem in the world of herbs. From elite class to farmers, the people of Indonesia have used it for centuries. The evergreen, tall, and huge tree Mitrgyna Speciosa grows vibrant green kratom leaves all year round. These leaves are hand-picked by expert farmers and later sent into manufacturing units to make powder, capsules, extracts, and tinctures. More recently, the herb has made its way to the USA. Now almost 15 million people in the USA use it on daily basis and enjoy the rewarding health benefits.

Is It Safe To Use Kratom?

Ever since a few vendors contaminated kratom products with metals and salmonella, using kratom has become a question mark for many folks. People are concerned whether the product they are using is safe to use, or they will end up with adverse effects. After the launch of AKA GMP Program, and the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, no vendor can sell it without conducting an extensive audit of products.

Further, the audit has to be accepted by American Kratom Association, and later the vendor can sell lab-tested kratom products that are free from any sort of contaminants. Kratom Consumer Protection act clearly claims that any vendor if found selling unreliable and harmful products would have to meet penalties. Therefore, using kratom is completely safe now. You just need to take care of a few concerns that we will spotlight shortly.

Is Kratom Legal In My State?

Its legality status varies from state to state. However, at the federal level, it is legal to use in the USA. The state laws have their own legislations, hence it is important to research whether kratom is legal in your state before you plan to buy and use it. For your convenience, I have made a list of states where kratom is legal to use so that you do not have to conduct independent research. Here’s a list of countries where you can use it for recreational purposes.

▪ Oklahoma
▪ Hawaii
▪ Idaho
▪ Alaska
▪ Arizona
▪ Connecticut
▪ Delaware
▪ Georgia
▪ Iowa
▪ Kansas
▪ Kentucky
▪ Pennsylvania
▪ Louisiana
▪ Maine
▪ Maryland
▪ Massachusetts
▪ Michigan
▪ Minnesota
▪ Missouri
▪ New York
▪ Montana
▪ Nebraska
▪ Nevada
▪ North Carolina
▪ North Dakota
▪ Ohio
▪ South Carolina
▪ South Dakota
▪ New Hampshire
▪ New Jersey
▪ New Mexico
▪ Texas
▪ Utah
▪ Virginia
▪ Wyoming
▪ West Virginia


Note: There are certain restrictions in a few countries regarding travel with kratom. Hence, if you are traveling to any other country, must check the legality status of kratom.

10 Tips And Tricks To Use Kratom Safely

So you are eager to use kratom but you are worried about its safe use. Obviously, if you mess up with the right dosage, use the wrong strain, or have ordered kratom from a non-GMP-certified vendor, you need to stop and learn more about kratom. Here you have been rescued, let’s get into the ten essential tips and tricks that will help you use it safely and yes like a PRO!

So here we go!

1) Know Your Strain

Do you kratom is not a single herb? It has three common vein colors, Red, Green, and White. Each vein color is available in 30+ strains that are indigenous to different Southeast Asian regions like Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hulu Kapuas, Borneo, and the list goes on. Now what you need to understand here is that kratom’s chemical profile varies across vein colors and its native land. The climatic conditions play a crucial role in the ratios of alkaloids – Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine.

Therefore, it is vital to research the effects of different kratom strains, read user reviews, and choose what strain would suit you.

2) Take Smaller Dosages

Higher dosages may cause undesirable side effects. It is highly recommended not to use more than 7grams of kratom powder for a long time. It would be best if you use less than 5grams of kratom powder. If you are a beginner, remember, you have to start with 1gram-1.5grams. If you do not feel the effects increase your dosage carefully with a 0.5grams increment. Once you find your sweet spot, mark it, and do not take more than that amount.

3) Keep Up With Strain Rotation

If green strains are your favorite ones and suit your needs, go with them. But you need to understand here that using one strain for a long time is not wise. You may not experience the effects after some time, and you need to change the strain. For the best results, you can rotate different green vein kratom strains like Green Malay, Green Bali, Green Borneo, or Green Elephant.

4) Tolerance Breaks Are A Must

Just like green tea, coffee, and matcha tea, the kratom herb can also cause tolerance if you use it excessively without any break. Before you develop tolerance, do not let it invade your system in the first place. Now you must be wondering how you can do it? Simply by taking tolerance breaks. Take a few days off during the week so that your body does not get used to kratom. It would do wonders for you, trust me!

5) Use Pure And High-Quality Kratom

Another factor that is often neglected by kratom enthusiasts is the quality of kratom powder. They do not research the vendor and order kratom online. Remember, you have to buy pharmaceutical-grade, premium quality kratom powder that is free from contaminants like metals, pesticides, E.coli, and preservatives. The pure Mitragyna Speciosa powder contains all-natural kratom leaf powder, and that’s exactly what you have to look for.

6) Buy Kratom From A Reputable Vendor

A well-reputed and notorious kratom vendor will never compromise on the high-quality kratom products. he would source kratom directly from its homeland- Southeast Asia, and will make sure each batch of different kratom strains goes through extensive third-party lab testing to ensure supremacy, consistency, and reliability. Make sure your preferred vendor is an AKA-GMP-certified kratom vendor and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7) Do Not Take Kratom On An Empty Stomach

Experts suggest that kratom should always be taken on a partially filled stomach. Therefore, make sure before you take your dosage, you have consumed something light. You may experience more thirsty after taking kratom, and that’s natural so don’t worry. Basically, kratom absorbs most of the water from our body during digestion, therefore one feels thirsty. To avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water after taking kratom.

8) Do Not Use Kratom If You Have An Underlying Condition

Folks, if you have any underlying condition like blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, it is highly recommended to avoid using kratom. Kratom can interact with medications, and chances are high that it may interact with the medications you are using for any XYZ condition. So you have to be vigilant about it.

9) Never Mix Kratom With Any Other Substance

Many people have tried mixing kratom with alcohol, and with other substances out of curiosity to see what would happen. Folks, the effects were too damaging. Be cautious and do not mix kratom with any other substance. You may end up experiencing adverse effects. Always take kratom all alone. If you want to potentiate the effects of kratom, lemon juice and grapefruit are safe options that you can try.

10) Consult Your Doctor

If you have never used kratom before, you must consult your health care practitioner. Your doctor can guide you on whether it is a wise option for you, what dosage you should use, or whether you should skip the idea of taking kratom because of any underlying condition. Consulting with your doctor will help you choose the best option.

The Take Away – Use Kratom Safely And Reap The Benefits!

Kratom is a herb native to Southeast Asia. Due to contaminations by a few vendors, the herb fell under the ban by a few states. American Kratom Association took the hold of making kratom legal and passed the Kratom Consumer protection act and developed the GMP program so that consumers get their hands on top-quality kratom products free from adulterants.

Now, kratom is safe to use and no vendor can sell kratom products without third-party lab testing. Make sure you take smaller dosages, rotate strains, take tolerance breaks, and consult your health care practitioner before using kratom.

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