Lately, as Kratom is rapidly gaining popularity, a number of Kratom suppliers are establishing. Choosing a reliable one is as difficult as dodging a bullet. This is why people can’t resist recommending Philly Kratom. Are you short on knowledge about it and what makes it a priority for many?

Well, you are surely lucky to be here because we are going to break down to you all but unbiased and completely honest reasons to choose one and only- Philly Kratom to sate all your Kratom related needs!

Philly Kratom Product Range

Be it mainstream Kratom range or some unique range, they ensure it to be there all under one roof. They basically have major dealings in the Kratom powders being available in multiple packagings, like two ounces, four ounces or eight ounces.

Moreover, they also offer other botanicals. For some genuine Kratom-heads who would like to enjoy a great burst of Kratom, they also offer a four-way split kilo or half a kilo. Amazing, isn’t it?

On the flip side, they do not only facilitate people having years-long alliance with Kratom but also the newbies. They pack five different strains of Kratom, containing five to ten ounces so people can try these and choose the one that goes well with them.

As said earlier, their range comprises both, unique as well as common Kratom products but their top-most liked products remain Green Horned Leaf Kratom, Red Thai Kratom and Yellow Vietnam Kratom. Some of their vastly liked items are;

If you get easily bored and love trying new things then you are equally favoured because it adds relish to certain items by mixing Kratom extracts with other herbs. For such a category of customers, they have a popular combo of Kratom extract blended with not just one but five citrus fruits. It is known by the name Philly Crystal no.41.

Philly Kratom Pricing

Well, the pricing of their vast array of Kratom range is reasonable but you can’t call it low. However, the prices do compete with that of other Kratom sellers. But, this does not mean that they compromise on the quality just to offer a really low price. Below, we are presenting to you their price chart for your better understanding;

Product TypePrice
powdered Kratom strains (4 ounces/112 grams)$20 each
powdered Kratom strains (2 ounces/56 grams)$14 each
powdered Kratom strains (8 ounces/224 grams)$40 each
Collectible Kratom spoons$3-$10
Sample packs range$25-$50
Enhanced products sell$10
Four-way split half and whole kilos$45 and $90

Quality Of Philly Kratom Range

Whenever we see some reputable sellers, their first priority remains the quality of the range they render. Same is the case with this one. In order to ensure the quality of their products, they especially take out time to send their raw material to the third-party laboratory for testing. However, the lab approves the raw material for being safe and potent yet they pass it through this testing to ensure safety of their valuable clients.

To clear out doubts, this company believes in transparency and this is why they have the lab results of each batch that undergoes testing available on their website. 

Philly Kratom Product Delivery

Offering multiple shipping methods, this company tries its best to deliver orders as soon as possible. However, if you place an order on a weekend and that too before noon then it will be shipped on the same day but if you order after this time then you should expect dispatchment the next day. Once you are done with clearing the payments, the order will be sent to the post office within 20 hours. Moreover, orders placed on Saturdays are more likely to be shipped on the very next Monday.

Philly Kratom Shipping

There are four shipping methods that are currently being offered by the company. Each method is processed with different charges based on the amount you have shopped. The methods along with prices are stated below;

USPS Express

If your order is under fifty dollars then you will have to pay twenty four dollars. On the other hand, if your order is over fifty dollars then you will need to pay seventeen dollars.

USPS Priority Mall

For the orders falling under fifty dollars, seven dollars are charged whereas for the orders costing more than fifty dollars are shipped for free.

USPS 2 Day Air

Twenty five dollars for the under fifty dollars shopping whereas only eighteen dollars for over fifty dollars shopping.

USPS Ground

For under fifty dollars, they will charge you thirteen dollars. Furthermore, seven dollars will be charged for orders over this.

Philly Kratom Discounts and Offers

Honestly, they barely offer coupon codes but they don’t hold back on special offers. To avail these offers, customers stay in touch with their website to seek updates. Moreover, they offer loyalty programs as well after which you can get discount vouchers. For instance;

Philly Kratom and Customer Relation

You might not get an instant reply from them but they reply to you as soon as possible. At max, they take one to two days to get back to your queries and try their best to cooperate with you. Being their customer, you will feel comfortable due to their sober and friendly staff. The means of contact are contact form, helpline, and email address.

If you are looking for a reliable Kratom seller then Philly Kratom would be the best option. They offer premium Kratom and other botanicals at a good price. Moreover, their products are potent and let you enjoy all the Kratom benefits you were looking for.

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