MMM Speciosa Kratom is one of many different supplement providers out there. And if you’re looking for a Kratom supplier, it’s necessary to always go with the best. 

What draws people’s attention to Mitragyna is the variety of applications it has. This all-natural herb underwent utilization by Southeast Asian natives for a long time. 

Due to the increased demand for the product, several businesses have begun to offer it. Regrettably, not all supplement providers provide high-quality supplements. Fake sellers have taken over every aspect of the botanical business, including online, and are selling low-quality Kratom laced with toxins to naïve clients. 

MMM Speciosa Kratom reviews indicate that it is one of the top Premium Kratom suppliers available. Moreover, the public has shown a great deal of interest in the brand. So today, we will take a closer look at this vendor and find out what it’s all about. 

What is MMM Speciosa Kratom?

MMM Speciosa Kratom is among the few sellers that carry uncommon Indonesian Kratom strains. As a result, this vendor has become a sought-after provider, with a reputation for supplying only the highest-quality merchandise. It is widely available because it gets sourced from ethical and environmentally conscious producers in Indonesia, and all of its products undergo thorough testing for safety, efficacy, and quality. MMM Speciosa Kratom has only been operating for a short time, but they’ve already established themselves as a trustworthy company.

This business shows utmost dedication to establishing a trustworthy reputation among its consumers. Customer pleasure and comfort are its top priorities. The brand aspires to be the industry leader in providing high-quality tea leaf powder products and outstanding customer service.

How Well-Developed Is the Website?

If you look at the website, there isn’t much information on the company’s past. They don’t have a physical address for its headquarters, and they don’t say how long the brand has been in business. Using a domain age checker, we discovered that their site was created in 2010, implying that their company is at least that old.

If that’s the case, this company’s “About Us” website hasn’t had any updates in a long time. They claim to be a startup business, but if they’ve been in operation since 2010, they’re undoubtedly on the older end of the botanical vendor spectrum.

It is safe to say that the website isn’t really up to date. If it weren’t for the recent dates next to the lab report hyperlinks, one could think that this vendor is no longer in operation. They only offer two pages, one for products and the other for bulk sales. 

One beneficial feature of this supplier is that it discloses both the source of its supplies and the processing techniques in its “About Us” section. They reportedly remove the stems and veins and grind the leaves themselves to get a fine, powdery texture.

What Are The Top-Selling Strains?

MMM Speciosa Kratom only sells Kratom tree leaf powders, significantly less than the standard kratom retailer. However, they do have about a dozen distinct powder variants, which isn’t shabby at all. Below are their best strains available:

This supplier also sells a handful of strains in bulk quantities of 250 grams and 1 kilogram. White Hulu, Green Indo, White Maeng Da, and Green Maeng Da are available at the 1 kg level. In the 250 gram tier, you can obtain Red and White Thai, alongside the Red Bali.

On their specific product web pages, this company does not provide much info on the varieties. It is beneficial in that they are not attempting to oversell their product by making several baseless claims. But as a result, there may be too little data on each available strain. 

How Does The Brand Price The Products?

MMM Speciosa Kratom has a unique approach to pricing. They only sell in quantities of 25 grams, 250 grams, and 1 kilogram. The catch is that just a few strains are accessible in either 250 grams or 1-kilogram quantities. Most Kratom dealers give a more significant range of increments than this.

Almost all of the supplement strains have different prices. It might indicate that they utilize several vendors or that their primary vendor’s pricing isn’t consistent.

Seven strains are available for $11.99 for 25 grams. The most premium strain costs $14.99 for a quarter of a pound. However, they do provide bulk discounts based on the number of 25-gram bags purchased.

If you buy two of the $11.99 strains, you may get them for $10.75 each. The price per bag decreases as you purchase more, up to ten bags for $7.75 each. So if you buy two, the $14.99 strain becomes $13.75 apiece. If you buy ten, the price drops to $10.44 each.

The pricing and savings breakdown for each product page depends on how much you purchase. It is a fabulous addition that not many businesses provide.

Moreover, the 250 g strains also have the same price structure. Firstly, their prices vary between $69.99 and $74.99. Also, the pricing range might be as low as $49.99 and as high as $54.99.

And last but not least, kilograms are $169.99 each. The prices charged by this business are typical for the industry, but they are far more than they should be.

Are Their Products Laboratory Tested?

Lab testing is another essential factor to consider when choosing a Kratom supplier. If a vendor’s products don’t undergo a thorough evaluation, it might lead to problems. Without the assurance of checking from a third-party laboratory, there’s a chance of contamination with microbes and heavy metals. And on the consumption of such substances, there’s always a chance of adverse effects in the body.

On its website, MMM Speciosa Kratom makes no mention of lab testing. They also don’t have their laboratory results posted. Customers are confused by the lack of test findings, which raises the purity and quality of the all-natural herb

Do They Have AKA Accreditation?

The American Kratom Association’s Goods Manufacturing Process standards program does not include MMM Speciosa Kratom. They are also not on their list of pending participants, indicating that they have never attempted to join.

