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Running out of vitality? Feeling dysphoric or lethargic? Want to take the edge off?

Enter Red Bali, a Kratom strain best known for its stimulating nature and analgesic effects.

Refill yourself with vital energy and start living again with the helping hand of Red Bali.


As the name implies, this plant allegedly came from the island of Bali, which is a small province in Indonesia.

Although historians are still unsure whether this Kratom strain originated in Bali or if it was just bartered through their port, we know that it’s one of the more invigorating strains.

Red Bali was invented by grafting two potent Kratom strains, Borneo and Sumatra.

Through years of experimentation, artful farmers managed to perfect the strain into what it is now.

It has been used as an after-work tonic for more than a hundred years, and even today, its popularity is soaring.


Nowadays, Red Bali is mostly grown in other regions of Indonesia.

The rich and fertile grounds of this country prove to be the perfect environment for Red Bali to thrive.

Red Bali is easy to cultivate as the leaves grow very quickly, with maturity setting in much faster than in other strains.

This makes it one of the most beloved Kratom strains for Indonesian farmers.

Red Bali is plucked when the leaves are at their ripest. It’s exactly at this, the final stage of maturation that Mitragynine content is at its peak.

Red Bali contains around 45 alkaloids, including Mitraphylline and Speciogynine, just to name a few.

It is believed that around half of these alkaloids are present in very high numbers.

Red Bali powder has a pungent tang, and you will feel the earthiness envelop your taste buds once you decide to try it out.

Upon imbuing the powder, users may experience a drastic decrease in pain, higher motivation at work, better concentration, and improved mood.

People new to Kratom are free to try this strain out, as it doesn’t overstimulate the user, instead of bestowing him with a smooth and mellow experience.

Why Kratom Basket

Every batch of our Red Bali powder is sent for extensive testing to independent third-party laboratories.

We care about the end product, and therefore, our Red Bali powder consistently delivers an unforgettable experience to the user.

Don’t just take our word for it, try us out today and become one of our thousands of happy customers!

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Red Bali Kratom Powder

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