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Those in a sour mood might benefit by giving our Green Borneo powder a chance.

Considered a boilerplate choice by some Kratom connoisseurs, Green Borneo delivers an easy and straightforward experience, without too many surprises.

It’s usually consumed by those preferring peace, stability, and tranquility, being the perfect supplement for those vying for a meditative state.

One thing is certain, Green Borneo is subtle, yet profound.


This Kratom strain stems from Borneo, the third-largest island in the world, and has a long history to its name.

It has been discovered that the indigenous people of the island chewed Green Borneo to help them with their ails.

This has been going on for centuries, and it’s only recently that Green Borneo started gaining traction outside of the island.

Green Borneo, being a well-rounded strain, is a top choice among natives when it comes to social occasions and sacred rituals.

It is so deeply ingrained into their culture, that it’s not too uncommon to be offered Green Borneo while visiting the island.

Nowadays, this Kratom strain has evolved far beyond what anyone thought possible and is a fan-favorite among many enthusiasts seeking harmony.


Green Borneo is a moderate strain, which is best exemplified by looking at its alkaloid structure.

Having only moderate amounts of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, this Kratom strain doesn’t really top the charts when it comes to potency.

However, it’s exactly the meekness of Green Borneo which gives it charm, as it’s preferred by those looking for a leisured experience.

Green Borneo is harvested when the leaves are at their median point of maturity, dried both in the sun and in a dark, fanned room.

It’s a long-lasting strain, but mild and pleasant on the body.

While it isn’t as strong as Red Maeng Da, it’s hard to go wrong when picking a dosage and is, therefore, the perfect choice for fledglings to Kratom.

Users of Green Borneo gloat about its mild, but stimulating nature and speak of feeling both relaxed, yet wakeful.

It’s really a strain you have to try for yourself to imagine the delight people get from it.

Why Kratom Basket

Extensive resources are expended when it comes to creating the best Green Borneo powder you could possibly imbue.

From the picking process to the refinery, we spare no expense at guaranteeing pure, unadulterated product.

Try us out right now and become a part of the new wave sweeping over the world!

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Green Borneo Kratom Powder

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