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Walk with us through a valley of pleasure with our White Thai powder.

Grafted for generations by skilled farmers in order to create the ultimate strain, White Thai continually enraptures people with its gentle touch.

Perfect for those in search of tranquility, White Thai will envelop you like a soft cushion, and you will feel content with life.


Laden with marvelous beaches and touristic attractions, Thailand is also home to White Thai, a Kratom strain revered for its soothing effects.

There is a long tradition behind White Thai, spanning centuries; many kingdoms have fallen, but this Kratom tree prevailed.

Not only did it withstand the test of time, but it entrenched itself into Thai culture, and you will be hard-pressed to find a native that has not tried White Thai.

Treated with reverence and respect during ceremonies and rituals, White Thai is an essential part of Thailand’s heritage.

In the future, it is expected that Thailand and especially its trademark Kratom strain, White Thai, will become a global leader in export, as Indonesia’s output will likely falter.

Whatever the case may be, White Thai continues to mesmerize both indigenous people and outlanders alike.


Boasting high levels of Mitragynine, White Thai is one of the most energizing strains on the market right now.

The humid conditions coupled with the sweltering sun are the perfect environment for White Thai to burgeon.

To prevent color shifting (to red or green), the leaves are picked when they are still new, and quickly placed in a room with no sunlight.

They are kept there for two to three days, before being grounded into a powder and sent to an independent third-party laboratory for testing.

Users may experience a great surge in energy, minor pain relief, and a major mood boost from imbuing White Thai.

It’s an ideal strain for fledglings to Kratom, as it doesn’t cause any jitters.

An additional plus is its mild demeanor; it might stimulate users, but never to an uncomfortable degree.

Why Kratom Basket

Kratom Basket brings out the best in White Thai.

It all starts out with the picking process, where farmers with years of experience pluck only the youngest leaves.

Our spacious facilities are then utilized to dry the Kratom leaves until they are ready to be made into a fine powder.

Always fresh, lab-tested, and pure, our White Thai powder will enchant you with its comforting nature!

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White Thai Powder

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