In 2013, Kratora entered the ketum industry. Since then, they’ve become one of the industry’s most recognisable names. They connect with local Indonesian communities to get Kratom cultivated by natives who have a vast knowledge of the kratom plant.

This firm also has similar connections across other Southeast Asian nations farm Korth. They invest a lot of work into establishing a seamless supply chain from the source to their distribution plant in California. Their corporate headquarters is situated in Texas.

Their domain name indicates that the website might have a gimmicky vibe, yet surprisingly professional. Kratora’s store is neatly structured and looks to give a pleasant customer experience. They have a corporate blog that appears to be updated monthly. Most firms don’t have one because they are not devoted to educating their clients as required throughout their customer journey.

Product Line-Up

Kratora offers a wide variety of kratom powders, pills, and extracts, all of which are reasonably priced. They also have a wide variety of other botanicals available, including CBD, Sakae Naa, Muira Puama, Mitragyna Hirsuta, Kava Kava, Kanna, Blue Lotus, and Akuamma Seeds, to name a few. They also have CBD-infused products available. Consequently, they are a fantastic provider for people who wish to experiment with other botanicals than Korth.

The following are the powder strains that are available from this company:

The following red strains are available: Bali Thai, Malay, Horned, Kali, Sumatra, and Bentuangie.

The following are green strains: Maeng Da, Malay (Thai), Borneo (Maeng Da Indo), Sumatra (Maeng Da Indo).

Their Ultra Upgraded Indo and Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da strains are available in capsule form and enhanced themes. Both of these supplements, as well as Super Enhanced Bali, are also available in powder form.

The pure powdered extract is offered in two concentrations: 25x and 50x. The liquid extract is also available in 10 mL bottles in red and green colours, with the latter being more common.

One feature that sticks out is a category that enables you to purchase depending on the effect. A corporation that does this is begging for problems with the Food and Drug Administration. Customers should consider this since you don’t want to locate a provider. You like to have them go out of business the next day.


Kratora offers its kratom powder in one-ounce, four-ounce, eight-ounce, and one-pound quantities. There is no consistent price among the different strains. Almost every theme has a price range associated with it. The stem and vein ketum strain is the cheapest of the Korth varieties. 

The price ranges from $8.99 for an ounce to $107.99 for a pound of marijuana. The Maeng Da is the costliest of the strains. It starts at $19.99 for an ounce and goes up to $229.99 for a pound of marijuana.

Those are the end-points for all of the various pricing categories for the powdered strains that they provide.

Capsules are only available in increments of 1 oz and 4 oz. The amount of Ketum in each tablet is 0.72 grams. There are six distinct strains, and each one has a somewhat varied pricing range ranging from $16.99 to $93.99.

The improved extract capsules are available in increments of 5 g and 25 g. Both strains are available for purchase in 5 grams and 25 grams for $50.99 and $221.99, respectively.

The liquid extract is available for purchase for $19.99 a bottle. The variety of packs available is packaged in a 1oz bag for every strain included in the assortment. The costs vary from $17.99 to $49.99, depending on the model.

The pricing for this particular brand is relatively high. A kilogram weighs slightly more than 2 pounds. Kratom kilos are available for $79 from Oasis Kratom, and this brand has pounds available for over $200 from this brand. Every dollar you spend results in one point being awarded to you. Once you have accumulated over 250 points, you will get a $25 discount on your purchase.

Coupons & Bonuses From Kratora

Kratora certainly understands how to keep its clients coming back for more. Not only do they provide high-quality Kratom, but they also show their appreciation for their clients by offering them awards and discounts.

A loyalty programme for Ketum is one of the many ways you may save money when you are out shopping. What is the procedure? When you purchase from the site, you will be given the option to register for an account with them. This not only makes your shopping experience more convenient, but it also awards you 1 point for every dollar spent — regardless of which item you purchase – in the process!

Once you have acquired more than 250 Kratora kratom points, you will be able to redeem them during the checkout process. (Achieving 250 points will entitle you to a $25 discount on your next purchase.)

How Are Safe Their Goods (As Determined By Laboratory Testing)?

The recent surge in popularity of Ketum has resulted in the appearance of hundreds of internet retailers, all of whom claim to be offering the “best” Kratom that is currently available—even though the majority of vendors claim to provide pure, high-quality Korth, differentiating reality from fiction may be practically hard for the average buyer.

Kratora has its goods tested for microbiological contamination by an FDA-approved third-party laboratory (such as salmonella, moulds, and other pathogens) and alkaloid levels before they are released onto the market. Furthermore, you are not required to accept them just based on their statements. The results of the laboratory tests may be requested via their website if you wish to view them.

