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Hailed as one of the most potent Kratom strains in existence, our Red Maeng Da offers an invigorating experience like no other.

Let yourself be carried on an outing, as you reliably glide through the motions with Red Maeng Da.

Described as dynamic and vigorous, it’s the perfect choice for Kratom enthusiasts who don’t flinch from the unknown.

Stemming from the deep forests of Thailand, our Red Maeng Da is harvested, dried, and turned into a fine powder with the best possible care.


Thailand’s blue-collar workers searched for a quick pick-me-up at the end of a hard and strenuous day, finding their solace in Red Maeng Da.

From there on out, Red Maeng Da became a staple in many households and a source of extra income for Thailand’s farmers.

The respect for this Kratom strain lays in the fundamental strength it provides, leading natives to describe the strain as ‘Pimp grade’.

The leaves were first used to make tea, but once the potency of Red Maeng Da had been revealed, there was no going back!

It is believed that Red Maeng Da was created through a procedure called grafting, which is a process where two plants are joined together, creating a new breed.


What differentiates Red Maeng Da from all the other strains is its high Mitragynine content, which is an alkaloid in Kratom known for causing powerful effects in the plant.

Usually, Kratom strains harbor between 0 to 2,0% of Mitragynine, with our Red Maeng Da boasting a whopping 1,2% or more.

This strain is harvested when the leaves of the plant are at their ripest stage. Plenty of sunlight is used to dry the leaves, which the balmy region of Thailand is abundant in.

The popularity of Red Maeng Da is undeniable and many users choose this strain for its speedy onset.

Users of Red Maeng Da powder may experience an increase in energy, lowering of pain, better mood, and at higher dosages, a sense of euphoria.

Beginners to Kratom are asked to tread caution as this strain has quite a kick to it.

Why Kratom Basket

Our Red Maeng Da leaves are hand-picked by experienced farmers, ensuring that you only get the cream of the crop.

Turned into a fine powder, sealed tightly to let no air in or out, our Red Maeng Da powder consistently delivers a mesmerizing experience.

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Red Maeng Da Speciosa Powder

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