Some kratom vendors in the United States are popular due to their long years of service, while others make it to the top through excellent products and services that win customers everywhere. As the company address reads, Sabai Kratom, or Sabai Sabai LLC, is a popular pick, and we are here to tell you why!

The company

The fresh and new company started operating in 2017 from Flagstaff, Arizona, and in these four years, it came up to the mark and gave a tough competition to many old-timers in the kratom industry! Sabai Kratom was an attempt to provide quality with safety so that people can steer clear of defective Mitragyna products and benefit from the goodness of active and potent alkaloids. The convenient shopping options and shipping make this vendor one of the best!

The key features of Sabai Kratom

In a world of scammers and poor-quality kratom vendors, Sabai Kratom stands out for several reasons.

• What does Sabai offer?

Sabai Kratom sells more than 20 strains, blends with regular customers, and the orders go up regularly! These products include,

• Dragon,

• Bali,

• Bentuangie,

• Indo Kong,

• Vietnam,

• Thai,

And numerous fascinating blends that have pure and potent kratom in various ratios of red, green, and white veins. The results you need are all available under one roof! The vendor recently announced the addition of CBD for an impactful and natural experience that can change your daily routine.

• Prices

Many people believe that the quality and efficacy of kratom products translates to higher prices. When I logged on to the website, I was prepared for high prices for each blend and kratom product with verified effects and excellent results. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see how the costs of every strain were in reach and seemed too good to be true.

The wholesale prices add value to the experience as customers buy kratom products at controlled rates without limiting the effects! You can find one-ounce packs of kratom powder as well as 100, 250, and 500grams. The most significant packing is one kilogram and costs $109.97 for all strains. The capsules and tinctures are also reasonable and provide long hours of stimulation.

• Discounts and offers

From time to time, customers get notifications for discounts of up to 10% on all products. You might get lucky and get higher discounts and deals as Sabai Kratom ensures a unique shopping experience. However, remember to sign up on the website to receive attractive offers!

• Sample and variety packs

Sabai Kratom calls it the one-ounce pack but these small pouches of kratom powder can be an excellent way to sample various strains. But wait! There are real sampler packs available too! You can offer three strains of your choice in any volume you desire and what makes it better is the price cut on the offer of three packs!

Many potential users reach the right shop but remain oblivious about the best strain for them. If you also face this confusion, wait no more and order a sampler pack to decide the best kratom strain!

• Laboratory testing

Sabai Kratom ensures safe and healthy products through laboratory testing and labeling of each item so that users know what they are consuming. When you order a product from the website, the best way to see which one will suit you is to read the contents that show the alkaloid content of that item.

If it matches your daily requirements, you can open the bag and start using it. However, what if the ordered item was not what you needed?

• Returns and exchanges

This key feature determines Sabai Kratom’s commitment to providing the best service! You can request an exchange or return of the item if you feel that it is not suitable. The website offers return and exchange request forms, and once you fill in, the customer service takes over and guides you through the process. Risk-free shopping comes with a money-back guarantee at Sabai Kratom!

• Packaging

Apart from laboratory tests, the other feature that speaks volumes about the company’s quality is the packaging. Vacuum-sealed bags and cap-locked jars are the best way to know that your product is potent, fresh, and free from contaminants.

• No false claims and promises

A good vendor will never cheat customers and claim their products can perform magic! Sabai Kratom keeps it factual and ensures users know that kratom products are stimulants and cannot treat medical conditions. The website is clean, and you can see reviews of people to clarify that all such practices are not the work of Sabai kratom, neither does the vendor believe in creating false hype!

• False strains or names?

Sabai kratom will not cheat you with attractive names or blends. The various strains available at Sabai are authentic and come from the locations that the names indicate. However, blends like Jenn’s Juice, Serenity Blend, and The Twins explain the contents on the packaging, so users are fully aware of what they consume.

• Shipping, customer service, and more

The customer service from Sabai Kratom is excellent. You can contact the customer representative and ask about your order, the products, or the shop’s policies regarding various things. The company’s goal is clear that they want to keep users aware and are there along the way!

Shipping for all items is quick, and uniform charges are applied as USPS does not have varying costs. However, the company does not ship wholesale orders until payment is received. The shipping process begins the same day as the order is placed, but if you order late, the order ships on the next business day!


Sabai Kratom has become one of the top kratom vendors in the United States due to numerous reasons. We tried out the shop and have shared all aspects of the shopping experience and trying the various kratom products! When you select Sabai Kratom, there is no way back as quality, and the excellent shopping experience will make you a regular customer.   

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