• Facts to Know about Red Horn Kratom – How is it Different from other Blends?
• Red Horn Kratom: Why Does it Stand Out in the Market?

If you have a look at other strains of kratom, you will find Red Horn kratom very unique. It is commonly considered an unpredictable kratom strain because of its behavior with regular users. Consumers fall in love with the blend and that is why it is one of the most in-demand strains of Mitragyna Speciosa around the globe.

Where Does This Strain Come From?

Red horn kratom is originated from a few countries of Southeast Asia e.g., Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Many people have been harvesting this herb in the multiple forests of Borneo (a place in Thailand) for hundreds of years. It is a hybrid of the Maeng Da strain and red vein blend. Some of the users still think that it belongs to the family of Maeng Da.

Physical Appearance

There is a great similarity between Red Horn hand Maeng Da kratom that is widely known for its top-notch capsules with excellent behavior. You can differentiate them based on the spiked leaves. Red Horn is associated with the red color that creates a difference. Due to its spike-structured leaves, it is called a horned strain. When it comes to its lower part, it is quite similar to red vein kratom. In terms of alkaloids content, Maeng Da and Red Horn are the same.

Which Alkaloids Does Red Horn Kratom Have?

It contains three different kinds of kratom alkaloid contents as listed below.

• 7-hydroxy mitragynine
• Mitraphylline
• Mitragynine

The first one is found in higher concentrations under normal conditions.

How Do Manufacturers Prepare This Blend?

They collect it from the kratom tree and pass its leaves through a special drying process to make a fine and pure powder. Sometimes, the manufacturers boil the leaves until resin gets formed that can be converted into powder later. Another great processing technique produces red horn extract and it is considered a more powerful form of this strain to be ingested.

How Can I Take It?

Users mostly take this blend in two different forms as per their needs as listed below.

• Powder
• Capsules

The most powerful way to take it is by making its liquid extract.

Is Red Horn Kratom Available Enough In The Market?

A sort of drawback is this strain can only grow in a single region and that is why the demand is far greater than its annual yield. This fact has made this strain rare in the market. The price range is above average but it really worth it.

Is It Easy To Cultivate Red Horn Kratom?

To cultivate this particular strain, the overall process is quite harder in comparison to the other strains. The farmers need a lot of effort to safely harvest this herb and deliver it to the desired manufacturers.

What Similarities Does It Have with Other Blends?

It has similarities not only with other red strains but also with the non-red blends of kratom. Based on consistent behavior, it is often compared to Red Bali. The similarities also lie between Red Borneo and Red Horn because of the same origin, color, and to some extent the potency levels. Similarly, when you see the alkaloid contents, you will find Red Horn and Maeng Da the same.

How Red Horn Is Different From Green Horn?

The two basic differences are:

• The potency level of Red Horn is higher than the Green Horn
• Red Horn is more powerful and comes with more versatility compared to the Green one

How Much Should I Take This Strain?

Keeping in mind the higher level of its potency, try starting your journey with as low a dosage as possible. Once you take it, keep on a check on how it behaves with you? If everything goes fine, you can start increasing the amount of dose but don’t forget to monitor its behavior every time. If you are greatly concerned about your health, consult with the health professional before you take it.

How Can I Buy Fresh Red Horn Kratom?

With the increasing demand for kratom, there are thousands of vendors in the market making it saturated for both the suppliers and the buyers. You should always validate the credibility of merchants before making a purchase. Confirm whether their products are tested by third-party laboratories or not. You can take a look at the feedback of the old customers.

Don’t forget to read the return policy so that you can claim a complete refund in case of any unusual situation. Try buying from online vendors rather than investing in physical smoke shops or gas stations. The reason behind this fact is online vendors directly source kratom from the manufacturers with no middleman involved. Moreover, they have a wide range compared to local shops.

Offline platforms do not give you a guarantee for the kratom’s quality whereas online stores always provide you with pure fresh, potent, and 100% natural Mitragyna Speciosa products. A couple of discounted offers are usually available online with free shipping on shopping above a certain amount. Keeping in mind these factors, you can make decisions as per your requirements and satisfaction.

Can I Mix Red Horn With Other Blends?

Some users combine it with other strains to make it even more potent and powerful. This way, it becomes a hybrid strain. One of the blends that you can mix with the Red Horn Kratom is Yellow Vietnam.

Concluding Remarks

Red Horn Kratom is highly unpredictable but its quality has made many users fall in love with this strain and has given it much popularity across the globe.

Red Horn Kratom FAQs

Question: How does the potency of red horn kratom get increased?

Answer: The potency level of this strain gets increased by passing it through the fermentation process in the presence of water and sunlight.

Question: Does it have adulterants?

Answer: No, it is completely free from additives, adulterants, and other contaminants.

Question: What is the average price range to buy this herb?

Answer: If you buy between 100 grams to 1000 grams, you may have to pay between $19.91 and $152.50 respectively.

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