In the fast paced world, almost everybody is looking for the peaceful moments to catch on. In the past one and a half years, the world has changed very much due to the pandemic and people have become more stressful and anxious due to this fatal disease COVID-19.

We are sure you also have been through this situation and might be looking for a solution. For the past few years, a herb called Kratom has been used for different purposes such as for stress release, treatment of sleep disorder and pain etc. To cater to the need, there are many vendors who sell Kratom extracts in the market.

Save On Kratom is one of them. We will discuss all the pros and cons of the brand and try to give you authentic information so that you can make a decision whether you should buy the products from the brand or not. So without any further ado, let’s move towards the brand.

About Save On Kratom

Save On Kratom is an Oregon based venture that is operating out of Springfield. The brand was launched by the people who were fascinated by Kratom based products and are highly convinced by the properties of Kratom. The brand also calls itself SoK. Brand claims the supply of supreme quality of Kratom extracts and also supplies myriad strains of Kratom.

It provides you with all the important information about their product and information related to their other aspects through their website. They have quite a fair customer rating which indicates that they are doing a good job in regard to satisfying their customers’ Kratom related needs.

What Does Save On Kratom Offer?

Save On Kratom has a long list of products to offer you but here we have listed some of them for you:

Apart from these products the vendor offers more than 35 strains of Kratom which means they have something for each customer.

Quality Of The Items By Save On Kratom

Brand claims that it performs the proper laboratory testing and has done lots of research work before the launch of any of the products. No matter in which strain you are interested in purchasing “standard” or an “ultra fine” you can be assured that each and every product type is phenomenal in quality.

Pricing Details For Save On Kratom

Well, As the name of the brand is Save On Kratom, now it’s time to see how much it allows you to save being a customer of SoK.

Here is the price list for the products of Save On Kratom;

Powders$8.50 per ounce 
Powders$15.50 for two ounces
Powders30 bucks for four ounces
Powders$44.99 for eight ounces
One lb of powder$74.99
Kratom kilo for$119.99

In the environment of growing competition Save On Kratom is trying its best to offer you the reasonable and pocket friendly prices for the products.

Discounts and Coupon Codes For Save On Kratom

Although it doesn’t seem that SoK is offering some kind of discounts or coupon codes. However, it offers free shipping on the purchases of products costing more than $25 and prioritizes the shipping which is above $100. The most amazing fact about Save On Kratom is that it offers free Kratom powder samples with every order. Although you can’t call it a discount, the free sample saves a regular Kratom user a good amount of money in the long run.

Customer Services By Save On Kratom

Save On Kratom is very much concerned about its customers and they try their best to keep in touch with them. They assist the customer queries and questions on time. Furthermore, they take notice of all the concerns which were shown by their customers.

We have discussed the relationship of the brand with its customers. Now it has become easy for you to seek help from the brand with your concerns. They will surely give you the proper time and satisfactory answers.

Payment Methods Offered By Save On Kratom

Save On Kratom doesn’t offer you with plenty of payment options. It offers you the following ways through which you can pay for the products you have purchased;

Hope you have got the idea of the payment methods!

Social Media Presence Of The Brand

As it is the age of the internet and everybody wants everything to be done online. Let’s discuss whether the brand is present on social media or not. Save On Kratom has an account on Twitter but it has been observed that it is not very much active on social media. It is not performing any promotional activities on its social media and not even responding to its customers through this platform.

Return Policy For Save On Kratom

Save on Kratom has recently introduced the policy of products to be returned and exchanged. It can refund you the money, given that the items you purchased are unused and unopened.

Closing Thoughts

We have almost discussed each and every aspect which you will need to take in notice while purchasing a product from SaveOn Kratom. They have a pretty good image as a vendor for Kratom products.

They have premium quality products and a good amount of items to choose from. It has quite a nice price, making it affordable for anyone. There is one negative aspect about Save On Kratom which is that it is not available on social media platforms. This turns out to be quite disappointing for so many people.

Hope you have found this review helpful and now it has become easier for you to make a choice whether you should buy from this brand or look for some other place.

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