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For those of you who are looking for something quick-acting, yet mellow, Green Malay comes to the rescue.

The balmy, humid breeze sweeping through Malaysia brings forth a smooth Kratom strain, yet long-lasting and powerful.

Many people freed themselves from pain and started enjoying life again by making Green Malay powder a part of their daily routine.


This Kratom strain stems from the Malay Peninsula, which is just one part of the beautiful country of Malaysia.

Green Malay quickly spread through East Malaysia, and soon, the entire nation beheld the wonders of this plant.

At first, it was mostly used by farmers, rural workers, and the poor, but as the potent effects became known on a wider scale, its use became countrywide.

Green Malay proved to be unconventional, but an economically feasible alternative to traditional medicine.

Since its discovery, Green Malay has played a pivotal role in Malaysian tradition, being used in festivities and important ceremonies.

Not only that, but it’s very commonly offered as a welcoming gift once entering a Malaysian household.


The leaves of Green Malay shine like an emerald, being deep green in color.

The smooth fragrance and somewhat sharp taste are hallmarks of the Green Malay.

Green Malay is a sturdy, durable strain, surviving even the harshest of conditions.

Luckily, the soils of Malaysia have low pH content and are very acidic, which proves to be the perfect environment for Green Malay to flourish.

Similar to Green Maeng Da, this Kratom strain has moderate amounts of Mitragynine, which equates to a lower risk of developing tolerance over time.

Given its alkaloid profile, the first effect users may experience when taking Green Malay is a surge in energy, followed by pain relief and topped off by an increase in concentration.

Lastly, if the dosage imbued is high, a sense of euphoria might sweep over you.

Green Malay is the perfect choice for newcomers to Kratom, as it’s gentle on the body, while still packing a formidable punch.

Why Kratom Basket

Kratom Basket takes extensive measures to uphold the high quality of our Green Malay powder.

Our Green Malay is picked when it’s ripe, by professional farmers with years of experience in the craft.

Dried and made into a fine powder, packaged carefully, and delivered to your doorstep with the utmost care.

This is what Kratom Basket is all about.

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Super Green Malay Powder

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