Because of the high quality of the product, Sacred Kratom has been able to establish a loyal client base over the last several years. It is quite difficult for customers to locate a reputable vendor that sells reputable items, mainly when dealing with things that are as delicate as Kratom. In light of Sacred Kratom’s reputation and all of the web evaluations, one can readily conclude that, yes, it is a reputable seller in which to place one’s faith.

You’ll be shocked at how affordable and adaptable this company’s price structure is, especially regarding available payment options. The safe processing facilities, the fact that all of their goods are AKA GMP Qualified and their products include no fillers or preservatives will all combine to make you fall in love with Ketum and Sacred Kratom, one of the most well-known sellers in the world!

The fact that all of their batches are tested for pollutants, alkaloid content, and other heavy metals before they are sold makes this firm and its goods enticing to potential customers. Briefly said, if you seek high-quality Kratom, then Sacred Korth is the only source you should consider purchasing it from.

Korth dealers are increasing due to the increasing popularity and demand for the herb. Whereas having a variety of alternatives and various suppliers is beneficial, it can also be a bit daunting since individuals who are purchasing this product for the first time may get disoriented and confused.

Products Containing Kratom

Sacred Kratom offers a diverse selection of items. They offer four product categories: enhanced and extracts, capsules, powder, and beginning packs. They have a total of eight product categories.

It offered powder when this firm started, but it eventually expanded to include capsules sometime around 2018. Because of their late arrival into the capsule game has a smaller selection of strains accessible in capsule form.

Bali, Borneo Red, Borneo White, Maeng Da Green, and Maeng Da Red are the strains that are now accessible in capsule form.

They offer a more significant assortment of kratom powders than most other places. The following is a list of their whole powder collection.

The Bentuangie strain stands out from the crowd since it is not one of the more popular strains available from all sellers. The pressure is fermented in a bag rather than dried, as is customary in cannabis. According to the procedure, this strain has a more desired chemical composition due to the treatment.

Sacred Kratom now offers a variety of extracts and improved strains in addition to its traditional products. The enhanced themes have been added to them to make them more potent. They have Indo, Maeng Da, Bali, and Bentuangie that have been super improved. Pure extract is also available for purchase.

Finally, this firm offers a few beginner packs for those who are new to the world of Kratom. There are beginning kits for the green, red, and white veins and a starter kit for the Maeng Da.

Sacred Kratom Has Several Different Products To Offer.

Sacred Kratom is a collection of high-quality Kratom items that are hard to get by anywhere else. If you are having difficulty locating Kratom capsules, tea, powder, or extracts, go no further because you can discover all of it without any effort at Sacred Kratom, situated in the heart of the Philippines.


The costs at Sacred Kratom are much more than the national average by a significant margin. They look to have a client base that is content with the things they are receiving at the pricing they are paying for them.

In addition, this organization offers a more excellent range of prices for different strains than most dealers. In terms of price per ounce, their most affordable pressure costs $9.99, while their most costly tension costs $19.99. The following aspects provide a more in-depth examination of their price structure.


All capsules are available in one-ounce, four-ounce, and eight-ounce sizes. Bali, Borneo Red, and Borneo White are all available for purchase with a price ranging from $19.99 to $119.00. The Maeng Da Green and Maeng Da Red strains vary from $24.99 to $149.99, respectively.


Enhanced Ingredients And Extracts

Sacred Kratom offers its extract in increments of 5 g, 10 g, and 20 g, depending on the size of the order. The prices vary from $34.99 to $109.99, depending on the model.

The improved strains are available in powder form, with various pricing options. The improved Bai, Bentuangie, and Maeng Da all have price tags ranging from $29.99 to $98.99, respectively. The Ultra Enhanced Indo is available for purchase from $39.99 to $139.99.

Boxes Of Start-Up Supplements

The Green Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom starting packs each includes an ounce of three distinct strains of Kratom and are presently available for purchase for $40.99 at a discounted price. It is typically priced at $45.99.

