Motark Kratom is yet another dependable provider for those who are obsessed with this plant. With every day that passes, kratom’s popularity grows more, and enthusiasts search merchants that give high-end quality goods at low prices and with rapid shipping. Motark vendor checks all the requirements that a vendor should have. To find more about this brand, continue reading!

Who Is Motark Kratom Brand?

Motark Kratom is a Brooklyn-based vendor that landed itself in the Mitragyna business game back in 2017. Many people must be confused about what “Motark” means; it is not a word in the dictionary but is “kratom” spelt backwards. That makes the brand name of this brand different from other competitors.

Motark has earned a strong reputation among its customers and the industry over the years for meeting the demands of consumers with their fine premium-grade kratom at an accessible price.

How Is The Website Of Motark?

Motark’s website is named “” The site isn’t flashy, colourful, or attractive. It is a simple white website that gets straight to the point of buying goods. When you get to the page, there won’t be any additional information about the brand, but you’ll come face to face with the products that are there to get offered. All you have to do is select the desired good to your cart and checkout.

Are Their Products Safe To Consume?

Putting customers’ health first should always be a brand no.1 most pressing matter. There isn’t any indication on their site or other websites if the botanical products sold under this business are lab-tested or not. But it is safe to say their high-quality products are safe to use. To prove the point, look at how many years has Motark been supplying its stocks all over the world. That would never be possible if the herbs were in any way low in quality or defective.

What Are The Product Expected By This Vendor?

The products by this Kratom vendor are the prime reason for such a hype around the Motark Brand. A tang of its products will make you forget those offered by the competitors. All of them found are potent, highly effective, fresh, and high in alkaloids.

Their product range might not be as wide as the other vendors. That is because the main aim of this all-natural herb supplier is to produce products of high quality rather than focusing on high quantity.

White Hulu Kapuas Kratom, White Maeng da Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, Red Maeng da Kratom, Red Borneo Kratom, Red Elephant Kratom, Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom, Green Maeng da, Green Malay Kratom, Green Elephant Kratom, and Green Hulu Kapuas are the 11 different kratom strain products available at Motark vendor.

That is not all. Aside from selling Specosia products, this Brooklyn-based vendor has 14 scented candles and eight different types of herbal tea in their stocks.

What Are These Goods Going To Cost?

The prices charged by a vendor determine whether a customer remains loyal or leaves without purchasing anything. One of the reasons this merchant has a significant fan base is that the prices of their items are competitive. The prices marked at the tree leaf items are all the same along with their weight. Motark’s strain-based goods start from $13 for a 100gram packet. Meanwhile, 250 grams, 500g, and 1kg of a package will get assessed a payment of $25, $45, and $79, respectively.

All the candles can get bought for a fair price of $14. However, herbal teas have independent rates depending on how much you purchase. For those people who find it convenient to buy in bulk, this vendor has the option of purchasing 250 grams of separate strains or dividing down the kg order into a split of 250g.

How To Place An Order?

Before taking orders directly from the brand’s forum, Motark Kratom would distribute the shipments through Amazon. But due to the guidelines changes, this option has been cut. The only way to get a hold of the manufactured herbal products is by placing an order on their site.

Motark does not display its tree leaf products on the front page. On the right side of their webpage, there is a search option; type the strain colour of the commodity. For example, if you want a Green strain product type, “Green” on the search bar and the shades products will appear. After that, the rules are simple; create an account, add the craved product to the cart, add relevant information, and check out.

Other alternatives to obtain goods for people who, for some reason, cannot or do not prefer shopping from the website can contact the company via phone or by emailing them details about what and how much of the product you like to buy.

What Are The Best Sellers?

Although all-natural herbs are potent in their own right, select items stand out as the best. Red Hulu and Red Vein are undoubtedly the most famous. According to Reddit users, the effects of these strains are well-rounded and kick in instantly, making the experience heavenly.

Is The Quality Of Motark Kratom Products Good?

Motark has a high focus on quality. They always make sure the best natural product gets put forth. The natural leaf products come directly from the Southeast Asian countries, and nothing from there gets delivered pasts its best.

Manufacturing of the goods gets done only with raw and fresh leaves. Furthermore, the process looked over wholly, guarding that no additives get mixed. Instead of using machines to package the stocks, this vendor does it the hard way- by hand. That sets the seal that all packages get properly arranged to dodge the accusations of defective pieces. One and all who orders Motark kratom’s products are assured safe, powerful packaged products.

Shipping And Delivery

Motark Kratom will always make sure your order is delivered to your doorstep safely and on time. Their shopping policy is to distribute the shipments through Priority or First class mail by US Postal Service. The shipping is fast so expect to have your herb next to you in 24 hours.

Many vendors cost a delivery fee, but Motark Kratom is that merchant that applies no delivery consignments. That’s correct; no matter if you buy in bulk or individual sizing, expect to pay no extra money.

The products get only dispatched on the first five days of the week, so if you place a booking on Friday, wait till the coming Monday to receive your package.

Return And Exchange Policy

Online buying can sometimes not be what you demand, or the packaging can be slightly damaged. In that case, a customer always only has one possibility of returning or exchanging the wares. However, with this particular vendor, you aren’t that lucky. Motark does not accept any return or replacement.

That is due to various factors, including the buyer having already unpacked or handled the goods in any way; or if the product has been with the customer for an extended period. So, before adding something to your cart, decide carefully.

What Are the Available Payment Options?

Secure and easy payment methods are a customer’s need. Motark accepts credit cards, cash on delivery, and PayPal. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and other options are not available. However, if you contact them via email, some other way might get settled.

What Are The Customers Saying?

Customers certainly love the products provided by Motark. They have even declared this brand as their most favourite vendor. Some customers also said that the expensive botanical products from other merchants are nothing compared to this company. All the customers, no matter old or new, are satisfied with the company, the Mitragyna goods, and the customer service.

Final Thoughts

Motark vendor is the one you have been looking for. Don’t hesitate before buying from this vendor. They are trustworthy and go through lengthy methods to provide the best products for herb enthusiasts. All you wanted to know is right in front, so what’s the wait go-ahead to their site and book your order now!


Does Motark give any special discount or coupon codes?

No, this brand does not give out any discounts or special codes.

Does this brand give out sample products?

Yes. Another good thing about this merchant is giving out sample products with every order. So whatever purchase gets made, you will be given a sample of another strain.

Do they ship everywhere in the USA?

They deliver in the US except for some parts where kratom still gets looked upon as something illegal. These places are Alabama, Winsocin, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

Does the Motark kratom vendor make any false medical claims?

There are no false medical claims. All the products get manufactured are fresh and involve high alkaloids. No one has ever come forward with the claim that their health has gotten harmed.

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