Remarkable herbs – as a brand of Mitragyna Speciosa – are quite different from other competitors in the industry. There are various reasons for it, but the most potent is that it offers Kratom supply in bulk. This is surely the right place to source for business owners looking forward to having tree leaf powder in size to process further or sell it. 

Being a commercial vendor of the Kratom products, the company doesn’t cater to small consumers that require tree leaf powder items in limited quantities. It supplies its products in bulk, ensuring that the smoke stores can stock themselves well for the consumers. 

For the bulk purchase, you would need to contact the company to place the order. The option of choosing products and putting them in the cart is not available on the website. Rather, you can check all the prices on it and call the company’s representative to place your order. This reduces all the chances of miscommunication and the placement of the wrong order. Hence, things go smoothly and well!

An Origin of Remarkable Herbs

Remarkable herbs is a bulk provider of Premium Kratom and its variants – they have been working in the market since 2001 and have created a huge customer base worldwide.

The Theory of Remarkable herbs

Limited product range company comes with its theory regarding the limited range of Kratom strains sold to the stores. According to the owners, the company’s narrow product range gives significant importance to the ‘quality of the products. Therefore, it keeps an eye on the best growing strains of Kratom across the World.

Wherever they are harvested or grown, the company collects them from the origin point, reducing the chances of adulteration. The superiority of its products sets this company apart from all other commercial vendors of Kratom and ethnobotanical products. 

Not all similar strains are sourced.

Alongside this, the company comes with another theory for keeping a limited product range. According to the experts at the company, most of the strains of Kratom have similar alkaloid profiles. Hence, there is no point in sourcing them all since they are all identical. The company focuses more on the quality of the sourced products over the diversification of the product range. 

B2B selling

The company has a business-to-business form of working where it does not deal with the consumers directly but offers its products to the stores.

Why Do You Choose Remarkable Herbs?

Deals in a variety of Kratom strains

The brand deals in all kinds of strains that Mitragyna Speciosa can offer to its consumers. The company’s major customer is the stores that want to supply Kratom items further to the consumers. By now, the company has successfully delivered tree leaves products to more than fifteen thousand stores worldwide.

Source Kratom from the place of origin directly

The high-level quality of the products that this supplier offers sets it apart from others. It has various teams that bring the special herbs from the exact place where they are grown. Understanding that different areas breed, harvest, and produce various kinds of herbs, the company contacts the place of origin and gets its hands on the Kratom of the supreme quality.

From here, it sources this magical herb all across the globe to the stores that require it in bulk. With Remarkable herbs collecting original herbs from literally everywhere around the World, it offers great diversity to the customers. 

Bulk Kratom purchasing 

Getting your hands on a limited quantity of any strain of Kratom is easy. You can get it from any vendor or smoke shop. However, when it comes to bulk buying, trusting the right brand gets tough. You cannot take a risk and have to be sure about the high-quality product you receive. Remarkable herbs come for your rescue in such a situation. It lets you purchase the Kratom items in bulk, no matter how you might want to use them later on.

Direct contact with the support team 

One thing worth mentioning is that the company does not sell off its products online. Rather, the customer must contact the company directly and place an order. The website does not have a cart to select and put the required items and their quantities.

With all the prices displayed on the website, making the final choice gets easier. All a customer needs to do is choose the amount he needs to buy and then contact the company to place the order. 

Dealing with the customer representative makes things much smoother. As this is predominantly a business-to-business dealing, all the concerns and queries are discussed and addressed directly. Hence, all the chances of confusion are reduced to zero! 

What Products Does It Sell?

Though Remarkable herbs offer extensive kratom quantities and bulk orders, it does not have a very extensive product range. 

The limited range lets the company offer the highest quality of the targeted products. Hence, a smoke store can trust it and source the specialized products of Kratom from it. 

Apart from selling Mitragyna Speciosa products, the company is also famous for sourcing out ethnobotanical products. The Kava that it offers to its customers in bulk quantities makes it possible for them to keep loyal consumers for a long time. Because the quality of the products is top-notch, the store owners gladly restock their shelves with the products they source from Remarkable herbs.

The company majorly deals in the following strains:

  1. White strains: Maeng Da
  2. Green strains: Malay, Vietnam, Indo, Thai. Maeng Da
  3. Red strains: Maeng Da

One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that this company deals in powdered Kratom and does not offer capsules, tinctures, teas, or extracts.

Pricing Mechanism Of The Company

Remarkable Herbs offers a wide range of pricing categories to consumers. The quantities that this company provides are varied, including 3, 8, and 20 oz bags. It is why every bag has a different price than the customer needs to pay. Alongside this, the website of the company displays all the prices categorically. 

Different strains that this company offer may cost the customer differently. Where the green strains are a bit cheaper, the white ones come with a prohibitive cost. However, the Malay green is the most expensive product that this company offers to the customers, owing to its rarity and high cost of production.



The Verdict

If you plan to get into Kratom selling business, you must contact the best possible company to source the products. Having quality items will give you a good name in the market; hence you should not compromise. One of the best sources to get bulk Kratom products is Remarkable herbs. It is an exceptionally reliable source that you can trust with your eyes closed!


  1. Do Remarkable Herbs Sell Individual Consumers?

No, remarkable herbs sell products in bulk. Hence, it is more suited for the secondary supplier (store owners) to source the Kratom products from this brand and sell them to their consumers.

  1. What Is The Product Range Of Remarkable Herbs?

The product range of Remarkable herbs is not extensive. It deals in a limited number of items and sells them off in a huge quantity. 

  1. Are Remarkable Herbs Affordable?

Yes, remarkable herbs are quite affordable for dealers who want to purchase Kratom products in bulk. However, the price may vary according to the strain you need to buy and the purchased quantity. 

  1. Does The Company Offer Quality Products?

The main reason the company deals in a limited product range is that it prefers quality over quantity. It opts for extensive research and looks for the product sites where specific strains of Kratom are grown. The company then contacts the growers and gets its hands on the highest possible quality of a particular strain available. 

  1. Where Does The Company Sell Its Products?

The company has its official website on which all its products with their prices are listed. However, you can choose the required products from it but cannot put them into the cart. Rather, you must contact the company directly and talk to a representative to place your order. 

  1. How Does The Payment Work?

Remarkable herbs, a part of the business-to-business trade category, have made its payment method extremely safe and secure for customers. A variety of options are available regarding card payment to cash on delivery.

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