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There are three types of sumatra leaves, which are distinguished on the basis of their vein color. Red and white sumatra powder are considered to be extremely relaxing and potent. The green sumatra powder is potent, lasting, and quite balanced.

Green Sumatra leaves are used for making this powder. These leaves are for acquiring green sumatra powder. The green sumatra leaves are found in Sumatra Island located in Indonesia.

Sumatra leaves are broad and big and their growth is propagated by the climate of southeast Asia.

Our farmers and vendors in Indonesia collect Sumatra leaves while the leaves are young and not fully mature. The leaves are grown in plant nurseries or forests. After the leaves have been gathered, they are thoroughly dried out in dark spaces, without any light. It is preferable to dry the leaves in an air conditioned room. The dried leaves are subsequently crushed and pulverised to form a powder.

We obtain all of our products by fair and ethical trade. We source raw products all the way from Indonesia, so our products are sure to be fresh and pure.

The green sumatra powder, like all other sumatra powders, is subjected to lab tests. The powders which are delivered to our buyers are uncontaminated, fresh, and completely pure. You can purchase this product from our east navigate website. Your product will reach your house without any hassle or fuss.

We are sure that you will find this powder to be extremely useful and effective.

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Green Sumatra Powder

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