It was established in 2015 by Moon Kratom, a company situated in the Texas city of Austin. In business for the last five years, a slew of competitors has arisen and vanished simultaneously as it. Consequently, they are a legitimate and widely accepted choice.

Using a debit or credit card to place an order and make a payment is simple and convenient. Although their website seems to be created by a 9-year-old in the basement as a great fun project, a closer examination reveals that was not the case. Put another way, the website is in desperate need of an overhaul, and most likely, a new design as well.

It is impossible to return or exchange an opened shipment; however, if the package is returned within 30 days after purchase, the online shop will refund or replace the item(s). The firm sends all of its things via the United States Postal Service Priority service (except for the states where Korth is banned)

Moon Kratom is a company situated in Austin, Texas, United States. Because they are an online-only company, they have been in business since 2014. Even though the website does not seem too professional or up to date, this is not always a reflection of the quality of their goods. According to the manufacturer, its design has evocative aspects of the early 2000s.

An image of the night sky replaces a solid colour backdrop across the whole site. This detracts from the real things in the marketplace. A picture of the moon with their business name written in an out-of-date typeface serves as their logo and brand identity.

An example of one of their advertising banners is a pixelated image of the moon with a typeface that has a brilliant purple stroke weight and is set against a black background. This design feature may be traced back to the beginning of the Millenium.

Range of Products (Product Selection)

Aside from that, Moon Kratom’s business has a sloppy, chaotic appearance. Though each product has a photo, the image seems to be floating in space due to the backdrop of space. For the client, it is entirely unappealing.

There are no categories to speak about in terms of classification. Only one page is dedicated to the store. In this case, there is no difference between capsules, powder, or extract. No distinctions are made according to the hue of the veins. Especially for an internet merchant, this is a remarkable achievement.

Compared to other vendors, they have a small number of product pages in their store, with just 12 in total.

The number of strains per vein variation is limited to one or two. They have the following:

Powders come in a variety of flavours, as shown. Only red Bali and green Maeng Da pills are available for purchase.

You may get liquid extracts or powder extracts from them, and both are effective. The powder is a proprietary 10x extract derived from the Maeng Da strain, which they developed in-house… Other korth brands provide liquid extracts, which are bought in bulk. In the first case, it is derived from HUSH Korth, while in the second case, it is derived from O.P.M.S. Kratom.

Finally, they have a snapback hat with their emblem on it that they are selling in their online store. Merchandise is a unique selling point for Moon Kratom, which distinguishes it from the competition in the Kratom community.


In recent weeks, Moon Kratom has lowered the pricing of everything they sell. While this is usually a positive thing for the customer, one must ask why a firm would go to such lengths. Why would they suddenly lower the prices on everything if they have many clients at their introductory rates?

Perhaps they were doing some market research and testing prices. They understood that their initial pricing was too high in the eyes of the market, so they reduced all of their rates in an attempt to attract a more significant number of clients.

The increments offered by this merchant are one-of-a-kind. It is possible to purchase their powder in quantities ranging from 100 grams to 500 grams to one kilogram to three kilograms to five kilograms… Unless you are purchasing via a wholesale program, few sellers sell in amounts more than a kilogram. Furthermore, only a tiny number of suppliers sell in increments of 100 grams or less. For the most part, firms sell in increments of up to 60 grams, with the ounce being the most common.

A single pricing range applies to all of this company’s powders. The price range has initially been between $25 and $495… Between $17 to $345, the new price range has been set. According to the calculations, the reduction is 32% for 100 grams and 30% for 5 kg.

It is possible to purchase the pills in quantities as little as 100 grams and as large as one kilo (one thousand kg). A $50 to $250 price tag was initially planned for this product. The pricing range for sale is from $25 and $160 for every piece of furniture. The discount is 50 per cent off for the smallest increment and 36 per cent off for the most significant increment if the order is placed before the deadline.

The liquid extracts are the only item that hasn’t been ruled out. A 10 mL vial of HUSH Kratom extract is available for purchase. One, five, or twelve bottles are available for sale in quantities of 1, 5, or 12. Between $20 to $204, you may get a great deal.

It comes in an 8.8 mL container with the O.P.M.S. extract in it. You may purchase bottles in quantities of 1, 5, 10, or 45. Its cost ranges from $20 to $720.

When it comes to powder extract, Moon Kratom offers it in increments of 25 gramme, 50 gramme, and 100 gramme. It was initially planned to sell for $40 to $100 for each unit. There are 30 to 90 items available for purchase.