The Red Kratom starting pack includes an ounce of four distinct strains of red Kratom and costs $51.99 when purchased at the sale price of $51. The standard price is $59.99.

When purchased at a discounted price of $23.99, the White Kratom starting pack includes an ounce of two separate herb strains. It is typically priced at $27.99.

Customer Testimonials And Service Evaluations

If you judge this company solely based on its customer reviews, it appears to be reasonably reputable. Many of their products have dozens of excellent ratings, and many of these evaluations point out how well the company’s customer care representatives have treated them.

The one thing about these evaluations is that they are simple to fabricate in an artificial environment. Because a third party does not validate them, the site owner can effectively produce as many favourable reviews as they want.

The few discussions regarding Sacred Kratom that have taken place on Reddit have been negative. One consumer claimed that, once Kratom became banned in the state where the customer resided, the firm’s proprietor failed to deliver on a reimbursement promised to the customer by the company. 

Other consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the expensive pricing, while a few have expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s quality.

According to the community, this seller seems to be grouped in with the brands considered insufficient by the kratom Reddit community since they do not sell by the kilogram. Customers have pointed out that their price makes this clear. 

For example, their lowest strain sells for $124.99 a pound, making it the most affordable. They offer their themes for $79 a kilo, equal to 2.2 pounds, at Oasis Kratom.

Coupon Codes For Sacred Kratom

Regarding Sacred Kratom coupon codes, the company has run promotions regularly, offering discounts ranging from 15 per cent to 30 per cent off your whole order. These are made available on all of the top discount code websites in the business.

This firm is running an on-site deal that will give you a 20 per cent discount on your first purchase for a limited time. In addition, there is a promotion on beginning packs.

Policy On Refunds

The return policy of Sacred Kratom raises a few red flags, in our opinion. Because they cannot resell the items, they state explicitly in their policy that they prefer not to accept returns. 

In their return policy, mature organizations with competent supply chains do not assert their products like these even though they do not accept returns unless they made a mistake or a manufacturer problem. 


Currently, this company uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) for their shipping needs. All domestic orders placed before 11 a.m. PST are sent on the same day they are placed. Orders are usually delivered within two to three business days. Customers may follow the progress of their orders via the USPS tracking system.

Free delivery is available on all domestic purchases over $100. They do not ship to any of the states where Kratom is prohibited by law.

There is an option for international shipping. The weight and location determine the cost. Kratom is not available for shipment to any countries where it is prohibited.


However, although Sacred Kratom is a pretty well-known brand, it cannot be regarded as one of the industry’s top-tier brands. The AKA does not authorize them, and their prices are much more than those of Oasis Kratom, an approved GMPS member.

While it is commendable that they get their batches lab tested by a third party, their price structure and return policy have caused some members of the kratom community to feel that they are experiencing supply chain problems.

At Oasis Kratom, you can be confident that we have the supply-side capability to fulfil orders of any size or complexity. For this reason, we can offer AKA-approved items at such a low price of $79 per kilogram. Check out our store to see our selection of high-quality kratom strains.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is It Worth It To Try Sacred Kratom Supplements?

Yes, Sacred Kratom is the best location to put your money if you’re seeking high-quality Kratom items, and it’s also the most affordable. 

It has many Kratom products, including capsules, extracts, and strains. It is the fact that all of Sacred Kratom’s cultivation and production operations are entirely open that distinguishes them from other sellers, and you can place your trust in them.

What Is The Refund Policy For Sacred Kratom?

Customers who, for whatever reason, do not want to test Sacred Kratom’s products are entitled to a refund under the company’s policies. However, the only requirement for a refund is that your product must be in its original condition.

Are The Products Subjected To Laboratory Testing?

All of Sacred Kratom’s products have undergone laboratory testing. Before being sent to the packaging department, each batch is first sent to the lab and thoroughly examined to see if it contains any bacteria, alkaloids, or other impurities that might impact the quality of the Kratom.

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