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Experience the unwavering spirit of Thailand by tasting our lovely Red Thai powder.

A red strain is best known for its potency; Red Thai delivers a good time to anyone daring enough to step into its path.

Perfect for those with an open mind, Red Thai opens a door to ultimate relaxation and oneness with nature.

If you’re bothered by the hectic lifestyle many of us are forced to lead, our Red Thai powder will help you step out of it!


Red Thai is not an invention, but a discovery.

Natives found it centuries ago and have been chewing its leaves to relieve pain for generations.

In Thailand, The Land of Smiles, Red Thai is seen as a special delicacy, akin to caviar.

Traditionally, fathers supplied their kindred with Red Thai before they met up with their significant others, as it was thought that this Kratom strain acts as a potent aphrodisiac.

This has been going on for generations and even today, you’ll see it given to new couples to uphold a tradition spanning centuries!

It is also believed that Red Thai was utilized as a potent remedy to pain, especially by the economically disadvantaged, as they couldn’t afford expensive medicine.

We can see Red Thai being a versatile Kratom strain used on many different occasions.

In the present climate, Red Thai continues to play a special role in Thai customs.

As years pass, more and more foreigners are being introduced to this strain, and once they try it, they never go back!


Red Thai is very potent, boasting high alkaloid levels in its composition.

The trees are quite sturdy and grow up to one hundred feet, thriving in the balmy conditions of Thailand.

The leaves end up becoming very big as they reach full maturity, up to eight inches long and five inches wide.

Users report massive pain relief from imbuing Red Thai.

Not only that, but they also speak about feeling stimulated and relaxed at the same time; this effect purportedly lasts for hours.

New Kratom consumers are asked to stay on their toes, as Red Thai really packs a punch.

Why Kratom Basket

We know how important safety and anonymity are to our customers.

That’s why our Red Thai powder is sealed tightly to protect it from oxidation and moisture.

Placed in a bland box and shipped with the utmost care to your doorstep, Kratom Basket ensures each step is handled with precision and efficiency.

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Red Thai Kratom Powder

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