Life Force Kratom is a family-run business based in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. The company aims to provide the best quality Mitragyna Speciosa at affordable rates. 

Some customers do not trust online vendors, but Life Force Kratom seeks to erase that distrust. The real question is: amid the high demand for pure tree leaf powder and a competitive market, can this brand stand a chance? Read on for the details.

Introduction of the Brand

Life Force Kratom has been in the Kratom business relatively short compared to some other companies. It is still a relatively small-scale company, with the biggest package being sold at a 250-gram weight limit.

Although the company provided no information on its website regarding the location of its headquarters or the date when it was created, experts guess that its inception occurred around August 2015. This company maintains a rather obscure profile online regarding relevant information, but it still seems to be garnering positive reviews.

Best Selling Products 

Priding on making pure, 100% organic items, Life Force K deals in tree leaf powder of various types in the Red, White, Yellow, and Green veins. This company not only provides Kratom in its pure form but also deals in blends.

1) Red vein

This vein includes the Super Red, Bali, Borneo, Jong Kong, Maeng Da Kratom, Swalesi, Dragon, Kapuas, Malay, Sumatra, Vietnam and, Reserve Kratom.

 2) Green vein

Life Force Kratom offers a wide range of powders in this vein, namely: Borneo, Dragon, Jong Kong, Malay, Maeng Da, Super Green, Super Premium Jong Kong, Swalesi, Sumatra, Vietnam, Reserve and, Super Maeng Da Kratom.

 3) White vein

This vein offers the rare Super White, Elephant, Dragon, Bali, Jong Kong, Maeng Da, Malay, Reserve, Swalesi, Vietnam and, Sumatra Kratom powders.

 4) Yellow vein

The yellow vein has only two options: Jong Kong and Kapuas powder.

Are Life Force Kratom’s products expensive?

The company prides itself on providing you with the purest Mitragyna Speciosa at the cheapest rates. They provide Kratom in 3 different weight options: the 50-gram, 125-gram and, 250-gram pack. The pricing is quite cheap and starts from $11.50 for the 50-gram option to $45.10 for the 250-gram option.

Does This Company Make Any False Medical Claims?

Life Force Kratom makes no medical claims whatsoever. The company sites no statements or acknowledgements from the FDA or the American Kratom Association. They claim to have the health and wellness of their customers as the top priority, but this does not change the fact that none of their products is lab-tested or approved by a registered licensing board. They also mention that their Kratom is strictly a botanical.


Life Force Kratom has various disclaimers required by the FDA, which a customer thinks is a good sign.

Can You Get Product Returned Or Exchanged?

At Life Force Kratom, your product can be exchanged if it is damaged or defected upon arrival at your doorstep. In this case, you can reach out to the company by email and let them know. Your product can then be exchanged.

The company also offers a full refund under the conditions mentioned above. In the case of a refund, the product must be shipped back to the company, where the officials will consider the refund and inspect the product. You will be repaid in full within a few days if your refund is accepted, minus the shipping cost. It is important to remember that the company holds the right to reject your refund request. 

Shipment and Delivery Options for Life Force Kratom

This company ships all of its orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS). There is no refund for shipping costs, regardless of whether your product is returned or exchanged. They charge an undisclosed flat fee for shipping. This fee varies depending on the cost of your purchase.

The products are delivered within a few days and can easily be tracked. The company provides you with a tracking number that can be entered into the website portal to get the full status report on your order. QR codes are also generated upon check out and can track products faster and more efficiently. All orders placed before 2 pm are processed and mailed the same day. However, any order made after 2 pm is processed on the next business day.

What Do Customers Say About Life Force Kratom?

Although this company has enjoyed positive reviews from its customers, it has not attracted the bulk of potential Kratom buyers. It is worth noticing that the customers have put forth several apprehensions and concerns regarding bulk Kratom purchases. The fact that none of the products sold by this vendor is lab-tested is a big red flag. In the health-conscious world of today, this proof must be provided by all supplement dealers.

The shocking part is that The American Kratom Association does not even approve Life Force Kratom for enforcing good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and is not even recognized as a registered Kratom vendor. Some sources claim that Life Force K is not even in the listing for registration by the American Kratom Association.

The company has blatantly accepted that it is not approved by the FDA, which has caused some potential buyers to stay away from purchasing Kratom from Life Force K. There is another strange statement on the company website. All the Kratom produced and sold by this company is for research and educational purposes, not for human consumption. This has put customers off. But you can use them as candles or essence.

How’s the Customer Service of Life Force Kratom?

Their customer service is good. You can contact this company through the email address provided on the website (can be used directly). They also offer their Post Office box address which can be used to send the company mails. They even have a contact number for you to use.

Availability – The company office is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday, and 8.00 am to noon on Saturday. The hours of availability are 10.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday, and 9.30 am to 11.30 pm on Saturday.

Updates about sales & discounts -You can take full advantage of their promotions by providing your email address to them. This way you will be one of the quickest to know about any discounts, sales or, new products.


· Sell premium Kratom at affordable pricing 

· Deals in various strains, alternative herbs, and blends 

· Their online shop is categorized nicely and easy to navigate 

· Refunds and exchange possible

· No medical claims made


Final Thoughts

In the very competitive American market for Kratom, it is no mystery why some new companies cannot survive for long. Getting registered and collaborating with large-scale manufacturers would surely benefit them and help them reach their pure Kratom powders to larger audiences.

We must say, with the inflation, demand, and supply, Life Force Kratom would have to change some enforced policies.


What kind of payment method can I use to order?

This company accepts payment in the form of Crypto-currency, Zelle Pay and, e-checks. Credit cards are also accepted. If you have a Master card or American Express, you can use this payment option. And if you are a registered customer at Life Force Kratom, your purchase information will be retained for your next purchases. 

Does Life Force K ship worldwide?

No. This company ships to all the states in the US except Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, Wilmington, Alabama and, Rhode Island. They also do not ship to Sarasota County, Florida, San Diego, California, and Jerseyville, Illinois.

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