Two things that matter the most to customers of any commodity are quality and price. Online vendors who have lab-tested and safe products in the kratom market add another star to their homepages. In the race to find the best price for safe-to-use kratom, customers often forget that the potency and properties were also significant!

Okie Kratom brings back efficacy and alkaloid potency to their kratom products, and this instantly makes this vendor a topper!

What is Okie Kratom?

Okie Kratom is an online shop operating from Newkirk, Oklahoma. A purely American brand of kratom, Okie’s mission is to sell potent and impactful kratom to users so that they can experience the energizing boost of Southeast Asian herb while buying in an American way!

The unique factor

Okie Kratom’s first distinct feature is the attractive product names. Yes, some of you think it can be misleading, but the package shows all ingredients, so you know what you buy. These unique names stood out as I logged onto the website, and I thought it was a cool feature!

The product line

Kratom vendors can have a plethora of vein colors, regions, and added blends and extracts in the product list, but if the effects of all the strains are dull, there is no choice for kratom users! Okie Kratom has some exciting products on the shelves, and here are a few that are bound to entice you!

• Clarity Blend,

• Cheap Ass Kratom,

• Pink Thai Kratom,

• African Peach 50:1 Extract,

• Green Bumblebee,

• Red Banjo,

• Dr. Feel Good,

• Super White, and

• Green Twister.

Apart from these, there are many products available in capsules and powder form. The extracts and blends are a specialty at Okie Kratom as they provide an extra boost to kratom enthusiasts. One tip that I can give to all users is that when you buy from Okie, ensure that you buy more as I bought a small amount of kratom, and after it finished, I logged onto the website to find out that the strain was sold out! This sell-out happens a lot, and it is best to keep your dosage going by ordering a substantial amount in the first go!

The strains that we liked the most were Pink Thai, which is a blend of red and white Thai kratom strains and provides a tranquil, stress-free boost of energy that puts everything aside to invigorate you for a new day! Another product that sells out faster than others is Sunrise Kratom.

As the name suggests, this strain is a great way to rise and shine! The aromatic blend is a ‘wake-up’ drink made with kratom strains with energizing and stimulating properties. The potent boost of alkaloids works well for alertness and focus.

Price and deals

The price of kratom products at Okie Kratom is reasonable as you can get a small bag of 0.5 oz as a one-timer, and it costs only $2! You can buy 250grams of pure kratom for only $25, which is an excellent price considering the results.

The promo code allows users to buy a four-way split kilo, enabling you to buy four various strains of 250grams each at $90! This irresistible offer is an excellent promotion, as kratom enthusiasts know that it is a great steal.

Customer Service

The customer service of any online shop tells us how active the retailer is in providing help and making the shopping experience convenient for users. If you call or email the vendor, they will reply helpfully, and the whole process does not take more than a few hours if you email. The customer representative is ready to listen and solve shopping issues or answer queries regarding various products on the website.


Okie Kratom ships all orders the next day, and the fast service ensures a timely delivery within three business days. If you shop for more than $25, the shipping cost is nil. Okie has customers in various countries, and deliveries are made possible with reliable shipping facilities. Users in Canada, Spain, and Italy can order Okie Kratom to reach them fresh.

Packaging and quality

The laboratory-tested kratom products are organic and 100% pure, which means they can absorb moisture and may get stale over time. To prevent this from happening, Okie ensures GMP-compliant packaging to keep your stock fresh. The vacuum-sealed bags and cap-locked jars are excellent ways to enjoy herbal products.

Things people say

In 2019, a competitor blamed Okie Kratom for being careless with quality and storing kratom products close to pets. However, this was a social media story blown out of proportion as there was no proof of it except that the owner of Okie Kratom is a cat-lover! Marketing gimmicks and competitor blaming are common, and regular customers understand that!

However, a valid issue that someone addressed on social media was that the names of the kratom products are not clear about the contents. As we mentioned earlier, items such as Red Banjo, Sunrise, and few others do not give the location and vein color of the strain.

Nevertheless, the customer service representatives can clear that out for you, and you can also check the descriptions of each product to understand what you are about to buy! Apart from these concerns, the internet is crowded with excellent reviews and satisfied customers’ good service experiences and premium quality kratom products.

In a nutshell

Okie Kratom is a small company, but it has outdone itself by introducing a vast range of kratom products all over the United States, Canada, Spain, and Italy. The prices and pack sizes are convenient for beginners and regular users. You can benefit from promotional codes to find more kratom for lesser prices!

Okie is a good choice for kratom enthusiasts who seek safety, quality, and, most of all, the efficacy of the kratom products on sale!

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