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Not sure what to burn next? Subject your senses to the sweet pleasures of our White Bali powder.

White Bali offers a clean and smooth experience, one for the books.

Harvested in the best forests Indonesia has to offer, this Kratom strain will leave you mesmerized, but content.

Representing pride, accomplishment, and gumption, our White Bali powder takes users on a journey to the next level.


White Bali doesn’t originate from the island of Bali, as many would mistakenly assume.

However, there are some ties to Bali, as this Kratom strain was extensively traded in their port.

Since Kratom represented a huge source of income for traders, they dubbed it ‘White Bali’ to honor the place where business occurred.

The name has withstood the test of time and nowadays, White Bali has become a staple in Indonesian culture.

Natives to Indonesia used White Bali for generations to soothe their pain after a long and hard day at the fields.

Not only that, but it was also utilized as a source of clean energy when grunt work had to be done.

Nowadays, White Bali consumption in Indonesia is widespread, crossing cultural and economic boundaries.


White Bali has higher levels of Mitragynine and lower levels of 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

Such a composition of alkaloids translates to long-lasting effects, without any sedation or feelings of drowsiness.

Bali strains are known for their toughness, and their trees can grow up to 120 feet.

Poised to meet any weather conditions, White Bali takes the bull by its horns and survives even in the toughest of environments.

Specific to this Kratom strain is the fact that it is plucked when its leaves are at their early stages of maturity.

Moreover, the leaves are not dried in the sun but kept in a cool, dark, and ventilated place.

Users that have imbued White Bali speak of energy without jitters and pain relief without sedation, which makes this Kratom strain so popular amongst blue-collar workers.

It’s perfect for newcomers to Kratom, as it bestows the user with a mellow time remembered fondly, even days after consumption.

Why Kratom Basket

The process and production of White Bali powder is a very delicate one.

Our skillful employees with years of knowledge at their fingertips ensure that you only get the best White Bali powder out there.

Don’t wait for a second longer, order today and experience the difference!

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White Bali Powder

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