Herbs like Kratom and CBD are now accessible in many areas of the world because the world has finally acknowledged their benefits. Many myths have been replaced with scientific proofs.

Consequently, a large number of people are shifting towards these herbs. Anyway, that is not the main problem but as the demand has increased, many people are adapting it as a profession to sell these impressive herbs. It is a fact that many brands don’t value quality but quantity. Does that mean we should not try Kratom or other herbs? Not at all!

Mayan Kratom has been in the field for years but this does not guarantee any brand to be one hundred percent authentic and we understand this. To cater to the need, we have played our part by sharing with you our research findings about this particular brand. Let’s begin reading until we meet again at the end.

About Mayan Kratom

Well, this is a brand based in the United States. It is not really famous, firstly because it does not display most of the important information online and also, it is notorious due to the past of its CEO.

However, what is worth mentioning here is that it has been selling its products since 2014. The owner had a motorcycle accident and so suffered through a lot of agony but Kratom helped him replace his analgesic cures. Consequently, he is now living a discomfort-free life.

The company says that it is one of the largest Kratom vendors and that it sells the highest quality of Kratom. However, this claim is not yet verified.

The website of this brand only has its ‘About page’ and also, the site is not safe at all. However, this does not affect its consumers much since you don’t necessarily have to share your personal details on the site.

It is so because you can only place your order by contacting the brand’s hotline and that is where you can inquire more about the product. Furthermore, it shares no essential details and background of their products. It claims itself to be FDA approved but there is no proof.

Mayan Kratom Product Line

In order to ask them about the sizes and prices of their products, you need to head to their hotline because they don’t have it mentioned on their site. They just have a list of available Kratom products and don’t even have a separate product page for each product. Apparently, it seems like they have 30g powder bottles and 20ct and 40ct capsule bottles. Packed in headshop friendly bottles, the brand offers five strains in powder and capsule forms. These strains are;

●        Green Malay

●        Maeng Da

●        Premium Bali

●        Red Vein

●        Maeng Da Supreme

Mayan Kratom Prices

The problem with stating their precise prices is that they don’t have any uploaded price list on their website. Moreover, they  don’t usually sell their products to the general public but only to the wholesale resellers. It sells it to three categories- universities, researchers and businesses. Also, the buyers can get free samples if they require.

There are barely any vendors available that sell its products. So, if you are willing to buy Mayan Kratom items then it is better to head to the head shops near you. It is said that the average pricing for 28g of Mayan Kratom powder is as much as $25 which turns out to be overpriced compared to others.

On the flip side, since the general public can only get this brand’s products through head shops, the prices may differ from head shop to head shop.

Mayan Kratom Coupon Codes, Discounts and Offers

Being a buyer, you can’t avail any discounts by this brand but it depends on the vape stores through which you are buying. However, if you are a wholesale seller then you are lucky enough to be served with an opportunity to get discounts on each unit you purchase, given that you are purchasing in bulk. In short, the brand itself does not offer any coupon codes.

Reviews About Mayan Kratom

Although there are both bad and good reviews, yet you will find the bad ones in abundance. It is not confirmed, there are many Redditors stating different things about the CEO of this brand, named Wesley Todd.

A Redditor claimed that Todd was a criminal who was responsible for many crimes and so he spent about three years in jail. Whereas, one says that he was scammed by this company for over $500. Furthermore, it does not allow users to post reviews on their site.

Mayan Kratom Customer Service

You can contact this brand by filling the form given on the site or by reaching out to their hotline or email. However, it seems that they don’t entertain customer concerns and complaints. It is also said by a Redditor that he received a compromised product and upon complaint, the brand replaced it.

Bottom Line

Finally, after going through this review, you must have already decided whether you should try this brand out or not. As far as we know, it will be risky to get your hands on the products this particular brand is offering since there is barely any transparency.

The American Kratom Association does not hold a positive point of view about it either, whereas The Kratom Association Forum has blacklisted the brand as well. It certainly seems shady to know that a brand only accepts orders through calls.

Also, even if you take the chance, it will be really time consuming to fetch the details on a call. On the flip side, criticizing the brand just because there are people saying bad things about the CEO will be unfair because even if that is true, it was all in the past and the person is now trying to shift to a better life.

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