The brand appears to be considerably enthusiastic about the business, which is why it’s odd that they haven’t bothered to become recognized by the Mitragyna Speciosa Kratom industry’s most prestigious organization. You’d expect that this company would already schedule an audit to gain the AKA’s approval. However, that is not the case. 

Only 25 suppliers have been certified by the AKA because of the strict testing and production criteria. Therefore, there’s no knowing if the business abides with the GMP standard rules and regulations.

What Are The Available Payment Options?

When it comes to paying for your orders, there are many limitations on the options. First and foremost, there’s no option of purchase on the website with your credit or debit card. Not just that, but you also can’t use PayPal or Venmo. 

However, the company does support payment options like ZellePay, money orders, or online bills. 

How Do They Deliver?

MMM Speciosa Kratom delivers the customers’ orders via Express Priority Mail, Priority Mail, and USPS First Class. FedEx is also a delivery option for the brand. For purchases submitted before 2 p.m., they also offer same-day delivery. If you order after 2 p.m., it will arrive before 2 p.m. the next day.

Customers may expect their purchases to arrive the next day with same-day delivery. Orders are delivered within 2 to 3 business days, according to the business.

Orders delivered using USPS Express Priority Mail, on the other hand, can arrive at your delivery location within 24 to 48 hours. Some consumers even claim to have received their orders ahead of schedule. The fact that the brand offers a variety of payment and delivery alternatives shows that it cares about its customers’ convenience.

Do They Have Refund Policies?

Unlike most other supplement vendors, MMM Speciosa Kratom doesn’t have a very user-friendly refund policy. According to the brand, you are only eligible for a refund if they messed up your order. But other than that, the seller explains that they can’t recycle returned products, which would spell losses. As a result, you can’t return purchased supplements just because you didn’t find them satisfactory. 

Does The Brand Make False Medical Claims?

The FDA has several laws in place for botanicals like Mitragyna Speciosa Kratom. Even though several internet reviews proclaim the benefits of Kratom, they are not permitted to make medical claims regarding the substance. Any company that makes such promises might even face legal consequences.

Consumers’ comfort is a top priority for MMM Speciosa Kratom. They make no such guarantees about their herbs being medically beneficial. Furthermore, they have said that their products are not for medical purposes. In reality, the brand lets the users speak for themselves and fellow supplement consumers.  

How Transparent Is MMM Speciosa Kratom?

Transparency is critical when it comes to Kratom companies. There is a multitude of brands on the market that do not have accurate information provided. Due to the lack of information, it is hard to follow the businesses, and they frequently defraud customers.

MMM Speciosa Kratom thinks that the needs of its consumers always come first. The brand is open and responsive to any client inquiries. They have teams that listen to consumer emails within the timeframes set by the company.

And for the messages filed after official business hours, the company staff looks over these messages on the next working day. The company claims to have nothing to conceal and encourages consumers to approach them if they have any problems.

What Do The Customers Say About The Company?

If you look at the company’s website, there is no designated webpage for testimonials. And on top of that, MMM Speciosa Kratom wasn’t a hot topic of discussion at Kratom-based social forums either. However, Reddit begs to differ.

Even though some complained that the relative price is a little high, most responses were positive. In particular, users were quick to point out how the Green Malay Kratom was the best in the entire market. All in all, the customer feedback on this vendor is a plus point.  

Are There Any Coupon Codes?

We believe in discount coupons, as regular viewers of our website already know. Vendors who never give new clients discounts raise our suspicions. What’s the logic behind it? They shouldn’t be concerned about providing newbies a one-time cut price if they sell superior products and offer additional outstanding customer service.

MmmSpecisoa has no issues with offering new and existing clients discounts and other incentives. Buying many Kratom supplements at once saves you a lot of money, as we said earlier. People who join up for this vendor’s email also receive discounts. They also have daily offers like a free 25g sample with every order.

Does The Seller Have A Social Media Presence?

In the Kratom market nowadays, most popular supplement providers use the Internet to grow their fan base. With social media platforms all around us, who wouldn’t want to avail of the endless opportunities? Unfortunately, MMM Speciosa Kratom. 

The brand is solely active on Twitter. Their most recent tweet, however, appears to have been in 2017. To spread the word, the company typically relies more on product efficacy and delighted consumers. They also send out an email newsletter to keep customers updated with the newest promotions and offers.

Final Thoughts

MMM Speciosa Kratom’s website design does not give out a pleasant initial impression. However, if you look past that, this brand is superior to the majority of Kratom suppliers.

So if you’re in the market and looking for new variants of Mitragyna Speciosa Kratom, make sure to check out this Kratom vendor.


Can I Pay With Cash On Delivery?

Unfortunately, cash on delivery is not among the brand’s payment options. But there’s no harm in reaching out to the company and checking if it’s willing to make an exception.

Are The Products Reasonably Priced?

If you look at the rest of the market, the product price range at MMM Speciosa Kratom is considerably higher. However, their Kratom supplements’ superior quality and positive reviews from past customers mean the products are undoubtedly worth the money. 

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