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Let the uniqueness and potency of our Red Bentuangie powder entrench themselves into your heart.

Hailing from the rich and luscious jungles of Indonesia, Red Bentuangie carries you on a vacation, far away from the common ails of life.

One of the rarest Kratom strains due to its distinctive drying process, Red Bentuangie evokes memories of luxury and opulence.


Unlike Borneo or Bali, Bentuangie is not an island or place, as is commonly believed, but a way of being.

Stemming from two Javanese words, ‘Bentu’ which means native or indigenous, and ‘Wangi’ which equates to fragrant or sweet-smelling, Bentuangie has a long history.

At first, it was used to denote any plant native to the island which had a distinctive smell.

As more and more locals started imbuing Kratom, especially the red vein, the scope of the term shortened to just one strain, Red Bentuangie.

In the past, Red Bentuangie was seen as a magical plant by the indigenous people and was purportedly used to boost energy levels and relieve pain.

This Kratom strain was created accidentally when a local farmer forgot to empty the contents of his bag, which were full of Kratom.

After a few days, a distinct aroma started emanating from his pouch, and as he drew closer, he became enthralled by the scent.

This farmer had inadvertently created one of the strongest and most potent red veins in existence, via a process called fermentation.

Nowadays, Red Bentuangie is held in high esteem by the natives and is known as a local specialty.


The leaves of Bentuangie are crimson red. That’s due to the fermentation process which modifies alkaloid content in the plant.

Red Bentuangie is celebrated for its high 7-hydroxy mitragynine content, which as of recent research, is the most active alkaloid in Kratom.

Red Bentuangie has a potent tang to it, harboring an earthy flavor.

It’s recommended you keep this Kratom strain in a cool and dark place so that it doesn’t spoil.

The reason behind the rarity of Red Bentuangie is due to all the lab tests it has to go through.

Why Kratom Basket

Microbial testing is performed on every batch of our Red Bentuangie, ensuring the product is properly dried and without any bacteria.

Once all the tests have been performed, the leaves are grounded into a fine powder, packaged discreetly, and finally, shipped safely to your home.

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Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder

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