Red Indo Kratom Capsules


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Red Indo Kratom powder capsules have a handful of alkaloids. The presence of these alkaloids helps give the Red Indo powder its distinct characteristics.
It includes Mitragynine (MG), 7- hydroxy mitragynine (HMG), Speciociliatine (SC), Speciogynine (SG), Paynantheine (P).
This particular powder has a high mitragynine ratio.

Red Indo leaves are sourced from two islands in southeast Asia, namely Bali and Borneo. Vendors and farmers in Bali and Borneo, Indonesia, find leaves from aged trees deep inside the forests. The leaves are collected and grounded until they form a very fine powder.

A very specific capsule shell is used for containing the Red Indo powder. The capsule shell, which contains the Red Indo kratom powder, is vegan and hypoallergenic, so it becomes the safest choice for everyone.

Our company takes numerous measures to market and sell top-notch products. Lab tests are conducted to ensure the freshness and purity of products. Moreover, the capsules are shipped in such a way that their freshness is not tampered with.

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Red Indo Kratom Capsules

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