Their Ketum is sourced from natural reservoirs in the woods and plants farmed by village farmers in Indonesia’s rural communities. In any case, the kratom plants that they collect have not been treated with pesticides or fertilisers.

Customer Service And The Opinions Of Users

On TrustPilot, Kratora has received almost 1300 positive ratings. Their total rating is 4.6, which is considered to be rather excellent. Customer courteous and knowledgeable customer support is a common theme in many favourable evaluations. Most average reviews express satisfaction with the product’s overall quality, although they also express dissatisfaction with the high price.

It seems that the most recent customer service evaluations have tended to be unfavourable. For example, this notion is supported by the discussion around the brand on Reddit. Initially, they were highly recommended, but as of October 30, 2020, they were no longer recommended owing to a deluge of negative comments. It seems as if this firm is experiencing some internal difficulties.

Coupon Codes For Kratora

Several different sorts of discount codes are now available on Kratora‘s website. Two discounts are available to first-time customers, both of which provide 10% off their first purchase. Another coupon offers a 25 per cent discount on purchases of $150 or more.

As we previously explained, a rewards programme is in place at this firm. They also provide a referral programme to earn $10 for each new client you introduce to the company.

Policy On Refunds

Kratora is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They will accept any purchase for a refund as long as at least 75% of the goods remain in the package. The only snag is that the consumer is liable for the cost of the return shipment.


Kratora ships via UPS and the United States Postal Service. This firm offers a greater variety of delivery alternatives than the usual ketum supplier. Priority express, priority, and first-class mail are available from the United States Postal Service. Priority Express is available in 1 to 2 days and costs as little as $22.68.

Priority shipping takes 2 to 3 days and costs as little as $6.95. First-class shipping is only available for items weighing less than 2 ounces, and delivery might take up to 7 days. Pricing begins at $2.66 per unit.

UPS has three delivery options: next day air saver, second-day air, and ground.

The next day air saver is available for $25.98 and takes one day. A second-day flight is available for $16.75 and takes two business days to arrive. Finally, the ground service may take up to 5 business days and costs as little as $8.25 per order. International shipment might take up to ten days to reach its destination.


Kreator used to be a well-regarded vendor, but judging by the deluge of negative criticism on Reddit that began in October of 2020, something has gone wrong inside the company’s organisation. It seems to have influenced them negatively.

Kratora is a legitimate online resource. They give information on all of their goods to decide based on your requirements. Their items might be a little on the pricey side. However, if you are seeking the finest Ketum available on the market, you should also give them a try.


As an AKA-approved seller, we at Oasis Kratom can charge much higher prices than those of other vendors who are not. Please browse our store to get a high-quality variety at a reasonable price.

Frequently Ask Question:

Is The Checkout Process Safe?

Yes, we utilise an SSL-encrypted checkout page to protect your information. You may check the SSL certificate authentication in the browser settings by clicking on the lock icon. Additionally, a website is safe if the URL bar contains the letters https://.

Is It Possible To Cancel My Order?

If you desire to cancel your purchase, you must contact customer service through email. They will be in a position to assess whether or not the order may be cancelled. Even though a cargo has been assigned a tracking number, it can be cancelled if the problem is discovered in time. As a result, constantly check in with us, and we will inform you of the current situation and if it is feasible to cancel.

What Is The Cost Of Shipping Kratom To My State?

Kratom is not legal in many states, including New York. We are unable to export to countries where Korth has been outlawed. Please see our legality section for additional information on the regions where Ketum is restricted.

Currently, the use of Kratom is prohibited in the following states: Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

The following states have designated zones where Kratom is prohibited:

Illinois — Kratom is legal for adults over 18, except for Jerseyville, where it is not.

1 New Hampshire – Kratom is allowed to use for anybody over the age of eighteen in the state of New Hampshire.

2 California — Kratom is allowed to own and consumed, but it is prohibited in San Diego.

3 Florida — Kratom is allowed to possess and used in Florida, but it is prohibited in the county of Sarasota.

4 Mississippi — Kratom is lawful to own and consume in the state, but it is prohibited in Union County.

5 California – Kratom is allowed throughout California, except in Denver, considered “illegal for human consumption.”

6 Tennesseans over the age of 21 may now consume Kratom, which was formerly prohibited in the state until it was decriminalised in 2017.

When Be Will My Credit Card Debited?

All credit cards are charged at the time of order processing, just before your product is packed and readied for distribution. If you have any queries regarding how it will appear on your statement, don’t hesitate to contact us via customer care.

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