Obtaining a Product

We welcome you to our website if you consider purchasing Kratom and want to make an order. Alternatively, you may buy it directly from the manufacturer’s website.

You can learn more about them here and discover which best matches your needs.

If you visit our website, you will choose from a wide choice of Korth strains. You may choose from various themes based on their colour and area, among other characteristics. Whatever you decide to purchase, we can assure you the lowest pricing available on the market today, so please visit our website and browse through our inventory…

How Does Moon Kratom Differ From Other Kratoms?

They offer organic Kratom, which they get directly from farmers in Asia, which they grow themselves. This is the unique selling feature of Moon Kratom products: they take out the middlemen and obtain all of their unique strains of Kratom directly, ensuring that they are given to you in the same pure state that they received them in!

Their Ketum is available in a wide range of colours and strains! They offer a variety of themes, including Red Bali, Yellow Thai, and White Borneo. 

According to them, these strains are difficult to come by and very unusual. It is not a simple undertaking to get Kratom from different nations, which makes their selection of Kratom from exotic areas such as Thailand and Bali all the more amazing! It is said that Moon Kratom makes a promise to customers to offer organic Ketum produced from far-flung locations, and based on the number of customers who return to them, they follow through on that promise.

One of the aspects of their business that their clients like is the variety of Kratom strains they provide. After that, we’ll go into greater detail regarding the many Ketum varieties.

Customer Service and the Opinions of the Users

No customer reviews are available on Moon Kratom’s website, which is unusual. According to the shabby appearance of their store, the rating system may be a very new addition.

Third-party review services such as Google and TrustPilot do not have any information on this business. Only on the social networking site Facebook, though. Generally speaking, the feedback received on Facebook has been favourable.

Reddit users have, however, expressed their dissatisfaction with this brand. Customer complaints about their purchases have been posted on many forums, with many people stating that their purchase did not meet their expectations.

There have also been many comments on how this company is prepared to provide free samples, which is unusual.

Promotional Codes for Moon Kratom

There are no valid promo codes for this business at this time, but keep checking back. A sale is being held inside the company, though. Except for the liquid extracts, every product on their website is discounted between 10% and 50%.

Price-conscious consumers will find the lowered pricing of this brand to be appealing because of the discounts. K Tea seems to be an entirely new product, and they presently offer a promo code for it. They have a separate website dedicated to this product, but they also promote the $69 kilo on the Moon Kratom website as an option.

Policy Concerning Refunds

Once a product has been opened, all sales are final. Whether there is a manufacturing issue or you get the incorrect item, they will exchange it.

Products that have not been opened may be returned within 30 days of the day they were purchased. A $4.50 restocking fee will be charged in addition to the cost of return postage.


Its website states that “you pay what we pay.” Because they ship by U.S.P.S. priority mail, shipping prices may vary depending on the weight and location of the package. There is no natural shipping for this firm.

Customers’ Experiences with Moon Kratom

Even though there isn’t much information on Moon Kratom, the data is generally positive and of high quality. They get positive feedback from the majority of their consumers about the delivery of items, the total amount, and the pricing.


In the business world, first impressions are critical, and Moon Kratom’s website did not provide a favourable impression.

In addition, the backdrop pulls too much attention and makes it difficult to get lost in browsing items, which is the ultimate aim of e-commerce websites in terms of user experience. In our opinion, our website delivers a straightforward and pleasurable user experience for our visitors.

They have a limited product offering, which is disappointing. You may browse through our broad product options by visiting our online store.

The Moon Kratom brand, on the other hand, is a well-established one that has received great internet reviews. On the other hand, their product selection is quite restricted compared to their competitors. They do, however, provide high-quality products at reasonable costs and with quick delivery times.

What happens, though, if you need more Ketum cultivars. Then there’s always Korth Source U.S.A., where you can get hundreds of various products, both in capsule and powder form, to help you get the relief you need. Keep up with the latest information about Kratom products, strains, vein colours and news by subscribing to our Kratom blog.

Frequently Ask Question

You Accept What Kind Of Payments, So Tell More?

Credit and debit card payments, as well as A.C.H. (e-Check) and bitcoin, are now available. The SSL (https://) encryption used by all payment options ensures that your information is safe.

What Is Your Return And Exchange Policy?

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please confirm that you have read the policy here to establish whether you are qualified, and then follow the steps to begin the process.

I Need To Update Or Alter My Address.

Send a message to customer service about the problem. Even if you’ve been given a tracking number, we can correct the problem if you contact us quickly enough. If you want further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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