Kratom Syndicate comes in the group of the best kratom vendor online businesses. Selling a wide variety of unique botanical products, this brand has built quite a name for itself. It is not hard to see why kratoms’ fame is spreading like wildfire, and following that, many vendors are growing into the market, vowing to trade high-quality products.

One of the vendors who live up to their word is The Kratom SyndicateTo know more about this brand, what they got to offer, the prices of their products and more proceed reading.

About Kratom Syndicate

The Kratom Syndicate is an Oregon-based brand that got founded by young Mitragyna enthusiasts in 2016. Before creating their own company, these youngsters were hunting to look for vendors who provide high-quality strain products. In the end, they ended up opening their own kratom supply company.

Although launched in 2016, it took a year for the owners to begin, and by 2018 they were ready to serve the public with some rare premium-quality kratom. If you are looking for potent and rare botanical items with affordable prices that do not compromise on quality and quantity, this brand is the gateway to your dream.

Are The Products Safe To Consume?

The kratom syndicate accomplished all the procedures for satisfying GMP standards before formally marketing their goods, declaring themselves a safe brand to buy. Furthermore, the precaution relating to a safe environment for manufacturing herbal products also got completed. Even on their website, you will find all the SOPs described. No complaint against their offered goods has gotten made, eliminating the assumption of unsafe products.

Lab-Testing And AKA 

Lab-tested items are free of germs, metals, and other potentially dangerous substances. Kratom Syndicate has no information about its stocks that have been lab-tested. Nevertheless, this brand scores a position amongst the few vendors authorized by the American Kratom Association. That signifies that the items’ quality meets the needed criteria for a fresh and high-grade product.

How Is Their Website?

Don’t be put off by their company’s gangster logo. It may look unpleasant, but just like their brand name. “Syndicate.”, they are a group of people who came together mastering the art to trade A-grade herb products. The site is straightforward to use. All the products can get found listed on the first page along with the prices. Their page has everything you want to know about them, from their facilities to the list of safety cares. Buy Kratom now!

What Are The Handy Product Range?

One thing that sets this brand apart from its competitors is the various goods they offer. Apart from selling good old Specisio powder, extracts, and capsules, other herbal products are also sold.

All the strains ended here get made with pure, fresh leaves harvested with care. Below are the superb goods waiting to get purchased:

Powder Products:

This brand has three different strain shade powders with unique names.

1.   Red: Red Bali, Maeng da, Kaupas, Panther, Queen, Sulawesi, Super Indo, and MitraX.

2.   White: White Jong kong, Kapaus, Maeng da, Horned, Elephant, and Sulawesi.

3.   Green: Green Malay, Bali, Super Indo, Maeng da, Super Maeng da, Sulawesi, Kapaus, and Jong kong.


Along with sole powder, blends mixed with different strains also get sold. These mixes are the company’s hallmark and get created by the proprietors. The blends are a combination of Green and Red Maeng da Kratom, red, green, white color with an added 10% extracts, and stem and vein.


The capsules get made from the three strains.In Green strain Kapus, Maeng da, Green Vein, and Super Maeng da types are accessible. White strain tablets only have two varieties, White Vein and Maeng da. Finally, the Red strains get obtained in Kapuas, Ultra Enhanced, Red Vein, and Maeng da.


Some extracts are available in solid, while some can get bought in loose powder. The liquids have 4% to 10% strength amplifying the effects for a more blissful experience.

Other Products

Other than the all-natural products are CBD Oil, African Peach Tincture, Tumeric Extract, Kava, and CBD Isolate.

How Much Will These Cost?

The Kratom Syndicate is by far the most average seller vendor found in the business. The prices are below average than the market price making it feasible for everyone to obtain and enjoy.

The loose powders are available in sizing of 125 grams and 500 grams $32 and $79, respectively. The more enhanced powder has a price range of $36 to $110. For example, the Red Queen has a rate between $40 to $114, depending on the measure.

The capsule bottle does not come in numerous sizing. Only a jar of 200 pills gets sold off the trio color, costing $69.

Most of their extracts get priced from $18 to $70 except for the Crystal Skull, which is pricy around $170.

The 125 grams of a blend has marked a $55, while 500grams is for $183.

Does This Brand Give Out Discounts/Coupon Codes?

Happy news for all the people coming forward to buy from this merchant; get ready to take advantage of the discounts they have to offer. It’s a simple process to get a hold of the codes. All you have to do is follow their Facebook page, where they often post about the coupon codes numbers to use for a price off.

Their “Kratom Meme Contest” is an alternative way for patrons to have 50grams of 50x extract that has a value of $200. Just open their Facebook page, upload the funniest meme relating to the all-natural tree leaf products the one that gets the most likes gets handed over the price. Stay tuned with their social media pages to hear the news for a big sale soon!

What Are The Payment Options?

The company got founded by herbal fanatics. So they know more than a few payment methods should get be there. That is why to make it easy for everyone to buy, this company has over ten different option of payment methods, another characteristic differentiating them from the competitors.

Cash on delivery, Zelle, Bitcoin, Circle Pay, Money Order, Cash App, Credit Cards, Western Unions, E-check, and Google Mail can get used to fulfill the process of buying.

What Is The Shipping Policy?

The shipping for orders is quick and on time. However, they don’t offer same-day shipping. Instead, the package will get handed to you in two-three days, no more than that. The shipping gets done through USPS First-Class Mail or Priority Mail. The amount on how much their delivery fee charge is not clear since it gets added to the total cost, but for orders costing above $50, the shipping is free.

The Refund Policy

The refund is only acceptable for damaged packaging products. Already opened orders will not be exchanged or returned in any way because Mitragyna is a herb with alkaloids and will go away if left in the open for a long time. So, before you press that “add to cart” button, make a fixed decision.

How Is The Customer Service?

Their customer service has set the bar high for other vendors. Their customer helpline is open 24/7, ready to answer any question. If you email them, don’t expect yourself to be waiting for days for a reply text, rather just a few hours. The Kratom Syndicate will treat you like a family member taking utmost care and putting your needs. Once you get on hold with this vendor, there is no going back.

Final Words

Rush over to their website right this moment and add several strain products along with some non-botanical items in your cart right now. It is hard to find a vendor like The Kratom Syndicate, so don’t waste your time because these vendor products are unquestionably must-buy.


Are samples offered?

Yes. With every package you buy, a sample product for other strains gets sent to you.

Do they sell globally?

This dealer will ship to you regardless of where you reside, as long as Kratom is legal in your country.

How is the packaging?

The products get packaged with care. With proper packaging and sealing, the herbal goods are kept airtight.

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